How to apply nutmeg with varicose veins: recipes and reviews

nutmeg with varicose veins Varicose veins usually appear on the lower extremities due to prolonged physical exertion or predisposition, and is a disease with severe pain.

In practice, many methods of treating varicose veins are used. Preparations are used in the form of tablets and ointments, knitwear, laser procedures, sclerotherapy and, of course, surgical intervention.

But few can accurately give an answer to the question, can the nutmeg replace the listed methods and heal varicose veins? What are the healing properties of this marine product?


  • Useful properties of nutmeg
  • General principles and goals of treatment
  • Practical application: advice and recipes
    • Powder preparation
    • Alcohol tincture
    • Tea drink
    • Wiping preparation
  • Contraindications for nutmeg application
  • People's voice

Useful properties of nutmeg

Components of nutmegnut can cure many diseases and normalize the functioning of the human body as a whole.

Thanks to its healing properties, the w

alnut can:

  • perform a toning function;
  • promoting food assimilation;
  • stimulate the appearance of a hormone of happiness( serotonin);
  • help with bloating;
  • to relieve the intestinal tract from constipation;
  • to reduce headaches;
  • relieve nervous disorders;
  • treat varicose veins and phlebitis due to the ability to stimulate the circulatory system.

Healing features of nutmeg with varicose are multifaceted. The exclusive use of the nut for therapeutic purposes of nutmeg lies in its naturalness, and in the absence of side effects.

That is, the nut consists of a variety of minerals and vitamins A, B, C. In addition, it contains iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, calcium and other medicinal components in the form of essential oil and protein.

The healing properties of nutmeg, which are particularly relevant for varicose veins:

  • , the inflammatory manifestations caused by this disease decrease;
  • the level of tumor formations and disinfection of vessels from harmful substances decreases;
  • toning of veins, which significantly increases the elasticity of blood vessels lost due to illness;
  • increases the uniform circulation of blood through the vessels, which is especially important for the health of veins.
It is important to know that the application of nutmeg must be combined with treatment with traditional medicine procedures and folk remedies. Also, you should include diet and healthy lifestyle.

General principles and goals of treatment

At the initial stage of treatment it is important to stop the destruction of the tissues of the walls of the vessels. And also to remove the symptoms of varicose veins:

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  • to remove acute pain;
  • remove the heaviness and fatigue of the feet;
  • to reduce edema on the lower limbs;
  • dilution of stagnant blood in vessels and lymph.

To accomplish these tasks, you can use nutmeg nutritional drugs along with medication. They are in the form of ointments, Leg health compresses, applications and other substances for external use. You can also make infusions for internal reception. Such an approach will significantly help reduce the level of the listed manifestations of varicose veins.

In the treatment it is important to remember that the listed drugs will have the greatest effectiveness in the first stage of the disease.

The initial symptoms include the occurrence of gravity in the lower limbs and the manifestation of a mesh of vessels. It is necessary to closely monitor the appearance of symptoms so that they do not develop into a more complex form, when only surgical intervention can help.

Practical application: tips and recipes

People believe that if in the process of cooking it is added a ground nutmeg, then the food will turn into an ideal preventive measure against varicose veins. Here it is important to remember that you should add a fresh fruit, since it has the greatest amount of medicinal oils.

A fresh product is also required for the preparation of medicinal products. From it, tinctures for alcohol, tea and triturate are prepared.

Powder preparation

It is required to take a small nut, crush it into small pieces with a grinder, grater or knife. Apply the drug to a teaspoon on an empty stomach for 30 minutes before breakfast.

Use of the medication is required before a significant reduction in pain. After that, the frequency of reception should be changed, it is drunk once every three days.

Tincture for alcohol

To prepare the tincture, you need to take 50 g of chopped nuts, put in glassware and pour 250 ml of vodka.

The filled container must be placed for 10 days in a dark place. The medicine should be shaken after a certain time.

Tincture of nutmeg should be consumed 20 drops 3 times a day, washed down with a small amount of water. For one course of treatment you need to apply a completely cooked portion. Then the treatment is suspended for one week.

In addition to internal use of tincture, it is possible to lubricate inflamed veins, rubbing it up to full absorption by the skin.

Tea drink

For its preparation you need to pour half a teaspoon of powder from nutmeg with boiling water. Next, you should wait a bit, nut powder when the drug is consumed.

Then add 1 tablespoon of honey to the prepared infusion.

Drinking such a medicine is required an hour before breakfast and after dinner after 2 -3 hours for 100 ml.

Raster preparation

For the manufacture of grind, you need to take 10 ml of flax or olive oil and 5 drops of oil extracted from nutmeg. These components are mixed in a homogeneous mass.

The prepared mortar should be rubbed on the damaged area of ​​the body. Such a procedure will be useful to combine with other ways of treating the disease.

Contraindications to the application of nutmeg

In the process of treatment, it should be remembered that muscat belongs to the category of strong psychedelic products. Its overabundance in the body causes severe headache, dysfunction of the intestinal tract, drowsiness, hallucinations with euphoric sensations and neurological problems.

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It should also be remembered that excessive consumption of nutmeg is harmful to the liver. Especially cautious with it should be addressed to patients with problems of this body. Some patients acquire an individual aversion to this product.

It is important to remember that for children under 7 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should refrain from drugs made from nutmeg.

The voice of the people

The fact that nutmeg really helps to get rid of varicose veins is proved by practice and is confirmed by the responses of people with problem veins.

This fetus perfectly removes the symptoms of varicose veins, dilutes blood and improves the passage of blood through the vessels. All this is confirmed by the opinion of many people.

Life forced for the disposal of swollen veins to apply a medicine made from nutmeg. I made a tincture according to the prescription given to me and began to use it. The result of treatment appeared unexpectedly and quite quickly, tincture of nutmeg eliminates varicose completely!

After getting rid of the disease, every now 2 to 3 times I use the tincture as a preventive agent.

Tatyana Butenko from Volgograd

Varicose disease was managed with a nutmeg. Long treated only with standard procedures, but the disease completely failed to win. On the advice of a doctor, she began to take the rasher, cooked according to a special recipe.

The effect of the treatment was amazing. I advise everyone this product as an effective medicine.

Galina Kovaleva from Kaluga

Muscat grated According to the experts and from the experience of many patients, the products made on the basis of nutmeg are safe because there are no harmful substances in the structure. Harm can only bring an overdose.

Getting rid of varicose veins in this way also helps in parallel to adjust the functioning of other organs of various body systems. But, before making a decision to be treated with muscat, you need to get advice from a qualified specialist.

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