Rest in Crimea with children - where better: advice and recommendations. Which Crimean resort to choose for a family holiday on the Black Sea, what kind of health camp to choose a child in the Crimea for the summer: tips

Holidays with children at sea must be planned in advance. You should book a room in a hotel, a room in a private sector or buy a ticket for a child to the camp.


  • We rest with children - where is better: on the Black Sea or at the Azov?
  • Rest with children in Crimea - prices
  • Rest with children cheap in Russia in Crimea
  • Pension and sanatorium in Crimea, all inclusive - where to go with children?
  • Holidays with a small child "all inclusive" in the Crimea
  • Where to rest on the Black Sea?
  • Family holidays with children on the Black Sea - good and bad
  • Holidays with children on the Azov Sea in the summer
  • Family holidays on the beach - resorts with a swimming pool
  • Crimea - on the beach with a child
  • Children's rest in Crimea - camps, camp Artek
  • Crimea -children! Photo "Artek" after repair
  • Best hotels in Crimea with children, children's camps: reviews, advices
  • Video: At sea with a small child. What is important to know?

All people like to relax. Someone is taking children to a dacha or to their parents in the village, while others are going to fashionable resorts. Summer vacation at the grandmother has many advantages, but rest on the seashore helps to restore strength.

After all, the air near the sea is rich in iodine and other useful substances - it's a natural inhaler. We breathe the sea air, improve the ventilation of the lungs, increases hemoglobin and improves the work of the heart.

We rest with children - where is better: on the Black Sea or at the Azov?

The great advantage of resting with children in Russia is the ability to return home at any time, as one can not be completely sure that the child is fit for the climate, water or food.

  • Therefore, if there is a question: rest with children - where it is better, you need to answer yourself unambiguously - in Russia .
  • Family vacation with a child on the Black Sea coast or near the Sea of ​​Azov is available to families with different levels of income.
  • In all resort towns near the sea there is an infrastructure with water parks, attractions, restaurants, bars and clubs.
  • In summer, children's theaters and circuses toured the seashore.
  • Modern hotels with high-quality service are waiting for their guests, offering everything you need for a good holiday with your children.

We rest with children in Crimea - prices

Each family individually chooses for themselves - book a room in a luxury hotel or choose a room in the private sector. You can give priority to the guest house, where the family will have several rooms, a kitchen and other amenities.

Important : Choose comfortable and comfortable rooms, resting with children. The prices can be very different, but in a living room there should be everything you need, from a comfortable bed, and ending with the presence of a shower, various furniture and the Internet.

If the accommodation is far from the sea, its cost will be lower than the cost of renting a house, apartment or room located near the shore.

Important : Book accommodation in advance , as in the season of vacant rooms, apartments or hotel rooms may not be.

Rest with children inexpensive in Russia in Crimea

Going on holiday, book accommodation on the sites without intermediaries. This will help to spend holidays with children inexpensively in Russia. After all, in a season on arrival at the resort of the Crimea, cheap housing will already be inaccessible.

  • In sanatoriums and boarding houses also it is necessary to book a rest in advance. Often vacationers are offered discounts if they come with a child.
  • For example, for children under 2 years of leisure will be free, and up to 14 years - 30-50 percent .
  • The cost of the tour usually includes the use of the sanatorium infrastructure( water park, indoor heated pool, sports grounds, library, internet).

Important : For an additional fee you can visit the bar, water attractions, rent bicycles or use the services of a children's room with a nanny.

Pension and sanatorium of Crimea, all-inclusive - where to go with the children?

  • There are many cities in the Crimea, in which dozens of different sanatoria and boarding houses. Some people choose the southern coast of Crimea - Yalta, Alupka, Alushta , and others prefer rest in Kerch and Feodosia.
  • Many people like to rest in the western regions of the peninsula. Here there is almost no infrastructure, little rest, but also lots of sun and sea - Black Sea , Interwater , Olenevka with picturesque rocks of cape Tarkhankut and crystal clear sea water.
  • If you choose boarding houses and sanatoria Crimea - "all inclusive", the question immediately arises: with children where to go? The choice depends on the personal preferences and financial capabilities of each family.

Board : You can choose holiday houses Yalta or rest in the west of Crimea .

  • Anywhere in the Crimea there is an all-inclusive accommodation for those who do not want to worry about cooking or other services.
  • Rest on this system is considered the best choice for those Russians who come from afar.
  • Carefree vacation is a convenient location of hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums, modern medical facilities, high-quality service and comfortable number fund .

Rest with a small child "all inclusive" in Crimea

  • Various modern hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums offer rest with a small child "all inclusive" in the Crimea. This helps vacationers to spend an exciting and carefree vacation with a child on the Black Sea coast
  • Children will be comfortable and cozy, because all services and infrastructure were created taking into account the wishes of adults and the needs of children of different ages. All troubles during the rest will be taken care of by the personnel of the health facility

. Where to rest on the Black Sea?

Rest on the Black Sea is not only hotels, sanatoriums and boarding houses. Many people go to the seaside on their cars with tents - "savages."
Where to rest on the Black Sea with a tent? There are many places in Crimea where you can stay and enjoy your holiday at the seaside:

  • picturesque corners of the south - Yalta, Alushta, Alupka - beautiful nature
  • azure coast of the western part of Crimea - warm sand, clear water
  • Cape Tarhankut - amazing underwater world, sun andwater

Tent camps and camping sites are very popular with people who like inexpensive vacation .This is a real adventure for the family.
But if you go on such a holiday with the child you need to be sure that the baby will be comfortable.
I have to take everything with me to prepare food, arrange a bed and a place on the beach for sunbathing( sun awning).

Family vacation with children on the Black Sea - good and bad

Warm sand, gentle sea, seagulls, floating in the air - all this attracts vacationers. But rest can be unsafe in particular, family vacation with children on the Black Sea.

IMPORTANT : You should not go to the sea at the peak of summer heat. From the middle of July and two decades of August - this is the time when the sun can do harm. Awful heat, there are a lot of people on the beaches - there will be no benefit from such a holiday.

  • With young children it is better to go in the second half of June and at the end of August.
  • Heat is contraindicated in children who have heart disease.
  • Before you go on vacation with a baby, you need to find out which resort the water temperature is expected to be at.
  • So, for example, on the west of the Crimea the water temperature in July will be lower than in the south.
  • In this place, cold sea currents start, which provokes a lowering of the temperature regime of sea water.

Holidays with children on the Azov Sea in the summer

  • The Azov Sea and the resorts near it are also considered the best. On the shore of this sea there are boarding houses and sanatoriums , where people with children can recover.
  • The water in this sea is warm and warms up well in the summer, as the depth in it is small.
  • Before the trip, should book and think over the rest time so that the child is interested.
  • This will help children's entertainment programs in boarding houses and various playgrounds for kids.

Family holiday on the beach - resorts with a swimming pool

For families with a small child it will be good to relax in hotels or boarding houses where there are heated pools. This is the best family vacation on the beach.

Resorts with a swimming pool allow you to feel comfortable with families who have come to the sea by children under 14 years old.

The child is contraindicated to swim at the temperature of below 22-24 degrees .In this case, the pool will help out, where the baby can splash as much as he wants.

Important: With children under 3 years old on vacation, you need to go to boarding houses and hotels, where there are heated pools. Water in such pools is heated up to 25 degrees.

Crimea - on the beach with a child

It is important for a baby that the beach is sandy, because its small legs can not walk on rocks. The child will be capricious and parents will have to dream about a good rest.

Important : Choose a sandy beach when you eat on holiday in the Crimea. On the beach with the child you can not only sunbathe, but also build sandcastles. The kid will be fun and exciting, but the parents are calm.

On the beach, choose a clean place, so that there are no broken bottles and other debris nearby.

Children's rest in Crimea - camps, camp Artek

It's not always possible for adults to go on vacation in summer. Someone has a vacation in the winter months, while other popes and mothers have urgent circumstances at work that do not allow them to travel for a whole month to travel to the sea. Therefore, a children's holiday was organized in the Crimea. Various small camps and the world famous camp Artek are waiting for children to rest.

  • " Artek " is a fairy tale that will become a reality for the child. He will get acquainted with peers from different cities of our country, he will be able to apply his talents and gain new impressions.
  • All children who have a rest in summer camps like this fascinating adventure with festivals, sports festivals and real Olympics.

Crimea for children! Photo "Artek" after repair

In 2015 the camp " Artek " turned 90 years old. Premises needed a major overhaul. The government created a repair program for 4 years. For reconstruction, more than 5 billion rubles were allocated from the budget.

After the overhaul, five camps " Artek ": " Marine ", " Amber ", " Crystal ", " River " and " OIL " will be held this year.

A trip to this camp is an encouragement for a child's achievement related to study, creativity, research or socially useful activities.

Crimea for children! Photo "Artek" after the repair will assess the condition of the premises, where children will sleep, eat lunch, play sports.

Best hotels in Crimea with children, children's camps: reviews, tips

Almost all hotels in Crimea offer such free services for their holidaymakers:

  • good food
  • heated pools
  • children's aqua park on the well-equipped beach
  • comfortable equipped with all necessary for rest numbers
  • game kitsfor children for an exciting pastime
  • daily animation program on the equipped playground

Advice : In advance book numbers. It is better to do it in winter, so that the best hotels in Crimea with children are available. You should also book trips to children's camps in advance, indicating the change of stay and the age of the child.

  • Reviews and advice from people who have already spent their holidays in this or that hotel will help to make a choice.
  • The main feature of the resort on the Crimean peninsula is that there is no long acclimatization.

Therefore, rest will be useful even for the smallest child. Give yourself and your baby unforgettable emotions and feelings from joint rest in this paradise on the Black Sea!

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