With the advent of the season of epidemics and colds, many people have a question - how to be treated in case of infection with the virus. Modern pharmaceuticals offer a huge variety of products - for every taste and purse. However, the issue of drug safety is of particular importance: it is preferable to choose those products that have the most natural composition, minimum contraindications and side effects.

These preparations include homeopathic remedy Tonzilotren, which is excellent for angina and respiratory infections. The reckoning of the drug as a homoeopathic one speaks of its natural, predominantly herbal composition. In the article we will find out what analogies are available for this preparation, we will find out their price, and we will get acquainted with the opinions of people who use the indicated means. Contents Description

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This preparation has a combined preparationcomposition, and belongs to the category of homeopathic. It can be used for infectious and colds of the pharynx in adults and children. Tonsilotren has the following effects: tonsillitis

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • wound healing.

As you can see, the range of actions of the drug is really wide, and allows the use of Tonzilotrene in various diseases of the larynx.

This tool is made in Germany, which indicates its quality. As part of Tonsilotrene several active ingredients - all plant origin. What is the curative effect of plant raw materials in the preparation:

  • help with the reduction of high temperature;
  • reduction of lymph nodes and inflamed tonsils;
  • elimination of suppuration, furuncles, abscesses;
  • facilitates swallowing, eliminating sore throat;
  • increased immunity naturally.

Due to such a multifaceted effect, Tonsilotrenum is prescribed both for diseases in the acute stage and for their chronic, prolonged course.

Reviews about this drug are overwhelmingly positive. Patients notice the rapid elimination of pain in the throat, the withdrawal of pus and sputum, a general improvement in the state of health soon after the start of the drug.

If Tonsilotrenum is taken periodically as a prophylactic, it is possible to eliminate chronic chronic diseases of the throat. Relapses and exacerbations will happen less and less until they completely disappear.

The price of the drug varies from the volume of packaging and the location of the city. On average, Tonsilotren is now available from 197 to 367 rubles. The drug is sold without a prescription, there is a general access

In the video - how to overcome the sore throat in children:


children take pills

We find out which preparations, represented in modern pharmacies, can be used as substitutes for Tonzilotren. List:

  • Amiksin. Price: from 535 rubles. This is a known drug of pronounced immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory action. Amiksin has a general strengthening effect, so along with the help of a sore throat, it stimulates the immune system of the whole organism. Children under the age of seven, this drug is not prescribed. Also, it does not fit pregnant and lactating women.
  • Galavit. Price: from 265 rubles. This product has an immunostimulating effect. In addition, Galavit has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Children under six years of age are contraindicated, as well as women during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Cycloferon. Price: from 137 rubles. Powerful antiviral. Cycloferon has an immunomodulatory effect, has a general strengthening effect. During pregnancy and during breastfeeding the drug is not used.
  • Lavomax. Price: from 610 rub. Eto immunostimulant, which has an effective antiviral effect. Lavomax activates the natural production of interferon in the body, so that recovery is as gentle and safe as possible. Children under 18 years of age are not appointed, since at an early age, interference with the natural production of antibodies should be limited. In addition, during pregnancy and lactation, Lavomax is also contraindicated.
  • Anaferon .Price: from 183 rubles. All known antiviral drug, which has an excellent immunomodulatory effect. In a certain form and dosage Anaferon is allowed to receive even monthly babies.
  • Septylin. Price: from 185 rubles. This is not a medicine, but rather, dietary supplements. Septiline is used as an additive to food, it has wound healing, as well as anti-inflammatory effect. This tool is allowed to receive all categories of the population without any restrictions due to its purely natural and safe composition.

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Description of the preparations

We will tell you more about the analogues of Tonzilotren.


This drug is effective for various kinds of viral infections. Including, the spectrum of its impact covers influenza viruses, respiratory diseases in the acute phase, hepatitis and herpes.



This drug is completely excreted by the body naturally, it does not accumulate in tissues and organs. But how to take Amiksin for influenza and Orvi, is described in great detail in this article.


Children from the age of seven:

  • influenza, SARS.


  • influenza, ARVI;
  • hepatitis of the viral nature of all species;
  • herpes;

In addition, Amiksin can be used as a component of complex treatment for the following diseases:

  • multiple sclerosis;
  • chlamydia;
  • tuberculosis.


This ultra-modern tool, high-quality and equally highly effective. Produced in our country in Belgorod.



This is the only drug for today, which simultaneously has two distinct effects: immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory. This is the uniqueness of this synthetic drug.

It is used for:

  • raising the body's defenses;
  • getting rid of fatigue;
  • recovery after severe and chronic diseases.


This agent naturally promotes the production of an interferon protein, which is one of the main antibodies of the body.




  • herpes;
  • influenza and ARVI;
  • other viral infections.

In addition, Cycloferon can also be used for the prevention of colds. The effect of the drug goes directly, so the pathogens die in the early stages - one to five days after the start of the drug. How to take Cycloferon for a cold, and how effective it is.is described in this article.


Highly effective modern preparation. It is indicated in the following cases:

  • In case of complex treatment of hepatitis of viral origin.
  • With herpes( including genital), shingles.
  • Included in the usual( standard) treatment of cytomegalovirus infection.
  • When getting rid of the flu and infections of the common cold.
  • The drug can also be useful in viral encephalitis and chlamydia.
  • Urethritis and tuberculosis are also eliminated more quickly, thanks, among other things, to the effects of Lavomax.

Lavomax can be useful for bacterial infections: in this case it will help restore immunity.



In addition, it is recommended to take the drug for prevention before or during seasonal colds of infectious epidemics.


Many familiar drugs with a pronounced immunomodulatory effect. The drug belongs to the category of homeopathic. It is used to combat viral infections, and to prevent their occurrence. Anaferon naturally stimulates the production of interferon protein, which many times increases the chances of the body for a quick recovery.




  • influenza( including avian) and ARVI;
  • herpes;
  • mononucleosis;
  • chickenpox;
  • tick-borne encephalitis;
  • respiratory infections.


The drug with anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect. Sepiptin is shown, including, and at bacterial infections. It is allowed to use it together with antibiotics, since this dietary supplement stimulates the curative effect of antibacterial drugs.



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Let's get acquainted with the opinions of people who took certain Tonzilotrene analogues.

  • Svetlana Ivanovna, 52, Tambov: "I usually drink Tonzilotren with a sore throat and cold, but somehow I did not have it in the pharmacy, and Galavit was advised me with a similar effect. Indeed, I recovered quickly, the composition of the drug is safe, there were no side effects. I'm happy: from angina there were no traces after a week of use. "
  • Nadezhda, 28, Samara: "Because of going to work during a cold, the illness caused a complication in the throat. Beginning of angina, I had to sit down on sick leave: the pain in my throat and the temperature did not work normally. I went to the drugstore for medicine, I was advised to take Lavomax. Although it is quite expensive, but the result is, indeed, impressive. Three days later I was able to work at home, and a week later I went to the office. Therefore, from my usual rhythm, I did not get out for a long time, and all thanks to this drug. "
  • Valeria, 35, Moscow: "The son had a long sore throat: the illness then worsened, then calmed down. So would eliminate the symptoms, until finally we were advised to raise the child's immunity. We bought Anaferon, the son began to take it. As a result, the angina passed after two weeks. For half a year, as illness did not arise. I am very pleased, at last the child can be visited normally as a kindergarten, and I - work without regular hospital. I advise all mothers, who often have children, to pay attention to the level of their immunity. This is very important: with a strong immunity, you can avoid most colds that children always grasp. "

We have examined the most popular analogues of the known homeopathic remedy for Thonzilotren's throat diseases. Of course, a completely identical analogue can not be found - each homeopathic preparation has an individual composition. However, still, you can find funds with a similar effect. Now you know what you can replace Tonzilotren, if it suddenly does not appear in the pharmacy.