Gastric ulcer: causes and symptoms. Prevention of Stomach Ulcers

What causes an ulcer? How to treat ulcerative lesions of the stomach and how not to get sick with an ulcer?

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  • Gastric ulcer: causes of
  • Gastric ulcer: the first signs of the disease
  • What tests should I take to diagnose stomach ulcers?
  • Nutrition for stomach ulcer
  • Preparations for stomach ulcers
  • Vitamins for gastric ulcer
  • Treatment of stomach ulcers at home
  • How not to get stomach ulcers?
  • Video: Treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers with folk remedies
  • Video: 5 rules for protection against stomach ulcers

Gastric ulcer is a disease in which ulcerative foci occur on the gastric mucosa. The illness is accompanied by severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms. With improper treatment, the ulcer becomes aggravated and pains the patient with unbearable pain sensations. Therefore, it is important to know how to treat the disease and what to do so that it does not develop.

Stomach ulcer: the causes of

The scientists found that the main

cause of the development of the disease is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori .Because of infection, up to 75% of cases occur. As a result of the activity of these organisms, the cells of the gastric membrane are destroyed, and in their place appears a ulcerative focus.

IMPORTANT: It is possible to infect the Helicobacter pylori bacterium in everyday life: through touches, kisses, medical equipment, food and water, etc.

Other causes of the onset of the disease:

  • Prolonged intake of pharmacological agents, among which ibuprofen, aspirin, diclofenac. Risk group - elderly people
  • An ulcer that develops on the basis of other ailments such as diabetes, tuberculosis, lung cancer, hepatitis, syphilis, and
  • Gastric injuries, injuries
  • Blood poisoning
  • Shock conditions
  • Burns or frostbite of large area of ​​the body

  • Stressful situations. Stresses cause intense work of the nervous system, as a result of which the muscles and vessels in the digestive organs are reduced too intensively. The process of feeding the stomach is knocked down, and he begins to poison himself with gastric juice.
  • Wrong eating habits. In particular, excessive consumption of coffee contributes to the development of the disease
  • Drinking alcohol and other toxic substances, smoking
  • Genetic factor

IMPORTANT: Statistically, men suffer from stomach ulcers more often. Risk group - male gender from 20 to 50 years.

Gastric ulcer: the first signs of the disease

Information on the symptoms of the disease will allow us to identify the disease, which in turn will help in a timely manner to seek help from doctors.

Symptoms of the disease:

  • Pains that disturb in the upper abdomen. Sensations can be both weak and pulling, and intense and sharp. Pain manifestations intensify with motor activity, consumption of alcohol-containing drinks and food with seasonings, fasting
  • Heartburn, which is felt above the stomach, that is already in the chest area. This gastric juice poisons the esophagus a few hours after eating
  • Nausea and vomiting. Food in the affected stomach brings pain and causes a malfunction in the gastric motility. When a patient tears, he experiences a decrease in the intensity of this symptom
  • Psychological loss of appetite. A person is afraid of new attacks of pain, and that is why he loses his taste for food.
  • Belching, in which gastric juice enters the throat. Feels like a sour or bitter taste in the mouth
  • Gases
  • Gravity in the stomach after eating
  • Fast saturation
  • Constipation

IMPORTANT: Only 75% of cases show ulcers. The remaining patients are unaware of the course of the disease. Doctors advise to be regularly examined for ulcerative lesions.

What tests should I take to diagnose stomach ulcers?

The following types of studies are used to diagnose ulcerative lesions:

  • General blood analysis
  • Fecal analysis for the detection of blood in it. This examination allows to determine the bleeding, which in some cases is accompanied by the disease
  • Gastric acidology, in which the pH-metry level reveals the level of acid in the stomach
  • Endoscopy. This is the most common method of diagnosis. During it is proved not only the presence of lesions on the mucosa, but also their exact location, area, structure, development stage

  • X-ray study. Previously, this was an important stage in the examination of a patient with a ulcer. Today there are less harmful methods of diagnosis. But in the case of a strong emetic reflex, instead of endoscopy, the X-ray unit
  • is often used for the patient and concomitant examinations are also prescribed. This is a test of other organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which in one way or another affect the operation of the stomach. This biochemistry of blood, ultrasound of the digestive system, endoscopy and intestinal X-ray.

. Nutrition in stomach ulcer.

. Nutrition in the treatment of ulcerative lesions plays a special role. If you continue to eat in the usual regime, the manifestations of the disease will only worsen.

IMPORTANT: The diet that is prescribed by a patient with a ulcer is called "table 1".

The main purpose of the dietary table 1 - to have less mechanical, thermal and chemical effects on the stomach. At the same time, it should be a full balanced diet.

What is allowed with this diet:

  • rubbed cereal soups
  • rubbed liquid manna, rice, oatmeal
  • egg omelet
  • fruit and berry compotes, jelly
  • little honey
  • low-fat dairy products, best curd and cream
  • lean meats and poultry,tender
  • vegetable stews and cream soups( vegetables to heat and rub)
  • weak tea, weak cocoa

It should be completely ruled out:

  • spirits
  • fried, sharp, sour, fatty dishes
  • raw vegetables and fruits
  • bread, flour products
  • coffee, strong tea, strong cocoa
  • spices, spicy condiments
  • canned, marinated products
  • smoked products
  • sauces

The drugs for stomach ulcers

The approach to ulcer therapy should be comprehensive. This is not only a diet, but also medicines, vitamins, folk remedies. In the treatment of peptic ulcer the following pharmacological agents are used:

  1. Antibacterial drugs. These are Penicillins( usually Amoxicillin), Tetracycline, Macrolides( Clarithromycin), Nitromidazole derivatives
  2. Medicines that enhance the protective mechanisms of the mucosa. They are Sucralfate, Cavest-s, Biogastron, Ventroxol. The drug De-nol promotes the formation of a film on the walls of the gastric sac, and also leads to the death of the bacterium, which causes the death of cells and, as a consequence, the stomach ulcer. Entrosteel is prescribed for the affected cells to recover
  3. Antisecretory drugs. These are Antacids that envelop the stomach( Almagel, Sucralfate, etc.), blockers of the proton pump( Omega, Rabelok, Nexium, etc.), H2-histamine receptor blockers( Erinitis, Ranitidine, etc.) and other activesecretory drugs

.ulcerative lesions:

  • antispasmodics: No-spa, Mebeverin and other
  • prokinetics
  • probiotics
  • sedative medications and antidepressants

IMPORTANT: The disease lasts from 2 to 6 weeks. The duration of treatment depends on the stage of development and the area of ​​ulcerative lesion.

Vitamin for stomach ulcer

Vitamins in gastric ulcer help the body to fight ulcers, and also enhance the effect of medications.

Specialists recommend taking such complexes as Undevit, Stress-formula, Complivit. Doctors ask to pay attention to the presence of vitamins such as C, E, P, U, F, vitamins B of , as well as minerals zinc, magnesium, selenium in complexes. But iron is undesirable, since it is on the list of factors that provoke the death of stomach cells and the development of ulcers.

You can separately take vitamin E .His large intake into the body will provide oxygen saturation of cells of the diseased organ, strengthening of capillaries, improvement of blood flow.

IMPORTANT: Large doses of vitamin E have undesirable effects. This is weakness, dizziness, bloating.

  • Vitamin E can also be taken as a prophylaxis for those who have not had or already suffered the disease
  • Vitamin A promotes active division of epithelial cells, which significantly accelerates the healing of ulcerative foci. When preventing an illness, vitamin is especially important for protecting the stomach during stressful situations and unstable emotional state.
  • Vitamin C strengthens the body's defense mechanisms, it is valuable both at the stage of prevention and during the recovery period.

Treatment of stomach ulcers at home

In addition to pharmacological agents,vitamins and diet, there are effective methods to alleviate the course of the disease and even cure it with the advice of our grandmothers.

IMPORTANT: Treating gastric ulcers with folk remedies should also be under the supervision of a physician and only after a medical examination. Remember that self-medication can lead to aggravation of the manifestation of the disease.

The best home remedies recipes.

  • Potato juice. You can prepare this juice with a grater or a juicer. In the case of a grater, squeeze the resulting pulp, wrapping it with a gauze cloth. Before each of the three meals, drink 20 ml of the drink. After a week, increase the dose to 40 ml, a week later - to 60 ml. For the fourth week, use at one time a serving of 100 ml. The course of treatment is completed at the end of 4 weeks.
  • Tincture of St. John's wort. Pour 15 grams of dry matter with a glass of boiling water. Leave the beverage to insist on the night under the lid or in the thermos. In the morning, remove the vegetation, and dilute the liquid component with water to a volume of 200 ml.3-4 times a day, drink half an hour before eating a quarter of a glass. Cook fresh tincture every day. Course of therapy - 2 weeks
  • Drink from propolis with milk .In a liter of natural fresh milk, add 50 g of propolis, send the solution to the stove until it becomes homogeneous. Drink a drink half an hour before each meal in a volume of 100 ml. The course of therapy is 4 weeks, but the duration may be longer if the ulcer does not pass
  • Calendula oil .Combine 30 g of calendula and 100 g of olive, almond or any other vegetable oil. Strew the mixture over steam for a couple of hours. Leave the oil to infuse for 24 hours, then pass it through gauze or a fine sieve. Eat 5 g inside half an hour before each meal for 2 weeks

How not to get a stomach ulcer?

  • If you are in contact with a sick ulcer, minimize contact with it, provide it with separate cutlery and other personal items.
  • Be sure to keep your teeth and mouth clean
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, toxic substances
  • Eat right
  • Take medicationreasonable
  • Get enough sleep, sleep on time, observe the regime of the day
  • As prophylaxis of stomach ulcers increase your motor activity
  • Avoid stress, learn to relax and qualitatively rest

Video: Treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcer with folk remedies

Video: 5 rules for protection against stomach ulcers

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