Angina is a disease characterized by the development of the inflammatory process in the tonsils. There is such a pathology due to ingestion of the infection or serves as a complication of another existing disease. Inflammation can affect not only the tonsils, but also the nasopharynx, tongue and throat.

The methods of treatment of various types of angina( lacunar, follicular, herpes, purulent) may differ slightly from one another, but somehow the methods of traditional medicine will help to cope with the unpleasant and painful sensations of this disease regardless of its type.

The article shows how to correctly take Bioparox in angina.


  • 1 Causes of angina
  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 People's treatment of angina
    • 3.1 effective garlic therapy
    • 3.2 healing properties of propolis
    • 3.3 Lemon against the symptoms of angina
    • 3.4 Gargling vodka
    • 3.5 healthy drink of cumin
    • 3.6 bring down the temperature of folkmethods
  • 4 How to ease the condition of the patient?
  • 5 What is the risk of angina?
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Treatment of sore throats folk methods Reasons for developing angina

The following are the main risk factors:

  • prolonged exposure to cold;
  • predisposition to angina due to low immunity;
  • development of inflammatory purulent processes in the nasal cavity;
  • contact with patients;
  • diseases of an infectious nature - acute respiratory infections, influenza.

How to take Chlorhexidine with angina is indicated in the instructions for use of the drug in this article.


Effective treatment of angina

A fever of 38 degrees and above is one of the first symptoms of angina

. In addition to painful sensations, you can find the following signs and symptoms of sore throat:

  • temperature increase - from 38 ° C and above;
  • pain of an acute and piercing nature that pierces the throat when eating;
  • a feeling of chills, weakness, malaise and a feeling of breaking in the joints;
  • significant redness of the tongue, palatine arch and tonsils. There are situations when such redness occurs in combination with the formation of pus and small pustules;
  • hoarseness;
  • enlarged lymph nodes.

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Folk treatment of angina

Therapy of the disease can include both traditional and non-traditional methods. Achieving maximum results and quickly cure angina is possible in the case of an integrated approach. Consider in more detail the recipes of traditional medicine, which are actively used by people to combat the disease.

Effective garlic therapy

Treatment of sore throat with garlic To get an effective remedy for sore throat, you need to take a small head of garlic, remove the skin from it and pour a liter of water. Set on the fire, and when the water boils, then add a small spoon of soda. After preparing this broth, you need to perform inhalation. Thanks to such treatment it is possible to soften the throat and eliminate the causative agent of angina. The course of this therapy includes 3 procedures per day for 3 days.

You can make a tincture of garlic. To do this, you need to grind it. Pour 100 g of the finished product with 125 ml of water. Infuse for 5 minutes, and then use to rinse your throat. Healing properties of propolis

how to treat angina with propolis To eliminate the inflammatory process in the throat will help the composition, which can be done independently on the basis of propolis. To get it, you need to use propolis and butter in a proportion of 1:10.Use this tool 2 times a day before meals. You can drink the medicine with warm milk.

Propolis is actively used for inhalations. Preparation process:

  1. Take in an equal proportion propolis, wax and petroleum jelly.
  2. Put everything in a glass jar, which can be closed with a lid with the hole made.
  3. Place the container in a saucepan with water and boil.
  4. When the container is hot and the vapors that should be inhaled stand out.

How to take Azithromycin with angina in adults is indicated in the article.

Such manipulation should be carried out 2 times a day for 10 minutes. After 2 days, the patient's condition will improve much.

Lemon against symptoms of sore throat

In inflammation in tonsils it is very useful to use foods that are rich in vitamin C. This fruit is a lemon.

If there is no allergic reaction to citrus fruits, juice from a lemon or pieces of this medicinal fruit is allowed to be consumed by both the child and the adult.

Prepare a medicine from lemon juice is very simple: Treatment of sore throes with lemon

  1. Wash lemons thoroughly and remove the zest.
  2. Take gauze pouches and put in them one citrus.
  3. In the glass squeeze juice.
  4. Due to the high concentration, it must be diluted with boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio.
  5. You must drink this drink throughout the illness instead of water.

Vodka gargle

Treatment of angina vodka in adults

Vodka is one of the most effective folk remedies for angina

This treatment for angina can be performed only in adult patients. Vodka is a unique folk remedy that is actively used in non-traditional medicine in the treatment of various diseases. To prepare a remedy against sore throat on its basis is very simple:

  1. Take 4 pieces of a refined sugar and 100 g of vodka.
  2. Pour the alcoholic beverage into a saucepan, and put the refined sugar on the fork and set it on fire.
  3. As a result, the resulting syrup will drain into a saucepan. Here you need to be very spicy, because liquid sugar that flows into vodka can catch fire.

Prepared formula should be used for gargling. After the done manipulation, the throat should be wrapped. In addition to folk remedies based on vodka, it is useful to rinse with kerosene( a glass of water - a half-teaspoon of soda and a tablespoon of kerosene), as well as a soda solution for rinsing.

Useful drink from cumin

Folk ways of treatment of angina with cumin A prepared medical custard based on seeds has an anesthetic antibacterial effect. For relief of discomfort and painful sensations in the throat, it is necessary to rinse the throat with infusion of cumin seeds every 2-3 hours.

You can use such a healing drink inside as a warming agent. To prepare the infusion, take 2 large spoons of raw material with boiling water. Infuse the medicine for 3-4 hours, and then you can take. In order to improve the taste, you can add honey and lemon juice to the infusion.

How correctly to heat a throat with salt at an angina will help to understand the information from this article.

Cumin is one of the best folk remedies for sore throats. It increases the protective functions of the body, which are weakened by illness.

Beat temperature by folk methods

treatment of angina quickly and effectively folk methods

Raspberries, anise, mint and linden help at home to bring down the temperature with angina

All described traditional medicine is time tested and therefore actively cope with the painful sensations of this ailment. But a disease like angina is always accompanied by an increase in body temperature. What should we do in this situation?

The article describes the instructions for the use of furacilin in angina.

And here you can not do without traditional medicine. For these purposes, actively apply:

  • raspberry;
  • anise;
  • lipo;
  • leaves of mother-and-stepmother;
  • peppermint leaves;
  • willow bark;
  • apple cider vinegar.

It is effective to perform throat rinsing with a hydrogen peroxide solution for this purpose.

How to relieve the patient's condition?

Folk methods of rinsing with angina To avoid the dangerous consequences of this insidious disease, even with the first symptoms of angina, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • It is forbidden to use very rough and hot food.
  • Do not stand in drafts and cold.
  • Rinse throat from time to time using warm solutions.
  • Before going on a night's rest, perform inhalation manipulations and warming compresses.

How to properly use Flemoxin Solutab in angina in adults, you can find out by reading the article.

In angina it is necessary to drink a large amount of warm liquid saturated with vitamins - tea, decoctions and fruit drinks.

What is the risk of angina?

If you do not start the timely treatment of inflammation of the tonsils, then this is fraught with such complications:

  • rheumatism;
  • kidney damage;
  • appendicitis;
  • sepsis;
  • otitis media;
  • laryngeal edema.

From this article it becomes clear how to drink Amoxicillin in angina and for what specific purposes it is done.


Watch the video on how to properly treat angina with folk remedies:

Angina is a very unpleasant disease that delivers the patient a constant discomfort and painful sensations. Only timely therapy will help him get rid of all manifestations and prevent serious complications of the disease.