Cure a runny nose without vasoconstrictor drugs is simply impossible. Helps in this such an effective drug, as Galazolin. It is actively involved in the therapy of rhinitis in children and adults. In the course of treatment, the question arises whether it is possible for children, the answer is unambiguous, since it is possible to achieve a stable result and eliminate the stuffiness of the nose for a long time.

What to do. When a sore in the nose does not pass for a long time, it is indicated in this article.


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The effect of

The presented drug has a pronounced vasoconstrictive effect. It is enough to wait 2 minutes after use and achieve the desired result. Halazoline is characterized by a mild effect on the nasal mucosa, resulting in no local irritation. During treatment, with observance of all dosages, it is possible to protect yourself from side effect

s. As for the shortcomings, they can be attributed to a short application time. Otherwise, it becomes habitual. It is allowed to use the drug for 4 days, but not longer.

Than to treat, when the child has a strong nasal congestion, you can learn from this article.

galazolin for children

Halazoline can be used not only in the form of drops, but also spray.

The latter are very user-friendly and can accurately determine the dosage. As part of the medication, xylometazoline hydrochloride acts as the main component. To additional components should be attributed emulsifiers, perfumes, purified water.

The article specifies how to treat a sore in the nose.

The positive effect of the drug is based on the chemical properties of the main component. It belongs to the group of alpha-adrenomimetics. It is able to exert a therapeutic effect, which is involved in the regulation of the muscle tone of the vascular wall of the capillaries. Since the drug is used locally, the component of the drug is absorbed by the cells of the mucosa.

The result of therapy with the use of galazoline is to achieve the following effect:

  • penetration into the muscle cells of the vascular wall contributes to the achievement of a short-term spasm;
  • a sharp decrease in the ability of the vessel wall leads to permeability and blood effusion;
  • elimination of puffiness and hyperemia of tissues;
  • elimination of excess production of mucous secretions.

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The resulting therapeutic effect is maintained for 4-4.5 hours. After this, it is necessary to reuse the medication. If you follow all the rules accurately, then in a short period of time you can return the full conductivity of the nasal airways and remove the obstruction of the Eustachian tube. In the hearing aid, it is possible to overcome superfluous band pressure, the patient can forget about dizziness and pain in the head.

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But there are situations where Halazolin has a negative impact. It is manifested by irritation and dryness of the mucosa. The patient has an itch in the nose, burning, sneezing. Often, there may be a tendency to bleeding from the nose.

In the photo - drops of galazoline for children:

galazolin instructions for use in children

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If you take the drug for a long time, you may get addictive. The nose will breathe freely, but on condition that you have to constantly drip it with drops. With this development of events, all conditions for the development of medical rhinitis are created, and such a disease is very difficult to cure.

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In addition, there is a risk of absorption of components in the blood and the further development of systemic effects. Also, the patient may get heart beat, nervous excitability, increased pressure inside the eye, a feeling of nausea. All these phenomena are formed as a result of the effect of xylometazoline on small vessels throughout the body.

How to use medication, instruction

galazolin whether it is for children, only for children

The presented drug can be used in the treatment of rhinitis allergic, viral and bacterial nature. In addition, it has its effectiveness in exacerbating chronic colds. It is advisable to use drops with medium otitis in order to protect against the formation of a purulent discharge.

The video describes the use of galazoline in rhinitis:

Do not use the drug for patients who have an allergic predisposition to individual components of the drug. It is impossible to carry out treatment with atrophic rhinitis. If you have an angle-closure glaucoma, then treatment with Galazolin is prohibited.

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Has a negative effect on the medication with such attendant ailments as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, tachycardia.

Do not use drops in combination with monoamine oxidase inhibitors and for 2 weeks after they are discontinued. This statement is also observed for tetracyclic antidepressants.

As indicated in the manual, during the bearing of the child, the use of drops is permitted in the dosage that is reserved for children. In this case, always consult with a specialist, otherwise there may be a risk of oxygen starvation of the baby.

Use the drug in the form of drops for children from 3 to 6 years, 1-2 drops per nostril 2 times a day. For older children and adults, use the drug in a dosage of 1-2 drops 3 times a day.

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As for the cost, you can buy the drug for 29 rubles. This is a very low price, although the effectiveness of the medication is very high. For sale
Galazolin without a prescription.


  • Irina, 34 years old: " This drug was recommended to us by our doctor during a cold at the son. He had a persistent nasal congestion, he complained of headaches and dizziness. We did not apply drops for long, we can achieve the desired result after 4 days. We did not have any side effects, as we strictly observed the dosage. "
  • Svetlana, 32 years old : "During pregnancy, I was prescribed galazoline to remove stuffy nose. To cure a cold they can not, for the excretion of mucus I used saline solution of home preparation, but after purification I dripped my nose with the drug. I used the medicine for 5 days, and after all the symptoms disappeared. "
  • Sergey, 28 years old: "I used drops for treating the common cold. Have advised this agent to me in a drugstore. What I liked was the low price. Anyone can buy such drops. In addition, their effectiveness does not decrease from this. Of the minuses, I would like to cancel the shortness of the result. The congestion of the nose already occurs after 4-5 hours. "

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Halazoline is an effective drug that has a vasoconstrictive effect. Obtain the necessary result only if the dosage is met. Do not use the medicine for a long time, as there will be an addiction and a chronic rhinitis may develop.