Inhalation is an effective procedure for the treatment of respiratory organs. Its effectiveness is due to the rapid receipt of drugs in sick organs in dosage amounts. It goes in droplet form, due to which instantly starts to act on the disease center causing a runny nose or cough. In the past, inhalations were performed on a pan or other convenient utensils. And also it was possible to address in an out-patient department and there to carry out necessary physioprocedure. Now you can buy any inhaler and use it at home( home models).Such portable devices are easy to use and easy to use.


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many havea question for what an inhaler for children is needed. And in general, is it necessary? How is it u

seful? Their main distinguishing feature is local influence. The curative mixture of them affects the affected respiratory system and does not affect the entire body of the child. And also when using inhalers, the medicine is supplied in microparticles, which are able to freely penetrate into the nasal cavity, trachea, bronchi and lungs. Apply from a dry or wet cough.

On the photo - inhaler for children:

inhaler for children from cough and cold

Therefore, they perfectly cure runny nose and cough, and when used in conjunction with other medicines cure pneumonia. Inhalations have almost no contraindications and this is one of the many pluses. They have the following advantages:

  • does not require strong drugs for their use. Children during the cold and cough can prepare natural recipes, consisting of collections of herbs and their decoctions, alkaline mineral water( such as "Narzana" and "Borjomi"), honey or fruit juice;
  • they are able to eliminate bronchial contractions;
  • clean all parts of the respiratory system;
  • a drug from the drug does not enter the liver, which means it is fully absorbed by the diseased organ without losing a part of its properties;
  • with inhalation increases the drainage function of the respiratory tract;
  • treatment with such devices is not difficult to implement at home. The kid, viewing his favorite cartoon, will not notice that he has spent the entire procedure;
  • with the help of an inhaler can remove the swelling of the larynx mucosa, and also eliminate the inflammatory process;
  • such therapeutic inhalations facilitate the withdrawal of mucus, pus and sputum from the lungs;
  • , simultaneously with treatment, allergens are prevented;
  • penetrates into the most remote parts of the respiratory system with the help of inhaled medicines.

On the video - inhaler for children from cough and cold:


Before buying an inhaler it is worth consulting with a doctor. He will tell you which of his varieties will be effective in this disease. And if the kid is sick often and this has already passed into a chronic illness. That should be guided precisely by this. Now on sale there are four types of inhalers:

  • ultrasound;
  • steam;
  • electronically mesh;
  • compressor.

The photo shows how the inhaler looks like with a mask for children:

inhaler with mask for children

All of them consist of a main part, a mask for breathing, a mouthpiece and a tip for the nose. And in the ultrasonic and compressor types are still special nozzles. They are different in configuration, their choice will depend on the age of the baby. There are models even for infants( for infants), one-year-olds. When buying such a device for a newborn, you need to make sure that the nozzles to it are made of soft plastic, so that the crumb did not feel any discomfort when dressing.

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The simplest of all inhalers. The drug in it evaporates, and its fumes are inhaled by the sick infant. But it has its drawbacks:

  • in the resulting pairs, the concentration of the drug is less than the required dose;
  • some useful substances under the influence of temperature during vaporization are destroyed;
  • it is sometimes difficult for children to use such an inhaler. They are afraid to breathe hot steam. steam inhaler

Therefore, recently, more and more on sale are inhalers, which are called nebulizers. These include ultrasonic, electron - mesh and compressor types of inhalers. They differ among themselves in the dimensions of the particles that form. This parameter influences the depth of the effect of the drug, on it depends on which organ the microparticles settle. Which is better: an inhaler or a nebulizer? Naturally, the latter has a number of advantages. It is more effective, the drugs from it can penetrate deeper into the respiratory tract. Such drugs are safe and convenient to use. Children even look more like a nebulizer.


Such models are compact and at the same time they conduct the necessary therapy. They have only one drawback - part of the drug is destroyed by ultrasound and does not reach the target. Such devices are capable of spraying drugs in the form of an aerosol. And when inhaled they penetrate into hard-to-reach places of the ENT - organs. Ultrasonic devices have good power. In a quarter of an hour they are able to produce 15 to 30 ml of aerosol. They can be filled with herbal tinctures and alkaline solutions. This device is convenient to take with you on the road. And due to the fact that it is equipped with additional nozzles, it is used even when the child is lying or asleep. ultrasonic inhaler


They are similar in principle to working with ultrasonic, but in contrast to them more dimensional, they have a large mass and strong noise during operation. Their principle of operation is based on the creation of a strong airflow by the compressor, which is enriched with medicinal particles during the passage of the nebulizer chamber. As a result, an aerosol cloud emerges from the device, capable of penetrating into the deep parts of the respiratory system. The main advantage of this type of instrument is the ability to spray all solutions for inhalation without exception. compressor inhaler

It is noteworthy that this species has several children's models, made in the form of toys. The most striking representative of them is the nebulizer. It is specifically designed for children suffering from allergic reactions and asthma. The device is made of high-strength materials, therefore it is reliable in application and can work without interruption for about half an hour. It has a considerable capacity for medicines and small holes for its dispersion. His toy form attracts the kids like a magnet, and they happily treat him. It comes complete with two masks. One is for adults and the other for children, so this device is convenient for the whole family.

Electronically mesh

They are becoming increasingly popular. These include a membrane nebulizer. It works noiselessly( noiseless).The main working element is a vibrating membrane, on which there are many microscopic holes. When the medicine passes through it, an aerosol is formed at the exit. Its particles are able to settle sufficiently deep in comparison with other types of inhalers. Thanks to this principle of work, the useful substances of the solution do not collapse and the effect from them is much greater than from the use of other devices. The only negative is the high price. Electronic - mesh inhaler

How to use

Here are the step-by-step actions of using it:

  1. Before using the inhaler, you should wash your hands with soap and detergent. Pick up a nebulizer. Then explain his work to the child, if inhalations will be carried out for the first time.
  2. Pour the prepared solution, which was prescribed by the pediatrician.
  3. Practice the child's breathing deeply, showing how to properly inflate the chest. If he needs to treat a cold, then he should breathe in through his nose and exhale through his mouth. And if a cough, then vice versa.
  4. A kid should not be distracted, so it is necessary to think in advance what to do( watching TV, reading a book);
  5. Before exhaling, the baby should try to hold his breath for two seconds. If during the procedure he complains of dizziness or the parents will see that he is uncomfortable, then the procedure must be interrupted for at least a minute.
  6. After inhalation, the nebulizer must be disassembled and rinsed in running water. Then drain it with napkins or a hairdryer. It is necessary at least once in five days to sterilize the parts of the inhaler and boil them.

In the video - the use of an inhaler for children:

How much to breathe for an adult, to a child

Many people have the question: from what age can you use the inhaler to children and how is it called: the answer is obvious, almost from birth. The duration of the procedure for children less than five years is three minutes. Older children 5 minutes. And adults and children after 14 years can be inhaled medicine within 10 - 15 minutes. How often can I use it? The frequency of inhalation will depend on the prescribed medication. Its composition also affects the number of days of application.

The video tells us that as children breathe inhaler:

Cost in pharmacies

Let's present the prices of the most interesting and inexpensive models for children:

  1. inhaler "Steam Engine" - compressor type. Produced in the UK.You can buy for 3250 rubles.
  2. nebulizer "Penguin" - ultrasonic. There is an additional mask and a carrying bag for it. All this can be bought for 3600 rubles;
  3. inhaler "Dog" of the Italian manufacturer. It costs 3200 rubles.

Opinion of Komarovsky

No one canceled steam inhalation over a saucepan, but they are not as effective as modern appliances. They, as a rule, are used for serious diseases of the respiratory system, so complex drugs are injected. And they certainly are not chosen by their parents. Their benefits are obvious: accumulated mucus, getting in contact with moist and warm air becomes more fluid and easily clearses. But, if the child does not have dried phlegm, then there is no need for steam inhalations. It is better for children to prescribe aerosol inhalers, they help deliver drugs to the lungs in the treatment of diseases such as asthma or an allergic cough. And pour in them saline or mineral water, it's like car to fill with hay or oats. One inhaler can cure several diseases by setting a different particle dispersion on the nebulizer.

On the video - inhaler for children Komarovsky:

Inhalations are really capable of helping a child to recover faster. But it is worth remembering that they are not suitable for all children. They can not be produced at high temperature, acute pneumonia, purulent inflammatory process or lung edema. Moreover, their use during these diseases can harm the child's body. Therefore, before using them, you should definitely visit a doctor and find out the exact diagnosis. Here it is possible to read, whether it is possible and how to treat a genyantritis nebulizer. The link describes the treatment of pharyngitis by a nebulizer. Here are listed drugs for nebulizer with laryngitis.

In case of ARD, the inhaler will become an indispensable assistant. Parents have a question: what can replace an inhaler for a child, the answer is obvious, if the parents take care of the health of their child, then nothing. It is necessary to use this device.


  • Mikhail, 45 years old: "A nebulizer is a good thing. We have a little daughter and she constantly coughed, for no apparent reason. On the advice of doctors, a lot of money was thrown at her treatment. And to sense - zero. While drinking these expensive medicines, there is no cough, as soon as it stops immediately appears. While our friends did not advise the inhaler. We first took them and we liked his action. And then I decided to buy it with my wife. Since then, we have been using it successfully all the time. "
  • Nina, 32 years old: "We have a compressor inhaler. It certainly makes a noise, but our child is not scared. I can say that the inhaler is more effective than taking medications. "

Here you can find information about what solutions are used to treat a common cold in children with a nebulizer. Also read, than do inhalations when coughing a nebulizer to a child. If you are curing a dry cough, then by reference you will find a list of preparations for a nebulizer with a dry cough.