Rengalin in tablets belongs to the category of effective antitussive drugs that successfully eliminate dry cough, transforming it into productive. To get a positive effect on the treatment, you should carefully read the instructions that contain the required dosage, intake rules, contraindications and side effects. In addition, buy the drug is recommended only after the approval of the treating doctor.


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Action applied

pills for coughing rengalin

Use the tablet preparation Rengalin can be used to treat a cough of any origin. In addition, it is effective against a dry or wet attack. Allowed for admission to adults and children, whose age has already exceeded 3 years. The development of the drug used a number of active and auxiliary components.

It is due to their combination that a si

gnificant increase in the action aimed at eliminating the cough reflex is achieved. The drug is able to ozzaat powerful antitussive effect. Since Rengalin tablets can have not only an antitussive effect, they can be safely attributed to the category of a complex medicine.

When they are received, the following effect is achieved:

  • stops the inflammatory process;
  • eliminates swelling;
  • has anti-allergic effect;
  • cures spasms due to antibodies to histamine and bradykinin;
  • has an analgesic effect due to antibodies to morphine.

This drug selectively reduces the degree of excitability of the center of the brain responsible for coughing. Rapid inhibition of the central links of the cough reflex is achieved. The action that the medication has is to inhibit the flow of pain impulses from the periphery. Using tablets, it is possible to alleviate the clinical picture and reduce the severity of such ailments as pharyngitis, laryngitis and bronchitis.

More Rengalin tablets help reduce bronchospasm. Active components of the drug affect the synthesis, release of histamine, bradykinin from each fat cell. The result of such a process is the reduction of the local and systemic clinical picture of the allergy in the patient.

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Composition of

pills for cough

The following active components were used in the development of the preparation in question:

  • antibodies to bradykinin;
  • antibodies to histamine;
  • antibodies to morphine.

But the additional components are:

  • isomalt,
  • microcrystalline cellulose,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • citric acid anhydrous,
  • silicon dioxide colloid,
  • cyclamate sodium,
  • saccharin sodium.

Application for children

use of tablets by a child If the child is already 3 years old, the doctor can prescribe Rengalin tablets for cough.

Why can not I use before the deadline?

The fact is that until now there is no accurate information that the drug will have a safe effect on a not yet mature body. Dosage will be 1 tablet 3 times a day.

Application for adults

Tablet preparation Rengalin is used for resorption. It is necessary to place one lozenge in the oral cavity and keep it there until it dissolves completely. The average dose for an adult is 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. If the cough has a pronounced character and is accompanied by bronchospasm, the frequency of reception can be increased up to 4-6 times a day.

Usage for pregnant women

Prescribe the drug to future mothers can only in exceptional cases, taking into account the ratio of benefits for the mother and the possible risk to the baby.

To date, there is no precise information on the safety of the drug for such patients. Dosage is prescribed only by a doctor.


Today, the tablet preparation Rengalin can be bought at any drugstore without a prescription. The average price for 20 tablets is 150 rubles.


If you can not buy the drug in question, do not worry, because today the pharmacy has a number of other drugs that have a similar effect. Analogues of Rengalin are such medications:

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  • Catherine, 34 years: "I used the drug Rengalin in the treatment of a cough that arose on the background of bronchitis. The matter is that he at me 3 years, as chronic, so several times a year I have to treat a debilitating dry cough. But now I know what to do when the first symptoms of the disease have arisen. I buy a tablet preparation of Rengalin and take it according to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Thanks to the complex effect of the drug and the fact that I quickly reacted, I managed to cope with unpleasant symptoms and dry cough in a week. "
  • Anna, 25 years old: "I gave Rengalin tablets while treating my son's wet cough. The drug was prescribed to us by a doctor. It was an ordinary cold, but only the sputum bleached badly because of its high viscosity. Thanks to the medication under consideration, it was much easier for the little son on day 3.He can already fully play, do his own things, and most importantly, that the nights began to pass quietly. "
  • Igor, 47 years old: "I used the drug in the form of syrup and tablets, but I liked the tablet form more. This is very convenient, because you can take medicine even at work. I treated my cough that arose during the cold season. In the beginning, he was insignificant, so I did not pay him proper attention. But after 3 days the cough was simply unbearable. Because of this, I was very sick in the chest and in the throat. In the pharmacy I was advised to buy not syrup, but Rengalin tablets. I experienced their action on my own, so I can say with confidence that this is a very effective tool. "

Rengalin in tablets is a combined medicine that successfully fights with a cough, reducing its intensity and facilitating the overall well-being of the patient. Take drugs, even children, who have been 3 years old. And although the instructions contain a dosage of the drug, before using it, it would be advisable to consult a doctor. There are situations when a specialist changes the dosage, taking into account the age of the patient, his state of health and the course of the pathological process.