Vitamins for women's health and beauty. Instructions for use

Vitamins are organic compounds that take part in all the physiological processes of the human body and are extremely necessary for the normal operation of all systems.
Having its own characteristics, the female body requires its own set of vitamins and biologically active substances, other than masculine. In addition, the need for those or vitamins in the female body at each age of its own, so you need to properly select vitamin preparations and adjust the diet with an eye for age.

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ealth of the internal organs of women, they always care about their appearance - the health and youth of the face, the beauty of the hands and nails, the strength of the hair. What elements of the "alphabet of health" do women need to shine with beauty and health at all times and at any age?

Necessary to women vitamins

Of all the known vitamins to the science of "female" is recognized as folic acid - vitamin B9 .The need for it increases during childbearing and lactation, but in addition to these serious periods, vitamin B9 seriously affects the female body:

  • regulation of sexual development in adolescence
  • regulation of hormonal background in adulthood
  • minimizing unpleasant symptoms during menopause
  • regulation of the work of the neuropsychic sphere( recommended in the postpartum period for the prevention of postpartum depressive disorders)

In addition to this "female" vitamin, for stablethe work of the female body requires such vitamins:

  • Vitamin A - indispensable for vision, skin, nails, hair, skeleton,
  • Vitamin E and With - strong antioxidants, help the body fight negative environmental factors,
  • Vitamin groupIn - regulate metabolic processes, affect well-being, give energy and health to the skin; Vitamin B6 - reduces the manifestations of premenstrual syndrome,
  • Vitamins PP - protects the body from skin diseases,
  • Vitamin D - is needed to strengthen bone tissue, improve skin, reduce pain in menstruation.

The full complex of vitamins that are needed for health, a woman ideally should receive with a food ration.

IMPORTANT: However, the reality is that even the most rational balanced diet does not allow you to get all the necessary vitamins with food.

Synthetic products, poor ecology and, as a consequence, deterioration in the quality of agricultural products - these are the factors that compel to supplement their diet with multivitamin complexes. Choosing different drugs, it will be correct to divide them into categories according to female age.

The best vitamins for women after 30

All the above vitamins are needed for women at any age and plus trace elements .

IMPORTANT: The older the woman, the more vitamins her body needs.

Women who are 30 years of age need helpers to support their natural data and sexual function. At the age of thirty aging has not yet started, so

IMPORTANT: women's efforts aimed at keeping your body in a healthy state, in particular to support the functional activity of the most important female body - the ovaries, producing much-needed for female beauty estrogens .

Women who have crossed the 30-year threshold need a vitamin E , B6 , B9 , B3 , B12 , and With . Vitamin E regulates sexual function, synthesizes the elastin and collagen necessary for a good skin condition, B3 and B6 regulates metabolic( metabolic) processes, supports immunity and normalizes the functioning of the nervous system. Such a composition of vitamins is available in multivitamin preparations Duovit , Alphabet Cosmetic , Vitrum , ActiveLife .

Vitamins for women after 40 for rejuvenation

In the body of a 40-year-old woman, perestroika processes begin, menstrual function is dying out, the aging process is activated. Functions of the ovaries become weaker and produce fewer hormones that regulate sexual function and accordingly give youth and beauty.

The withering process can not be reversed, therefore

IMPORTANT: it is necessary to save the beauty of forty-year-old women with substances exhibiting antioxidant activity. They inhibit the aging process of

and during this period it is very important to use besides vitamins that 30 year old women drink, vitamins A , E , With , F , B12 .Vitamin preparations for mature women - Phyto 40 , Menopace , Vitrum Beauty Elite , Alphabet .

Vitamins for women after 45 for rejuvenating

After 45 years, a woman already feels a serious shortage of estrogen, as the ovaries work in a very weakened mode. At this age, the female skin loses its elasticity, active formation of deep wrinkles is noted, the hair gradually begins to turn gray and fall out, the nail plates become thinner and become brittle.

There are problems with the cardiovascular system and bone tissue. Of the skeletal bones, calcium is actively washed out, they become brittle, there is a risk of osteoporosis. Atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels begin. Because of a sharp decline in the level of estrogens, women often begin to quickly grow stout, fat deposits predominantly in the abdomen.

IMPORTANT: Now the primary need is to acquire substances that can support the heart, blood vessels and skeleton

. In addition to those vitamins that 40-year-olds drink, they add vitamins to promote health. These are vitamins D , F , To . antioxidants ( vitamins A, C, E ) are still needed. In a complex these vitamins will provide more or less normal functionality of an organism and will stop aging processes. This age is most suitable for complexes: Tsi-Klim Alanin , Complystit 45 plus , Centrum , Vitrum Beauty Elite , Vitrum Perfomens , Vitrum Osteomag .

Vitamins for women after 50 for rejuvenation

This age is characterized by the onset of menopause and the active wilting of the female body.

IMPORTANT: Women who have stepped over half a century are most likely to need active antioxidants for the prevention of neoplastic diseases, to maintain a normal level of hydration of mucous membranes and skin.

During this period, the main task - to keep the number of wrinkles at an unchanged level and not allow them to go deeper and increase. Substances with antioxidant activity do not allow the mucous to overdry, which is very important for the prevention of frequent respiratory infections, genitourinary diseases and maintenance of sexual life at the proper level. In addition, the heart, blood vessels and bones need even greater protection from the negative influence of external factors.

Besides the vitamins that they drink in 45 years, it is necessary to add Vitamin A , With , D , By , F , E .They contribute to the maintenance of the female body in this age period. Vitamin D maintains optimal moisturizing of the skin, contributing to the preservation of its elasticity, supports the beauty of nails and hair. In addition, this vitamin plays a leading role in the prevention of osteoporosis, regulating the absorption of calcium by the body and preventing its elimination from bone tissue.
To strengthen teeth, vitamin K is needed, it also acts as a regulator for normal clotting of blood. Vitamin F improves circulation and normalizes microcirculation in the skin, thereby relieving the swelling of the tissues. The best vitamins for women between the ages of 50: Vitrum Centuria , Alphabet plus 50 , Undevit , Perfectil .

Carefully read the composition and method of use.

Vitamins for women from hair loss

After 30 years, women often face the problem of increased hair loss.
This trouble is due to the negative influence of environmental factors and physiological changes in the female body.

Causes of hair loss:

  • long-term stress,
  • long-term intake of various medications,
  • diet for weight loss,
  • menopause,
  • endocrine diseases, especially thyroid pathology,
  • period after childbirth,
  • fungal diseases of the scalp,
  • alopecia.

IMPORTANT: The most common cause of loss of several factors favor the hair, is that absolutely healthy women hair falls out during the off-season, especially in spring, when the body is weakened due to lack of necessary substances.

Vitamins needed for hair beauty

  • Vitamin A - plays a leading role in the growth of hair and their external attractiveness, makes the hair strong, shiny and thick.
  • Biotin ( vitamin B7 ) - stimulates hair growth, prevents their fragility and strengthens their texture.
  • Vitamin B12 - helps in the assimilation of Fe by the body, struggles with abnormal hair loss.
  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents early graying, moisturizes hair and enhances hair growth.
  • Vitamin E - prevents dryness, brittle hair, normalizes blood microcirculation in the scalp, vitamin beauty hair.

Trichologists( doctors involved in the treatment of hair) recommend the following treatment-vitamin complexes against hair loss:

Pantovigar - Reception: 1 capsule 3 times per day, duration of the course - 3 to 6 months, is contraindicated in pregnancy.
( complex vitamins A , With , E , biotin, beta carotene , vitamins of group B , L-cystine, yeast extract) is prescribed for 1 tablet in the morning and in the evening.
Revalid - 1 capsule 3 times a day before meals for 2-3 months.
Perfectil ( B vitamins , With , E , minerals, amino acids, plant extracts), take 1 capsule per day after meals, admission rate of 1 month.

Vitamins for women instructions for use

Vitamins - substances for women are vital and shelves of modern pharmacies are full of all kinds of drugs. What to choose from all the proposed variety?

Duovit for women
For women under 30 years. contains vitamins group In , A , C , E , and a rich set minerals .It is indicated with increased stress on the body, stress, hypo-and avitaminosis, severe long-term diets, and inefficient nutrition. is taken once in the morning after eating two dragees - blue and red, a course of 30 days.
Contraindications: heart, kidney failure, thrombophlebitis, gastric or intestinal ulcers, Vaquez disease.

The Alphabet series is suitable for different ages. Alphabet classic - and polymineral multivitamin complex consists of three tablets of colors that need to be taken at different times - morning, afternoon and evening, take vitamins 1 month, followed by a 2-week break and repeat the course. Alphabet cosmetics - a drug to maintain beauty, has in the composition of all components for the health of the eyes, skin, nails, hair. Take 1 tablet 3 times a day( each color at one time of the day) 1 month.

Vitrum - a multivitamin complex supplemented with minerals( 13 vitamins + 17 minerals) of each age category offers its own preparation. Vitrum Beauty is suitable for women up to the age of thirty. Take 1 tablet 2 times a day after meals with a course of 30 days.
Vitrum Beauty Elite for women after 30 years, take 2 tablets per day for 2 months.
Vitrum Zenturi for women after 50 years, drink 1 tablet after meals for 3 months.

Compliwit ( 12 vitamins + 8 minerals) recommended intake of 1 tablet 1 time per day. Special drug Complywit Radiance is aimed at maintaining the health and beauty of the fair sex.

Qi-Klim - a remedy for women over 45 years of age, are recommended for relief of symptoms accompanying menopause. Take 1 tablet a day with food for at least 2 months.

Revidox is a unique product from Spanish producers, consisting of natural extracts of grapes and pomegranate seeds. Contains a powerful dose of antioxidants, slowing down aging, improving overall health and external performance. Drink Revidox 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach for 2-3 months.

Vitamins for women: reviews and tips

According to the women themselves, the best vitamin preparations are Duovit , Vitrum , Alphabet , Perfectil and Multi-tabs .

In addition, hair beauty popular with the female population are vitamin preparations:
Complivit , Vitrum Beauty , Neurobeks , Alphabet Cosmetics , Vitasharm , Tsinkteral , Farmamed , Chi-Klim , Gerimax .

Alexandra, 37 years old :
After she gave birth to the third child, she almost went bald. Saw Perfectil, made masks from yogurt for the night once a week and it all passed.

Maria, 29 years old :
I am saved from hair loss Vitrum. Although the girlfriend did not help at all. All individually. For me, Vitrum is a panacea. Saw 2 months, rubbing burdock oil, it helped a lot, plus the nails stopped breaking and the skin became cleaner. Tablets are really very large and smell unappetizing, but for the sake of beauty it can be tolerated.

Irina, 36 years old :
Duovit - the best vitamins of all time! I drink already the fourth course, I feel fine!

Ivanna : My doctor has appointed AlphaVit. I did not like. First, take uncomfortable, three times a day, I forgot all the time, and besides, heartburn started. She left after a week. My husband finished his packing - he is pleased, he says, he feels better.

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