Human vocal cords are very sensitive to external stimuli. Sometimes we do not even understand right away: where and why the voice went missing. In fact, the ligaments are so scrupulous that they can depend on the emotional state of a person. Most often it is a question of laryngitis, in which there is acute inflammation of the entire larynx.


Reasons for loss of voice

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  • Causes of loss of voice

    cure for loss of voice in adults

    Angina, laryngitis or common cold can lead to loss of voice

    There can be many reasons for laryngitis. More often it is associated with inflammation of the larynx due to acute infection. Bacteria occupy the mucosa, infect it and begin penetration into the trachea. A person feels this as a perspiration, an incomprehensible cough. Quite quickly, the vocal cord falls into the affected area. Und

    er the influence of excrement of microbes, ligaments begin to swell, swell. The more puffiness, the more the voice changes. Usually, first the voice becomes hoarse and then disappears completely.

    How to use Lazolvan for inhalations with laryngitis is indicated in the article.

    than to treat vocal cords with loss of voice But often the loss of voice is the result of hypothermia, colds, sore throats .Any disease associated with the larynx can provoke a loss of voice. Sometimes this happens with serious nervous breakdowns and is due to the mental state of the patient.

    The loss of voice can be short-lived, for example, with a sharp cry or a conversation in high tones. Laryngitis often accompanies people whose profession is associated with the strain of vocal cords: singers, coaches, leaders.
    Usually in this category of people a chronic form is formed, which is exacerbated by episodes. At children the voice vanishes more often if a laryngitis has arisen against attributes of disease by an angina or at a strong cough.

    Cough, Pershing is one of the primary signs of laryngitis. If it is not docked, the disease will certainly develop.

    Voice recovery at home

    loss of voice causes and treatment

    The first recommendation for loss of voice is not to talk, especially whispering

    The most important recommendation is the absolute peace of voice . Even if you lose voice partially and can speak, avoid it. The ligaments should be in complete rest until they are fully recovered. Otherwise, recovery will be difficult and time-consuming.

    Which drug for laryngitis and pharyngitis is one of the most effective, indicated in the article.

    Whisper is especially forbidden in laryngitis, as it causes ligaments and a larynx to strain.

    Attention must be paid to food. For the period of the disease you need to take only tender food, preferably crushed. Completely eliminate:

    • smoking;Seasonings for food;
    • hot / cold dishes;
    • alcohol;
    • is salted and sour.

    In the diet include necessarily more liquids: tea, compote, herbal infusions. If within a few days the voice does not return, you need to contact the otolaryngologist.

    How to use inhalation nebulizer to children with laryngitis, what would it be effective, you can learn from this article.

    Medications for the treatment of laryngitis

    with loss of voice than to be treated With laryngitis of patients, the most persistent perspiration that causes coughing is most excruciating. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it with the help of preparations with expectorant effect. Well suited drugs such as Kodelak, Bronchikum. At the heart of these drugs is an anti-inflammatory formulation that makes the cough productive. Additionally, you can take absorbent pills to soften the throat and eliminate perspiration. Must take antiviral: Arbidol, Rementadine.

    Miramistin is suitable for removing the puffiness of the larynx and returning the voice. They need to gargle several times a day. It helps to reduce swelling and disinfect the mucous membrane.

    Homeopathy here will not be superfluous and can help in treatment. Well proved to be such a drug as Givalex. Even not being a medicine in full, it allows to accelerate the restoration of voice and damaged ligaments. The homeostax agent in the form of absorbable tablets can quickly eliminate laryngitis.

    Which solutions for inhalation with laryngitis are most often used, is indicated in the article.

    Additionally, the use of a nebulizer is assigned. The steam inhaler acts on the mucous membrane, killing the pathogenic flora. Multiplicity depends on the onset of relief.

    Folk recipes

    For sure, many remember that in a tender childhood our grandmothers treated us with warm milk. This recipe is unique by results, especially if you add honey to the milk. A tender and warm consistency will not allow the throat to dry out, will have a warming and antimicrobial effect.

    It is necessary to do usual inhalations for a couple. You can use decoctions of oak or chamomile for this. The simplest inhalation: based on normal Validol. In boiling water, dissolve a few tablets and breathe steam for a few minutes. Good effect gives the combination of inhalations from broths and nebulizer.

    From this article it becomes clear whether infectious laryngitis or not.

    loss of voice treatment of folk remedies

    With laryngitis and loss of voice rinses are particularly useful

    It is also important to give time to rinse your mouth and throat. These areas and at the usual time are saturated with microorganisms, and with laryngitis can show activity. Therefore it is useful to make a solution of soda with iodine to rinse the throat. If desired, you can replace the soda with salt. To treat the mouth, the usual toothpaste or Lugol is quite suitable.

    Laryngitis loves warmth, so at night you can make warm compresses on the throat of vodka or boric alcohol. The compress is placed only at night with complete rest of the throat.

    The voice returns quickly, if you make such a mixture: egg yolk, 35 g cognac and a dessert spoon of honey. Stir well and rinse thoroughly with a teaspoonful. We can not forget about the extraordinary strength of aloe: cut off several leaves, rinse and through a meat grinder to skip. Get a gruel, dilute it well with water and rinse three times a day.

    If laryngitis has a strong irritant cough, folk, grandmother's recipes for cough help well. For prophylaxis it is useful to chew constantly the dried fruits of mountain ash, at the first signs rinse the larynx with a tincture of sage or lavender. Lavender should not be used more than a few drops at a time. If you decide to help yourself with folk remedies, make sure that there are no allergic reactions!

    Complications of

    what to do if you lose your voice hoarseness Laryngitis can give a dangerous complication: stenosis of the larynx. When the stage is started, the vocal slit becomes very narrow due to the large edema. This can often be seen in children in the night phase. If you do not provide the right help in time, the person will simply stop breathing. In such emergency situations, the only way out is to save life - to make a tracheal incision directly for air intake.

    To delay the treatment of laryngitis is dangerous. The protracted stage can create scarring on tissues, which permanently deprives the voice of purity and sound.

    After reading the article it becomes clear whether it is possible to heat the throat with laryngitis or not.


    More about voice loss in this video:

    Laryngitis is seemingly harmless: just a loss of voice that can return even without treatment. Indeed, there are forms that are treated even without medication. It's enough just to observe peace and quiet for a few days. But no one will give a guarantee that the patient has such an easy form. Laryngitis is no less dangerous than otitis or the first signs of sinusitis, if you forget the way to the otolaryngologist.

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