Does caries pass through a kiss? Causes of caries. Prophylaxis and treatment of caries

The word "caries" in Latin is rotting. Immediately after the teeth erupt, they are in an aggressive environment.

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  • Types of tooth decay. Stages of tooth decay. Photo
  • Signs and symptoms of tooth decay: small or initial caries, superficial caries, uncomplicated caries
  • How does white tooth decay look, black, yellow and brown? Photo of tooth decay
  • Diagnosis of caries
  • The appearance of caries. Caries and a kiss
  • Methods of treatment of caries: filling, tooth extraction and modern treatment of caries with laser
  • Home treatment of caries: treatment with propolis
  • Caries prevention: vitamins and dietary supplements from caries. Calcium preparations for caries
  • Preparations for caries control. Treatment of caries with calcium and fluoride
  • Nutrition for caries and for its prevention. How does a prune fight tooth decay?
  • Do I need to treat tooth decay during pregnancy?
  • Dental caries: advice and reviews
  • Video. Dental treatment. The structure of the
    tooth, caries and its complicated forms

This environment adversely affects the enamel of the teeth and, with improper care, provokes its destruction and cavity formation.

The dying tissues of the destroyed enamel, and then of dentin, can provoke the risk of various diseases. But, in addition to the health threat, the teeth damaged by caries look extremely aesthetic, deprive a person of confidence and lower his self-esteem.

Types of tooth decay. Stages of tooth decay. Photo

Anatomically described tooth lesion can be:

  • Caries enamel
  • Caries dentin
  • Caries cement

IMPORTANT: Less common tooth disease is caries cement. It is also called "subgingival caries" or caries of the root. Unlike enamel and dentine damage, it is more dangerous for a tooth problem. If you do not go to the dentist in time, the caries of cement often causes tooth loss.

There are four stages of this dental disease:

  • Initial
  • Surface
  • Medium
  • Deep

Symptoms and symptoms of caries: small or initial caries, superficial caries, uncomplicated caries

At the initial stage of this disease, it can not be diagnosed because minor changes on enamelteeth can not be seen on time. Many people simply do not undergo periodic examination at the dentist. Symptoms at the stage of the initial stage of the development of this disease: the enamel acquires a matte shade, turns yellow, and then acquires a light brown hue. A tooth affected by caries at this stage does not respond to taste stimuli and temperature.

The superficial spot formed at the initial stage acquires a rough texture. The sick tooth reacts to sour and sweet. Sometimes there are painful sensations with a sharp temperature drop.

A distinctive feature of the middle stage of the disease is its spread inside the tooth and the formation of the cavity. Dentin can be damaged.

Deep caries is the last stage of this dental disease. This stage is characterized by the formation of a deep cavity. It most often has a narrow entrance and a wide base, which can reach the root of the tooth. Acute pain with this stage of caries can manifest itself even without the action of stimuli.

Superficial, medium and deep caries refers to uncomplicated caries. Complicated this disease is called if it flows into pulpitis and periodonitis.

What does white tooth decay look like, black, yellow and brown? Photo of tooth decay

Sometimes in the specialized literature caries are classified by the color of the heel of the lesion:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Black

Diagnosis of caries

Methods of caries diagnosis depend on the type, stage and localization of the lesion. Initial caries is almost impossible to recognize without special means. And already at the stage of medium and deep caries it can be diagnosed visually.

HOW TO DIAGNOSE CARIES IN HOME ENVIRONMENTS: If you get discomfort on the tooth of hot or cold food, or if you inhale cold air, then it's time to examine your teeth. Do this in a dental office. But, you can even diagnose problems with your teeth before his visit.

Swipe the inside of the teeth with your tongue. Often, the carious cavity can have uneven edges that can be felt with the tip of the tongue. Another symptom of caries that can be fixed at home is an unpleasant odor from the mouth.

Well, the easiest way to determine the described problem with the teeth is to inspect the accessible part of the teeth in the mirror. Even if the tooth enamel visually looks smooth, you can easily see the darkening on it.

Occurrence of caries. Caries and a kiss

Scientists are still arguing about the origin of this dental disease. There are more than 400 theories about the development of caries. But, the most popular today is the "chemical-parasitic" theory of Miller.
According to her, with improper hygiene of the oral cavity on the enamel of the teeth, microorganisms develop that process carbohydrates entering into food into organic acids. They also destroy enamel of teeth. Consequently, unsatisfactory oral hygiene is the cause of caries development.

Most often, the main culprits in the destruction of tooth enamel are the bacteria Streptococcus mutans. For their presence in the oral cavity can be evidence of dental plaque.

These bacteria can be transmitted from mother to child and from adult to adult due to a kiss. That is why many believe that caries can be transmitted with a passionate kiss. But this is not so.

Scientists have determined that when kissing partners exchange more than 80 million microbes and bacteria. But, most surprisingly, the bacteria Streptococcus mutans live in the mouth of every adult. Yes, someone enamel teeth from the effects of these bacteria suffers more, someone has less.

But the bacteria that provoke tooth decay are on the enamel of the teeth of every person. Therefore, you should not be afraid of passing caries through a kiss. It can be provoked by other factors.

Methods of caries treatment: filling, tooth extraction and modern caries treatment with laser

Treatment of the affected tooth begins with the removal of tissues that have suffered from caries. A drill is used for this operation. After the affected tissue is removed, the tooth is sealed. If caries is detected at the initial stage. That is, until the enamel is completely damaged, its structure is improved with calcium and fluoride.

IMPORTANT: Treatment of caries at the initial stage is painless. In addition, such a procedure is much cheaper than filling. Therefore, it is important to identify the disease of the teeth before its only way of treatment will be filling or even removal.

Laser treatment of caries today is becoming quite popular. This procedure is painless and safe. It does not require anesthesia. In addition, this method of caries treatment disinfects the tooth cavity. This reduces the risk of developing repeated caries to a minimum.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the mechanical removal of damaged tooth tissues, the laser method does not provoke the development of microcracks. That positively affects the subsequent operation of the tooth.

Home treatment of caries: treatment with propolis

Smolyanistoe substance, which bees are used to cover cracks and disinfecting honeycombs, is popular among the people.

There are hundreds of recipes for the preparation of various medications on its basis. Propolis can cope with bacteria, provoking the destruction of the enamel of the tooth.

RECIPE : This resinous substance is also used to treat caries. For this, put it on the affected tooth and hold for half an hour.

RECIPE : You can use propolis tincture for this purpose. For this, take two tablespoons of "Tincture of propolis alcohol 20%" and diluted in a glass of boiled water. You can rinse your mouth with such a remedy after a day meal. You can buy propolis tincture in the pharmacy.

Prophylaxis of caries: vitamins and dietary supplements from caries. Calcium preparations for caries

To prevent the destruction of tooth enamel leading to caries, you need to use vitamin complexes and supplements containing calcium, fluoride and vitamins D. These drugs include:

  • "Ant-caries" - the composition includes flower pollen and fluoride.
  • "Fluorovit" - a source of additional fluorine
  • "Vitrum Calcium + Vitamin D3" - calcium and vitamin D3
  • "Calcium" - an additional source of calcium
  • "Calcium D3 Nycomed" - calcium and vitamin D3
  • "Mountain calcium-D3" - calcium andvitamin D3
  • "Calcium" - calcium and vitamin D3
  • "Complivit" - calcium and other important microorganisms for health of teeth
  • "Calcium D3" - a source of additional calcium
  • "Kaltsinova" - a source of additional calcium for children
  • "Complicant Calcium D3 for babies"an additional source of calcium for children

drugs to combat tooth decay. Treatment of caries with calcium and fluoride

At an early stage of tooth development, demineralization of the enamel can be carried out. To do this, use a variety of gels and varnishes.

One of them is Fluorolak .The composition of this product includes chloroform, sodium fluoride, fir balsam, ethyl alcohol and shellac." Fluorolac " is applied to the enamel of the teeth. The components that enter into this facility nourish the enamel of the tooth, heal microcracks and produce antibacterial effects on the tooth tissue.

The analogues of "Fluorolac" are:

  • "ACT"
  • "Korebelon"
  • "Natrium fluoratum"
  • "Sodium Fluoride"
  • "Ossin"

Calcium and fluorine play a huge role in the fight against caries. Fluorine ions protect the enamel from the action of acids that form in the mouth. Also, one of the functions of fluoride is the prevention of plaque formation. As for calcium, this element is the "building" basis for enamel of teeth.

Therefore, its deficiency in the body strongly affects the protective functions of the enamel from external influences.

Protection of teeth from caries with the help of oral hygiene. The best toothpastes and rinsers from caries

Poor oral hygiene is 99% of the risk of developing caries.

To protect their teeth from this problem, it is necessary not only to properly care for the oral cavity, but also to choose suitable means for this. The best tooth pastes that counteract the development of caries are:

  • "LACALUT alpin"
  • "Shenseen"
  • "SPLAT Arcticum"
  • "ELMEX protection against caries"
  • "SPLAT Siberry"
  • "LACALUT fluor"
  • "PresiDENT Antibacterial"
  • "SPLAT Blackwood»
  • « ROCS »

You can also use mouth rinses to protect against enamel damage:

  • " Wood balsam "
  • " ROCS "
  • " Splat Complete "
  • " Colgate Plax Integrated protection "

Nutrition for dental caries and for its prevention. How does a prune fight tooth decay?

When treating caries and preventing this problem, you need to include in your diet products such as: milk, cottage cheese, walnuts, almonds, legumes, buckwheat and oatmeal, garlic, chicken eggs, not sweet fruits and vegetables.

IMPORTANT: Prunes are a rich in vitamins and nutrients dried fruit. It is used to prevent diseases of the circulatory system. It helps to fight with constipation, stabilizes weight and even can reduce the number of cancer cells in the body. But, not so long ago, scientists have established that prunes are indispensable in the prevention of tooth decay. Substances from the composition of this dried fruit reliably fight with bacteria of the oral cavity. Even with Streptococcus mutans which provoke the destruction of the enamel of the teeth.

Do I need to treat tooth decay during pregnancy?

It has been established that bacteria that live in the oral cavity and lead to caries can not practically have a negative effect on fetal development. But the treatment of this disease can affect the future child. That is why, it is important to pay special attention to hygiene of the oral cavity when developing caries during pregnancy.

And even better, if the pregnancy is planned, heal all the teeth before conception of the child.

Dental caries: advice and feedback

Dental health is held on three pillars: proper care, proper nutrition and regular examination. Therefore, advice in fighting caries will adhere to these simple foundations of healthy teeth.

Svetlana. Unfortunately, she started her teeth and turned to the dentist, when the caries has already moved to the middle stage. I used laser treatment. It's really painless. But, truth, it is burdensome for a purse. Now I will periodically go for a preventive examination. So more economical.

Ludmila. Caries is best avoided. Treatment is more expensive than periodic examinations and identifying problems at an early stage.

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