A solution is a drug solution that is produced in chemical laboratories using special techniques. It is used to perform inhalations in the treatment of cough. Can be used as a stand-alone drug or in combination with other drugs.

Today it is very popular to perform inhalations with saline and Berodual. Also saline is bred with Lazolvanom. In addition to cough, saline is actively used in the treatment of various diseases of the throat and lungs.


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Physiological solution is used as a medicinal preparation for inhalations. You can use both adults and children. And the essence of the procedure does not differ from the age of the patient.

Assign inhalations with saline solution at the following indications: saline for inhalations for nebulizer for coughing

  • asthma;
  • infectious diseases affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract: bronchitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, etc.;
  • is a chronic lung disease.

It should be noted that when using saline solution for the treatment of the larynx and trachea, the effect will be minimal, which can not be said about the treatment with a similar method of various problems with bronchi.

The peculiarity of the solution is that it has a similar osmotic pressure as the intracellular fluid. Thus, when penetrating the walls of the respiratory tract, there is no violation of the integrity of the cell membrane.

How to dilute and prescribe

The solution can be used both in pure form and in combination with other components. If you decide to choose the first option, then you need to take the drug in the amount of 2-3 ml, preheat and send to the nebulizer. The duration of the procedure is 5 minutes. Just a day they need to do about 2 times.

If the doctor prescribes the use of several agents for the purification of sputum, the following recipes can be used: saline with soda for inhalation

  1. With soda. Inhalations should be performed using a pharmacy soda-buffer. Add a dissolving substance to the disposable container and bring it to the required volume.
  2. With Dekassan .Use this antiseptic drug can be in pure form. But for the reason that it is bitter, children under 3 years old should be diluted with saline in a ratio of 1: 1.
  3. With Gentamycin. This drug belongs to the category of antibacterial it needs to take in the amount of 1 ml and mix with 4 ml of saline. Use the solution for angina and other throat lesions.
  4. With Dioxydin .To prepare the composition for inhalation, a 1% solution should be used. It is combined with saline in equal proportions. All the unpleasant symptoms of the disease can be eliminated after a few procedures.

On the video saline for inhalations for a nebulizer with a cough:

The presented recipes are great for children. So adults. In addition, you can apply saline in its pure form during pregnancy. But to choose a suitable prescription and prescribe the dosage can the doctor taking into account the condition of the patient and the severity of the pathological process.

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How to use

If inhalations are prescribed with saline solution, then the following action plan should be adhered to:

  1. Use is saline purchased at the pharmacy .Of course, there is a home cooking option. But here is not always with its help you can get the long-awaited effect.
  2. Inhalation should be carried out at least 30 minutes after eating.
  3. To do this, fill the nebulizer capacity with saline solution and add other preparations if necessary. This includes esters, medicinal herbs. Also, doctors prescribe medications such as ATSTS, Ambrobene with laryngitis in children, Sinupret( and here is the difference between Tonzigon and Sinupret, described in this article).For the treatment of dry cough, it is best to use the composition of saline and Lazolvan. Thus, you can quickly evacuate sputum.


  4. It is necessary to conduct inhalation with saline every 4 hours.
  5. The duration of one manipulation is 10 minutes. The entire course of therapy is 10 days.

Inhale therapeutic couples stand in a natural way, without straining. Take a deep breath, count to 3 and breathe out.

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Buy saline can be absolutely anyone at the pharmacy at a price of 50 rubles.


  • Xenia, 43 years old: "I was doing inhalation with saline solution in the treatment of a cough that I had with bronchitis. I have long known about the medicinal properties of this medication and now the time has come when I needed to experience. I did not buy any additional drugs, because I used saline in a pure form. She performed 3 procedures a day for 5 days. During this time, I managed to eliminate the dry cough, converting it to wet. In addition, sputum was released, which made breathing easier. And, of course, I can not but mention another advantage of the drug - its low cost. Everyone can afford it and cure various diseases of the respiratory organs. "
  • Maria, 32 years old: "I used to use saline in treating colds in myself and the baby. But when I got sick with the flu, then one of his symptoms became a cough. It was dry and unproductive. At night, almost did not sleep, because they suffered from attacks of suffocation. A familiar therapist advised me to use saline for inhalations. For this, I connected it with soda. Then she added the solution to the nebulizer and inhaled the healing vapors for 15 minutes. On the day of such manipulations, I had 2-3.To my surprise, relief came very quickly, already in 2 days. But I continued to do inhalations for 7 days. "
  • Oleg, 39 years old: "Using saline solution I managed to overcome cold cough. And although he was wet, my phlegm did not go away. In the pharmacy, I was recommended the most effective and budget option - it is saline solution. I applied it in its pure form, filling the right amount with a nebulizer. I inhaled the vapors for 15 minutes. Sputum began to drift away on the next day, and coughing occurred with less intensity. The full course of therapy consists of 6 days, and then the cough was completely defeated. "

Phosphate in the treatment of cough today began to actively apply. It is a unique solution that effectively copes with various symptoms of respiratory diseases. Do inhalations with saline solution can both children and adults. In addition, even women during pregnancy can cure cough with its use.