How and when is hemorrhoidectomy performed and how safe is the procedure?

hemorrhoids removal operation Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anal area, and despite official statistics showing a small percentage of patients with this ailment, the disease is very common.

The disease can be caused by lack of mobility, sedentary lifestyles, and excessive physical exertion.

Often, the cause of hemorrhoids is pregnancy.


  • Surgical removal of hemorrhoids
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  • When do they resort to intervention?
  • Preparatory period
  • procedure
  • procedure Pros and cons
  • Expected effect
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Surgical removal of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure aimed at removalhemorrhoids. This intervention is a traditional operation.

Usually, this method of getting rid of hemorrhoids is resorted in cases when the use of traditional means is ineffective,

as well as when the disease progresses and in this connection the patient's capacity for work is disrupted.

The essence of the operation

The first operation of this type was performed in 1935 by two surgeons. Since then, it has been successful and has been used worldwide for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The essence of the procedure is the excision of hemorrhoids.

In fact, this technique can be easily applied to eliminate internal hemorrhoids, which is at any stage of the disease, and as a rule, indications for use are from the second stage of the disease.

The operation is usually done when some other, more sparing methods are ineffective.

Types of intervention

If we consider the main types of hemorrhoidectomy, we can distinguish the following:

Open hemorrhoidectomy

Open hemorrhoidectomy

  1. Open ( after Milligan-Morgan) - after the nodes are removed, wounds in their place are left open, and as a result, constant monitoring of the patient inconditions of the hospital.
  2. Closed ( after Ferguson) - when the wounds are sutured after the operation, so that the healing time becomes significantly shorter.
  3. Submucoid - is another kind of classical operation. In this case, the mucosa is cut above the node, and the process of removing the damaged tissues occurs, and the mucosa itself is then sutured.

All methods are effective and conducted depending on certain conditions.

When do they intervene?

If young patients experience heavy bleeding that does not stop, this can lead to the development of anemia and other ailments, in this case it is necessary to perform an operation to remove hemorrhoids according to modern techniques.

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This approach allows you to get excellent results. Also, the operation is indicated in those cases when the middle-aged people have a constant loss of internal nodes.

This operation is performed for elderly patients who suffer from constipation and pain in the anus.

The operation is performed in accordance with all the necessary techniques and technologies and allows you to apply the knowledge of medicine, relieving patients of pain and anguish.

In some cases, hemorrhoids can be cured conservatively, and you do not need to do any surgery.

If there are unexplained bleeding, then first of all it is necessary to monitor the frequency and condition of the stool, sometimes it will be enough to use ointments or suppositories.

The fact is that in the treatment of the elderly, this operation can be dangerous.

Hemorrhoidectomy is a standard surgical intervention in the treatment of hemorrhoids in 4 stages, and is also used for thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

Also, intervention can be performed in patients with the third stage of the disease, if the nodes are large, and the conservative methods used in their treatment are ineffective.

The results from the operation are very good, after it relapses are extremely rare. During the operation, there is elimination of pain syndromes and other unpleasant sensations.

Preparatory period

diet before surgery First of all, it is necessary to normalize the work of the intestine, for this to follow a certain diet for several days before the procedure.

In addition, a proper result can be achieved using laxatives.

Also for the preparation for the operation it is necessary to undergo a medical examination, to reveal some other diseases that can worsen against the background of the operation.

If there are inflammatory changes in the perianal area that are associated with excess mucus secretions from the anus, some conservative treatment methods are prescribed, including not only medication but also sessile trays.

How is the operation

Usually open hemorrhoidectomy performed under the general anesthesia, but sometimes it can be carried out using epidural anesthesia.

During the operation, as a rule, the patient is lying on his back, with lower limbs fixed on the supports. If possible, the surgeon lowers the foot end of the table.

Some specialists hemorrhoidectomy is performed when the patient is in the position on the abdomen, the pelvis is elevated. Thanks to this position, there is an improvement in venous outflow.

If the anal area has hair, then they are shaved, the back passage and rectum are subject to the disinfection process and treated with special antiseptic agents. hemorrhoidectomy

The doctor then performs a girl, that is, an extension of the anal canal with the help of fingers to make it comfortable to work, and subsequently an anoscope is introduced, which is previously lubricated with glycerin. So, the doctor gets access to the nodes and can carry out the operation.

Next, the nodes to be removed are tightened by the tool and pulled outward. After this, the leg of the hemorrhoidal node is taken and the artery, which approaches it, is sewn.

In order to stop the bleeding in time, an electrocoagulator is used.

How an operation is performed to remove hemorrhoids with Milligan-Morgana hemorrhoidectomy:

Pros and cons of

Gemoroidectomy, like any other operation, has its advantages and disadvantages.

So, the following are the advantages:

  • efficiency;
  • quality of work performed;
  • pain relief;
  • complex effect on the place of pain.

If we talk about shortcomings, they can also be noticed:

  • the duration of preparation for the operation;
  • discomfort, soreness;
  • high transaction price.

Despite the fact that this process can not cause the most pleasant sensations, it comes to the rescue even in emergency situations.

Expected effect of

Surgery to remove hemorrhoids Currently, proctologists have different tools and methods that will successfully get rid of such an unpleasant ailment as hemorrhoids.

And they can save the patient from the hated disease at any stage.

But since drug treatment does not always give the right effect, one has to resort to more radical measures, including hemorrhoidectomy - an operative method of removing hemorrhoids.

If we talk about the effect that is usually expected from this operation, it is mainly aimed at:

  • elimination of pain symptoms and unpleasant sensations in the anus;
  • disposal of hemorrhoids;
  • complete elimination of the consequences of the disease.

That is, if there is no effect from other forms of treatment, then hemorrhoidectomy is more effective.

Complications after operation

Among all possible complications after hemorrhoidectomy, the following most often occur:

  • stool / incontinence;
  • occurrence of anal fistulas, cracks;
  • relapse;
  • prolapse of the intestine;
  • infection.
In order to reduce the likelihood of infections and unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to use a special cream that reduces the spasm of the sphincter.

In order to prevent problems with constipation, you need to drink as much liquid and eat foods high in fiber.

They use the technique - opinion of doctors

Reviews of doctors who practice hemorrhoidectomy in their medical practice.

In my practice, there are several cases of hemorrhoidectomy that helped patients get rid of the ailment once and for all. Therefore, as a last resort, we are forced to resort to such radical measures.

Tatiana, proctologist with 5 years of experience

We always send patients to such an operation when other methods are ineffective.

Olga, 11 years of experience

They went through this - the opinion of patients

Opinion of patients who underwent surgery.

Thanks to hemorrhoidectomy, I was able to get rid of the hated hemorrhoids, and now I live the same life. I was anesthetized, so I did not feel the pain.


I had to go through this unpleasant process, but after him, hemorrhoids - as a hand removed.


Price issue

The cost of the operation depends on the city and the hospital in which it is done. Removal of hemorrhoids

In Moscow, the average price of the service is more than 30 000 rubles.

Thus, hemorrhoidectomy is an effective and qualitative method for the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids.

This approach is applied at any stage of the disease, due to which it gained such wide popularity.

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