Today in the pharmacy there is a huge number of drugs, the positive effect of which allows you to eliminate unpleasant symptoms of SARS, acute respiratory infections, colds, rhinitis and other infectious pathologies. All drugs prescribed for such diseases can be divided into 3 types: natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic. Gedelix is ​​in great demand today. The reason for this popularity is the presence of natural components that are perfectly absorbed by the baby's body and very rarely can cause an allergic reaction.

What to do when the throat hurts, but no temperature, is indicated in this article.


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The effect of

The composition of the presented medicament offers natural elements, among which are:

  • extract from ivy leaves;
  • anise oil;
  • macrogol glyceryl hydroxy stearate;
  • propylene glycol;
  • hydroxyethyl cellulose;
  • glycerol;
  • solution of sorbidol;
  • pure water.

How to do inhalation with a wet cough in children, it becomes clear after reading the article.

gadelix syrup instruction manual for children

Gedelix can be used not only for adults, but also for children in the treatment of cough. The reason is that its composition does not have alcohol.

The child has a cough and runny nose, but there is no temperature what to do about it.can be understood from the content of this article.

It is also actively involved in the treatment of colds of children with diabetes. As a rule, the main component here is an extract of ivy. It is important that Gedelix syrup instruction for use for children is always available on the

gedelix syrup for children

package. For this reason, Gedelix is ​​highly effective. The second name for this plant is a decorative liana. In addition, that it is used for medical purposes, it serves as an excellent decoration for arbours and houses.

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Its leaves contain a huge amount of vitamins E and A, as well as pectin and tan elements, resins and organic acids.

The greatest value in the treatment of colds is the following components - iodine and saponins. It is these elements that contribute to the fact that the fact that ivy has an antibacterial effect inhibits the reproduction and growth of bacteria that act as a provoking factor for the onset of the disease in children.

When the natural components of Gedelix penetrate the body, but from the stomach they are sent to the blood, where they exert their active influence. Initially, the drug activates the movement of bronchioles. The result of this process is the promotion of sputum from them to the large bronchi. After this, bronchial dilatation, dilution of mucus and its active excretion are observed. The maximum dosage of the drug in the blood occurs an hour after application. In other words, Gedelix makes it possible to dilute thick phlegm and quickly remove it from the lungs.

Gedelix is ​​actively used in the treatment of colds in children, as well as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, bronchospasm. This drug has virtually no contraindications.

In adults, a wheezing cough is indicated in the description of this article.

The only thing that can arise is an allergy to a certain Gedelix drug.

In rare cases, the patient develops side effects such as a disorder of the stool, abdominal pain and vomiting. But all these unpleasant symptoms leave the body of the child after the drug is withdrawn.

Use in children

the child uses gedelix syrup

The administration of the drug and its dosage can only be determined by the attending physician. Otherwise, you can not only not get the desired effect, but also observe side effects from your baby. How to use? The instructions contain the following dosage:

  1. Patients older than 10 years - 5 ml of medication 3 times a day.
  2. Children from 4 to 10 years - 2.5 ml 4 times a day.
  3. Children older than a year( up to a year can not) - 2, 5 ml 2 times a day.

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Complete with a preparation there is a special spoon on which divisions are put. Thanks to them, each mother will be able to determine the fastest necessary dosage of the drug. The duration of therapy is 10 days. P In a severe course of the disease, treatment can be extended to 2-3 days.


Buy medicine in the pharmacy at a price of 160 rubles.


  • Ilona, ​​28 years old : "The doctor prescribed the Syrup Gedelix to my son to eliminate a cough caused by bronchitis. The course of therapy lasted 10 days. During this time we managed to liquefy the accumulated mucus and quickly withdraw it. "
  • Svetlana, 34, : "Not long ago my niece had a cold, the main symptom of which is a strong cough. Sometimes she woke up at night, as strong attacks caused her even a symptom of suffocation. For 2 weeks of taking Gedelix, she completely eliminated catarrhal disease and such an unpleasant symptom as a cough. "
  • Veronica, 19 years old : "My younger brother had a severe dry cough. Immediately began to treat him with the help of Gedelix, as he still helped me when I was tormented by these unpleasant symptoms of a cold. During the treatment with this drug, it was possible to thin the mucus and withdraw it from the bronchi. In addition, the child's well-being improved noticeably, and there were no side effects. "

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There are situations when Gedelix may be absent from the pharmacy and then it becomes necessary to use drugs that can replace the effective action of the prescribed medication. In this case, you need to know the analogs, through which you can also overcome all the symptoms of colds.

How can I replace Gedelix? The most effective and popular analogue is the Prospan.

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Propane analogue of gedelix

The reason is that this drug has almost the same composition as Gedelix. He is also actively involved in infectious and inflammatory ailments of the upper tracts. So what's better: Gedelix or Prospan?

What causes dry cough at night in an adult, will help to understand the description of this article.

When choosing a preparation, it is necessary to take into account the difference in the auxiliary ingredients. Only in this way you will be able to prevent allergies and other side effects. Also many people are guided by the cost.

Price Searched - 187 rubles, but Gedelix costs 160 rubles. As you can see, the cost of these drugs is almost the same. Therefore, the most effective medication can only be determined from personal experience.

In addition to Prospan, Gedelix can be replaced by the following medications:

  • Lazolvan;Lazolvan as a substitute for gedelix
  • Erespal. Erespal as a substitute for gedelix

On the mechanism of influence, they all consist in a group of mucolytic drugs that exert an expectorant, spasmolytic effect.

The baby has a barking cough without temperature, which you can learn from this after reading the article.

Regarding the choice of the best, it all depends on the course of the disease. For example, Lazolvan is very convenient to use, and also add to food. As for Erespal, he best relieves inflammation.

Treatment of a child's cough is a very important matter. But a positive effect has a drug such as Gedelix. It can be used even for young children, because it contains natural ingredients that do not have harmful effects on the body.