Flemoxin soluteba is an antibiotic used to treat sore throats in adults and children. There are five types of angina, differing in complexity. Especially dangerous is its purulent form, which can give complications to other organs. Flemoxin successfully treats all of them. He is appointed to eliminate the inflammatory process and pathogenic infections. It belongs to the group of penicillin antibiotics. This drug can be taken and during pregnancy. Drink it should be at the prescription of a doctor who will indicate the correct dosage.


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It is effective in this disease because it consists of amoxicillin, capable of eliminating streptococcal bacteria. Azalides, to which this drug belongs, are semisynthetic drugs produced from erythromycin. They are less common than

other antibiotics of the penicillin group and have side effects.


The medicine has a soft effect on the body, it has a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma. At reception of a tablet it is possible to dissolve or chew. Flemoxin for rapid and effective treatment is taken in conjunction with the vitamins of the "B" group, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine drugs. They act shockfully on the focus of inflammation, destroy its pathogens and relieve swelling of the tonsils. If already on the second day there will come an improvement, you should still drink the medicine, until the disease completely fails.

Most antibiotics have a negative effect on the stomach and intestines, and after their application requires a long recovery of the microflora of these organs.

Therefore, many conscious parents resort to the treatment of the child with antibiotics in the last resort. But in the case of using Flemoxin soluteba about this, you do not have to worry, it does not cause dysbiosis.

The video describes the use of Flemoxin soluteba in angina:

The drug is quickly and completely absorbed into the blood in just five minutes.

Instructions for Use

Before using this medication, you must first take tests and check the sensitivity of the microorganisms to the components of the antibiotic. Only after receiving the results of the analysis, the doctor will be able to determine the feasibility of using this medication. There is a question, whether helps or assists at an angina and whether it is possible to drink / accept. The drug helps not only with angina, but also applies to infectious diseases of the respiratory system, intestines, genitals, and various skin diseases. Here it is possible to read about the treatment with tablets of antibiotics of sinusitis. Antibiotics are also prescribed for otitis in adults and children. Flemoxin soluteba in angina in children

It can be drunk with pregnant women, but nursing mothers should take it with care so that the fruit does not receive a large dose and does not have an allergic reaction.


Its main active substance is amoxicillin, which is used in an easily digestible form, in the form of trihydrate. Its auxiliary substances are vanillin, saccharin, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, dispersible cellulose and two shock absorbers: mandarin and lemon. Antibiotic with angina Amoxicillin is also used, it can replace Flemoxin. Although it does not contain a number of excipients. application of drugs in the form of tablets to adults


Flemoxin solutab is available in tablet form for adults and children, and there is also a suspension. Unlike other children's antibiotics, the powder form of this drug is not available. For ease of use, manufacturers divided the tablets into four dosage forms. Each of which contains respectively 125, 250, 500 and 1000 mg of the main active substance.

Take time for medication. It can be an hour before meals or at least three hours after it. In a mild form, the drug should be taken a week, and the more acute types of the disease require a two-week treatment with this remedy. use of medicines in the form of tablets by the child

Dosage for children

Streptococcal infection does not immediately pass, so it must be destroyed within 10 days. But for each small patient the doctor prescribes an individual course of treatment and its duration. On average, the children recover within five days. Tablets are taken three times a day by children:

  • from 1 to 3 years for 125 mg;
  • from three to 10 years - 250 mg. Or you can drink twice a day, but then 375 mg.

The pediatrician may prescribe other dosages. An average of 30 mg of medication per kilogram of a child's weight. The calculated dose is divided into two or three doses, it depends on the preferences of the parents.

In more complicated cases, the doctor may increase the daily dose or, conversely, in the first manifestations of the improvement of the condition, reduce it. Children with poor kidney function are recommended to reduce the amount of the drug by half. If instead of suspension for a child, tablets were bought or the remaining ones with a normal shelf life are used, then for convenience of use they can be dissolved in water. It is necessary to take 100 ml of liquid and after dissolution of the drug the necessary consistency is obtained. Whether it is possible to accept flemoksin soljutab at an angina

Doses of the drug for adults

Tablets must be chewed, and if this does not work, it should be dissolved in water. With mild and moderate severity of the disease, the daily dose for an adult patient is 0.5 to 2 grams. This amount of medicine must be taken for two approaches. In severe illnesses, the dosage is determined by the therapist.


The main undesired index is individual hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug. It should be taken with caution to people suffering from kidney failure, colitis, allergies, as well as breastfeeding women and pregnant women.

You should not combine this drug with the following medicines:

  • laxatives;
  • with estrogen-containing contraceptives;
  • with bactericidal antibiotics;
  • antacids;
  • with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents;
  • indirect anticoagulant medication. 21

Side effects include: diarrhea, development of nephritis and dyspepsia. Sometimes there are allergic reactions in the form of rashes on the skin. However, this does not happen as often as after using ampicillin.

Flemoxin soluteab is an ideal treatment for angina, especially in children. Efficacy and easy tolerability of the drug kids of different ages has earned him a special popularity among antibiotics. More and more people prefer this particular medicine. Influenced by the fact that this drug can be used not only for the treatment of angina, but also for the complex therapy of otitis media, pneumonia and bronchitis. Here the treatment of bronchitis with antibiotics is described. Here you can read about the treatment with antibiotics of acute pharyngitis. Under the link you will find a list of antibiotics for tonsillitis in children.

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  • Lyudmila, 38 years old: "The antibiotic from Astellas Pharma" Flemoxin Solutab pediatrician was first appointed to my child last year. This medicine is produced in the Netherlands. In one package there are four blisters with five tablets. In this case, each oblong capsule can be separated by the specified cut line. Between the pills left a lot of space for the convenience of their use. My child had a severe cough, sore throat and all this caused heat. My son was a little over a year old, and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic in tablets, which surprised me. After all, before that, we already encountered similar drugs, and they went in suspensions. But this form of medicine did not cause any special difficulties. The dose indicated by the doctor was the sex of the pill. It easily broke through the dividing line on the capsule. Then I dissolved it in warm tea and the child drank it, not noticing that he was drinking medicine. Recovery came quickly enough, it was not accompanied by any side effects. Therefore, I can recommend using this drug from my own experience with angina. "
  • Svetlana, 28 years old: "Flemoxin soluteab is one of those drugs that I trust and is confident in their effect by 100%.It is a means of wide application. He has the same composition as Ospamox, Amosin and Augmentin, but they all act differently. I prefer foreign medicines, because there are no unnecessary impurities in it and its effect is more rapid. Therefore, if a doctor prescribes someone from our family an antibiotic based on amoxicillin, then I choose Flemoxin solute or Augmentin. But the first drug seems to me more reliable and effective. We treat them for otitis and angina. Sometimes we resort to it with the manifestation of bronchitis. Tablets suit me perfectly. Usually, children use special suspensions, which must be stored in the refrigerator. And Flemoxin can be dissolved in water or chewed. "
  • Evgenia, 22 years old: "Last winter, we twice lay with a child in a hospital. Experience is not pleasant, you will not advise anyone there. Especially injections, which I and my child can not tolerate. Once again, my daughter got a sore throat, and even a complicated form. I thought again they would put me in the hospital, but the doctor regretted us and prescribed a potent remedy - Flemoxin Solutab. He helped very quickly, took off the inflammation and eliminated the infection. I want to note his dignity and what I did not like about him. Pros: tablets, not injections. For us, this is salvation;speed;can be used for one-year-old crumbs;with angina removes symptoms on the 4th day( I cite data from personal experience);the child had an improvement on the second day. Without antipyretics, Flemoxin brought the temperature down to 37.2 and it did not rise again. And a day later she left at all;there are different dosages of the drug;affordable price;you can drink without regard to eating;The taste is pleasant and reminds of a mandarin;no side effects were observed with its use. I refer to the negative sides: it is an antibiotic and it can not be drunk without prescribing a doctor;to preserve the microflora of the intestine, it is necessary to take in parallel useful bacteria, so that there is no dysbiosis. "