As a separate and independent disease, angina is much less common than it may seem. People for the manifestation of angina take any painful feeling when swallowing. In fact, there are several other diseases, which also cause pain and discomfort when swallowing:

  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • is an ordinary cold;
  • tonsillitis( the sore throat).

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Even the presence of osteochondrosis in the cervical region can cause inconvenience when swallowing and even sore throat. It is therefore important to be able to distinguish the symptoms of early angina in adults from other diseases. On this depends the success of treatment, and health in general.

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What is angina

Signs and symptoms of angina

Remember that the angina is very contagious and the patient better isolate the most from other members of the family

Angina has the second name: tonsillitis, divided into several varieties. Angina is an acute disease of the larynx caused by pathogenic microorganisms provoking the defeat of the tonsils. Having an infectious nature, tonsillitis requires immediate treatment. It is necessary to know that the sore throat is very contagious, so the patient is isolated from other members of the family with a separate dish for food.

How the treatment of streptococcal angina occurs will help you to find out the contents of this article.

The disease most often affects the tonsils, but it can affect any part of the larynx. The type of angina is determined precisely by its location in the throat:

  1. catarrhal;
  2. is follicular;
  3. is ulcerative;
  4. is lacunar.

The peculiarity of angina is that each of its forms is treated strictly individually. All preparations are selected taking into account the degree of damage to the tonsils or lymphatic tissue. Unlike other diseases, which may well occur at the initial stage without temperature, tonsillitis is always accompanied by it.

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Why and with whom does angina occur?

Initial symptoms of sore throat Since the nature of angina is only contagious, its birth is caused by the ingress of such microorganisms as staphylococci into the body.

You can get infected by yourself or by air. Also, the infection is well transmitted through common utensils, even if the latter is carefully processed. Such microorganisms have a high survivability, so even from already recovered, you can safely catch the disease.

Adenoids that interfere with normal breathing can provoke angina. More often parasites live in our body imperceptibly until the activity of immunity is not reduced. This occurs in the off-season: the immune system weakens and all bacteria get a chance to penetrate further into the body.

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However, angina is a disease, for the development of which suffices and predisposition. For example, before doctors tried to immediately remove glands and adenoids in children, if tonsillitis began to bother too often. Angina is sensitive to hypothermia, both on the general( whole body) and on the local( the throat itself).Wet your feet, froze in the street or swallowed ice cream and you can assume that you invited angina.

But the disease is not rare in the summer, especially in people who have constant difficulties with immunity. In the heat the body heats up and it becomes difficult for us to adequately control the temperature of the liquid consumed. Man wants to drink and preferably a cool liquid. In the heat it is forbidden to drink ice-cold drinks, consume cold foods, bathe in cold water. This can lead not only to angina, but also cause more severe problems. For example, in the presence of problems with the cardiovascular system, sudden changes in temperature can lead to a heart attack.

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The first signs of

The first symptoms of sore throat in adults

If you open your mouth wide and press down your tongue a little, you can see the affected tonsils

. The very first symptoms manifest themselves a day or two after infection. Regardless of the form and variety, the beginning of the angina is about the same - it always starts with a high temperature, which rises sharply. Together with this, the patient begins to feel soreness when swallowing. Pain can be localized in any part of the throat: right, left, above or somewhere behind the throat. It depends on the degree of infection and damage to the tonsils.

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The pain arises from the fact that when the infection subsides, they begin to increase dramatically in size, covered with a white coating. If you open your mouth wide and press down your tongue a little, you can see the affected tonsils.

Headache as a symptom of angina During the day, the throat begins to swell, the mucous membrane becomes inflamed, the person feels a growing ache in the body. As the level of intoxication grows with the multiplication of bacteria, there are clinical signs of poisoning:

  1. headache;
  2. vomiting, nausea;
  3. abdominal pain;
  4. disorder of stools;
  5. enlargement of lymphatic nodules.

High temperature indicates that the immune system is trying to repel an attack on its own. Only at high temperatures do most microbes and bacteria die. At this stage it is important to support the immune system and begin treatment.

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Primary visual examination of the throat allows you to immediately establish the form of the disease. Diagnosis of angina is considered the simplest procedure and does not cause complications, since all the signs manifest themselves quite brightly. Usually during the examination a special spoon is used: the patient's tongue is pressed down and forced to reproduce vowel sounds. The larynx opens as much as possible, giving a full view of the affected tonsils.

Principles of treatment

The most important axiom for recovery is complete throat rest and bed rest. And angina needs to "rest" for at least five days and this is only if the treatment is successful and there are no complications.

Treatment of signs of sore throat The second rule is the maximum of warm drinking. During the disease, the body loses a lot of fluid, so a person needs to restore their water balance by consuming warm compotes, decoctions. The food should be gentle, sparing the throat. Excluded are products that can injure the throat or make it tense. The patient needs to try to talk less, save the ligaments.

Antibiotics must be included in treatment, for example, Erythromycin, Cefalexin. The course is scheduled for five days. It is important to drink the course completely, even if the throat no longer hurts. Otherwise, relapse is possible in a more complicated form.

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Simultaneously with the tablets, it is absolutely necessary to use special means for resorption and sprays for the throat. A good assistant can be the preparation of Propasol, based on the bee products of .Its action is so powerful that it can even inhibit the development of the disease, prevent exacerbations in chronic forms. There are softer means, for example, Geksoral, Orosept. The therapy includes rinsing the throat with soda, salt and iodine, hydrogen peroxide. This will quickly eliminate the swelling of the throat and reduce the pain sensation.

Home Treatment

How to treat signs of sore throat

Honey and raspberries are effective folk remedies for angina

The best folk remedies for sore throats are honey and raspberries. The healing properties of honey can soften the pain in the throat, it well replaces the pain medication. Raspberry also supports the immune system, spurring it from the inside.
It is also useful to drink broths from such herbs as chamomile, sage. Only broths should not be taken too strong and hot.

This is a gross mistake, who believes that the patient is hot for the benefit. All broths and infusions of herbs should be slightly above room temperature.


Watch a video on how to correctly recognize and treat sore throat:

Angina can be a cunning enemy, do not treat it lightly. If you do not comply with bed rest, you can easily get a complication in the heart and kidneys. Untimely treatment can lead to surgery on the larynx. Therefore, it is important not to start the disease and strictly follow the treatment scheme determined by the therapist or ENT doctor. The main thing is to remember that the angina is treated only by a set of means.