Ebil-Hemorralgin - an effective remedy for bleeding hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, like a disease, are now widely heard. No one wants to spread his voice loudly about him, since it is of an intimate nature.

Thanks to this disease a person ceases to know the joy of life. He can not move painlessly, sit down, lie down.

Today, more than a third of the population suffers from hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, only a small part of it refers to this doctor. It is worth noting that the speed of recovery to a specialist depends on the speed of recovery of the patient.

The main manifestations of the disease are: the appearance of hemorrhoids, anal bleeding, unbearable cutting pains.

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  • Suppositories - a tool number 1
  • What effect do candles have on the body?
  • Will suit many sufferers
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • Therapeutic components
  • How to use
    • Recommendations to users
  • The word to specialist
  • The opinion of consumers

About the causes and symptoms of

There are no specific

causes of the disease by specialists.

But most agree on what it is:

  • is an incorrect way of life;
  • bad habits;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • excessive body weight;
  • a large dosage of medicines in the body;
  • hormonal changes.

For the timely detection of hemorrhoids, you should know its main features:

  • feeling of pain in the anus;
  • problematic painful defecation;
  • presence of blood discharge during defecation;
  • constipation;
  • formation and prolapse of hemorrhoids;
  • sensation of a foreign body.

In the presence of chronic hemorrhoids, these symptoms may not always be clear. Sometimes the disease is asymptomatic. In acute hemorrhoids, the disease is accompanied by pain and bleeding.

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It is very important to recognize the disease in time and prevent its development.

Suppositories - No. 1 remedy

The most effective remedies for hemorrhoids to date are candles that are used as:

  • antipruritic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • hemostatic;
  • bactericide;
  • is an anesthetic.

When entering the anus, they begin to melt, thereby transferring the body's beneficial properties. The modern market of medical preparations offers a wide variety of suppositories. Which candles are chosen by the attending physician.

Ebil hemorrhagin candles are today one of the most effective and safe in the field of proctology.

They became recognized fighters not only with external manifestations of hemorrhoids, but also with internal nodes.

What is the effect of candles on the body?

Along with the fact that the candles of Ebil Hemorralgin have all of the above properties, they also:

  • contribute to increased circulation in the pelvic and intestinal tract;
  • able to restore the walls of hemorrhoidal veins;
  • in an extremely short time have an anesthetic effect, relieve the patient of itching;
  • promotes dissection of adhesions in the pelvic and rectal area;
  • heals cracks and abrasions;
  • are true fighters with hemorrhoidal hemorrhage, protect against the feeling of itching and abrasions in the anus;
  • cause laxative action.

The positive aspect of taking suppositories is:

  • Absence of toxicity in the preparation;
  • product leave without prescription;
  • is not a medicinal product;
  • is available for purchase at any pharmacy kiosk.

Suitable for many sufferers

Recommended to people who suffer:

  • hemorrhoids: acute and chronic;
  • presence of cracks in the anus;
  • with heavy bleeding, accompanied by hemorrhoids;
  • presence of ulcers;
  • presence of inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the anus or excessive dryness in the area of ​​the intestine;
  • with severe pain in the anal area.

Are there any restrictions?

As with every medical product, there are contraindications for the use of these candles:

  • the time of bearing the child;
  • lactation period;
  • individual intolerance;
  • skin lesions that are not hemorrhoidal.

Therapeutic components

The composition of the suppository is as follows:

  • propolis;
  • sea buckthorn oil;
  • homeopathic essences and extracts;
  • cocoa butter;
  • the presence of herbal supplements( peony, ledum, nettle);
  • mud of the Tambukan Lake.

Effect of the main components of candles on the body:

  1. Propolis is a substance that is sticky in consistency, resulting from the collection of bees from spring buds of enzyme trees that have useful properties. Their composition includes many substances that have an antimicrobial effect. Due to their content, there is a rapid healing of hemorrhoids, wounds and abrasions. Propolis promotes the toning of the human vegetative system.
  2. The mud of Lake Tambukan has long been known for its medicinal properties. During the Great Patriotic War it was used as a healing remedy. Due to the inclusion of penicillin group substances in their composition, they possess anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action.
  3. Sea-buckthorn oil .It is used practically in the treatment of all diseases, where it is necessary to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. In a fairly short period, minimizes the number of pains. Promotes rapid regeneration of tissues.

How to use

After daily hygiene, before bedtime, insert 1 suppository into the anus. The depth of the candle should be at least 5-7 cm. This completes the procedure. It remains to relax and give the body a comfortable position.

The duration of the recommended treatment is at least a month.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

After a short break, the course will have to be repeated. For one procedure, usually from 3 to 6 packs of this drug.

With the introduction of suppositories, the parallel application of Ebil cream is recommended, if the pain is severe - the ideal option is Ledum cream.

Candles are available in a convenient plastic package of 10 pieces.

Recommendations for consumers

When using candles, the following must be known:

  • repeated courses of treatment are mandatory;
  • use of candles during child-bearing and lactation is permissible only with the advice of physicians and under strict supervision;
  • use of candles is possible after surgery.

Word to specialist

The use of Ebil hemorrhagin promotes the rapid recovery of patients in the early stage of hemorrhoids, there is a positive dynamics in people with chronic disease.

Painful sensations decrease, the degree of hemorrhoidal node growth decreases, hemorrhoidal hemorrhage stops. The patient feels better. I believe that the drug has proved its effectiveness.

Alexander Petrovich, proctologist, 11 years of experience

Opinion of consumers

Reviews of people who use Ebil hemorrhagin for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

I never thought that this disease would affect me. Thanks to the doctor who correctly diagnosed and prescribed treatment. Since the stage I had early, the pain sensations disappeared quickly, which brought me back to life.

Victoria, 36, housewife

Hemorrhoids suffer a long time. Thanks to candles I feel a great relief. The sharp pains disappeared, the cracks began to heal. I hope for a speedy recovery. I recommend.

Alexander, driver, 42 years old

I suffer from hemorrhoids for 8 years. His first manifestation was noticed immediately after childbirth. At first I did not go to the doctor, but when the pains became unbearable, I had to take this step. In truth, it was with fear and shame. But even as walking became a problem, I had to overcome myself. Since then I am constantly on the account of a doctor. He recently recommended Ebil Hemorralgin. At first it fluctuated, because the main composition of the preparation was vegetable. But I made up my mind.

A week later felt a decrease in pain in the anus, hemorrhoids decreased. I hope for a speedy recovery.

Natalia, 25, office worker

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