Gemo platinus: a medical solution that will save you from hemorrhoids

Worldwide, thousands of people face hemorrhoids. And although in most cases the disease is not life-threatening, it still gives the person a lot of inconvenience.

Because of the intimacy of the problem, not everyone decides to go to see a doctor, so they use medicines or folk remedies.

The pharmacological market is now distinguished by a wide variety of drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Many of them are not highly efficient. Not so long ago the developed medicinal solution called Gemo platinus is rapidly gaining popularity in different countries.


  • Cons of traditional therapies
  • Pros compared to other
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  • What is in the composition?
  • Why is the solution so effective?
  • Scheme of application
  • Are there any contraindications?
  • Opinion of specialists and consumers
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  • Where to purchase the facility?

Cons of conventional th

Despite the wide variety of drugs and techniques for the treatment of hemorrhoids, getting rid of this disease often drags on for many years.

The use of ointments, suppositories, creams and other products requires a long time. In addition, often their effectiveness is not good enough. Medications are inconvenient to use, and often do not eliminate the disease, but only heal it, removing symptoms.

The effectiveness of minimally invasive or other modern methods of treating hemorrhoids can not be experienced by everyone because of shyness.

But the hemo hemorrhoid solution has excellent healing properties. The medicine not only removes symptoms from the first time, but also treats the disease.

Advantages compared to other

preparations Gemo platinus is a solution containing natural ingredients. Due to this, the preparation has a good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, and is absolutely hypoallergenic, therefore it is allowed for use by patients of different ages.

If you compare the solution with other medicines that are used to treat hemorrhoids( ointments, creams, suppositories), it has undeniable advantages:

  1. Unlike oil-based drugs, leaves no trace on the bedding and bedding of .
  2. Easy to use .It does not require a long time for the procedure. When using classical drugs( the administration of a candle or the application of an ointment), it is necessary to stay at least half an hour in a recumbent state.
  3. Do not deliver physical or psychological discomfort to during application, such as the use of rectal suppositories.
  4. Many medications do not give the desired result of even after completing the full course of treatment unlike Gemo platinus.

Therapeutic effect

The hemo solution has a wide range of action, therefore it has a quick healing effect.

After the first use, the patient feels considerable relief, itching and pain in the anus is reduced.

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The solution contains herbal ingredients that have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Thanks to this, the symptoms of hemorrhoids quickly leave the person.

But the peculiarity of the solution and the difference from other agents lies in the fact that it penetrates deeply into the tissue, although it acts only locally.

The drug improves blood circulation and microcirculation in the anus.

The use of Gemo platinus promotes resorption of hemorrhoids, so the complete course( from one to four weeks) allows you to completely forget about the ailment and the inconveniences associated with it.

Good results of treatment means at different stages of the disease.

In addition, the solution from hemorrhoids has other medicinal properties:

  • restores cells of damaged tissues and mucous membranes;
  • protects the mucosa;
  • removes the inflammatory process;
  • promotes healing of wounds and cracks.

What is in the composition?

A modern hemorrhoids preparation consists entirely of natural ingredients.

It contains:

  • active humic acids;
  • acidity regulator;
  • oxidizer;
  • purified prepared water;
  • salt.

The basis of the biocomplex is a mixture of acids obtained as a result of the hydrolysis of wood carbons.

Due to its naturalness, Gemo platinus does not cause irritation to the mucosa and has no side effects.

Why is the solution so effective?

In the course of clinical trials, the efficacy of the drug was proven.

The high effectiveness of the drug is explained by the fact that with a deep penetration into the tissue the solution promotes cell regeneration.

It also restores mucous membranes and improves blood circulation in the anus, so it not only removes symptoms, but also eliminates the root of the problem( stagnation of venous blood in the rectum).

Antiseptic action prevents the spread of bacteria and infections, and the anti-inflammatory effect of the drug removes the inflammation accompanying hemorrhoids.

Scheme of application

Gemo platinus differs with simple use:

  • rinse with warm water the anal opening area;
  • soak a cotton swab in solution;
  • , apply a tampon to the anal opening for 10-15 minutes.

One day you need to do 1-2 procedures. This is enough to make relief come in a couple of days. The course of treatment should be at least one week, but only in the case of the initial stage of the disease.

If the hemorrhoids are sufficiently started, then the solution must be treated for four weeks. Proper use of the drug allows you to get rid of even the disease at a serious stage.

Are there any contraindications?

Since the solution consists of natural plant components, it has no contraindications. It can be used by men and women, patients of different ages.

The only contraindication may be an individual intolerance to one of the components of the drug.

Opinion of specialists and consumers

To understand how effective Gemo platinus is, help from doctors and patients.

The word to doctors

Many qualified proctologists recommend their patients to use a solution of Hemo, doctors' reviews about a new solution for the treatment of hemorrhoids are mostly positive.

With the advent of Gemo platinus in the market very much doubted its effectiveness. But some of my patients resorted to the help of this drug, and I saw amazing results.

The solution did in a short time removed unpleasant symptoms, and at the end of the course of treatment relieved the disease. Now I recommend this drug to my patients, because it is highly effective and affordable.

Igor Nikolaevich, proctologist, St. Petersburg

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I consider Gemo platinus - the best remedy for hemorrhoids, as it not only eliminates symptoms, but also treats this delicate disease. The use of this drug reduces the risk of relapse.

Svetlana Andreevna, proctologist, Volgograd

What ordinary people say

Most patients also respond positively to the solution.

For a long time, he suffered from hemorrhoids. I tried different drugs and folk remedies. All of them had a temporary effect, and after a while the disease returned again and again. Then I accidentally found out about Gemo platinus. Decided to try.

It was pleasantly surprised that on the third day the burning sensation in the anus was gone. After the course of treatment I completely forgot about hemorrhoids.

Nicholas, Moscow

Like many women, hemorrhoids appeared after delivery. The disease was accompanied by severe pain, so I went to see a proctologist who advised me to use Hemo Platinus.

remained a happy result of the treatment, because quickly forgot about the manifestations of the disease.

Nadezhda, Chelyabinsk

Advantages undeniable

The main advantages of the drug include:

  • a wide spectrum of action( the solution has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, regenerating effect);
  • ease of use;
  • high efficiency of treatment;
  • affordable price;
  • no traces on bed and underwear;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • naturalness and the absence of side effects.

Where to buy the product?

To date, it's very difficult to buy Gemo Platinus in a pharmacy, it's necessary to purchase a product on the official website of the manufacturer.

So you can save yourself from the crafts. Please note that delivery of the solution can be ordered in any region.

Gemo platinus is a new generation of hemorrhoids. Its high efficiency is confirmed by many positive responses from patients and doctors.

Thanks to a unique design, the solution consists only of natural ingredients, and provides a wide range of therapeutic actions.

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