The use of Aurobin for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other proctologic diseases

Hemorrhoids are an extremely unpleasant disease that causes pain in the anus, as well as bleeding and itching.

If you do not turn to a specialist in time, you can "start" the disease to the extreme.

Today many drugs are used to get rid of this disease, one of the most popular and popular is Aurobine, because it has a good and effective curative effect and quickly brings the patients' health back to normal, which has been repeatedly confirmed in practice.


  • release form and composition means
  • mechanism of action
  • profile application
  • Limitations and contraindications
  • Features and rules of
    • How to use the ointment
    • candles Application
    • more tips
  • Cautions
  • overdose and possible side effects
  • Thoughts doctors
  • What do the patients themselves?
  • Purchase of the product

Form release and formulation of the preparation

The preparation is produced in the form of ointments( or suppositories), which are used for external and rectal adm


Aurobin is a combination drug that has an effect aimed at eliminating itching, inflammation and other unpleasant hemorrhoid symptoms.

The composition contains such active substances:

  • prednisolone;
  • dexpanthenol;
  • lidocaine and others.

Thanks to the balanced composition, the drug is very effective and is considered one of the best for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Regular use of ointment Aurobin reduces the symptoms of rectal disease.

Mechanism of action

The drug is a combined, used to treat the anogenous area.

The effect of the medicine on the body is caused by its composition:

  1. Predisylone acts as a glucocorticosteroid, and it also has an effective local effect. Thanks to this drug, the permeability of blood vessels decreases, the symptoms of inflammation decrease.
  2. Lidocaine has a local antiseptic effect, promotes rapid relief of pain and the elimination of burning, itching.
  3. Dexpanthenol promotes the regeneration process of the epithelium that has been affected, as well as the affected mucous membrane.
  4. Triclosan - antiseptic, which has a wide range of effects, has an active effect on the behavior of bacteria and fungi.

Application profile

Indications for use Aurobine:

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  • various inflammations of the perianal area;
  • fistula in the anus;
  • presence of hemorrhoids, anal fissures;
  • itching and eczema in the anus, pain and redness.

Also, the drug is used for such diagnoses as abscess of the rectum, cracks in the anus, polyps. In pharmacies, the drug is dispensed by prescription.

Limitations and contraindications


  • the presence of viruses and bacteria on the skin;
  • allergic reaction to individual components of the drug;
  • should not be used by children under one year of age;
  • should not be used concurrently with lidocaine for other indications.

Features and application instructions

Instructions for use on ointments and suppositories Aurobin.

How to use ointment

Ointment is recommended to apply at night after undergoing basic personal hygiene procedures.

Ointment is applied to the affected area and left overnight.

There are some inconveniences in the use, caused by the fact that the fat base of the drug is not absorbed, so that leakage may occur. For this reason, it is not recommended to apply ointment during the daytime too abundantly.

Candles application

Aurobin candles are also applied to clean skin, after passing the evening hygienic procedures. It is recommended to use one candle at night for a week, and also in the daytime - 1 candle.

Use any form of the drug must necessarily clean hands. Do not apply ointment to the occlusive dressing.

Additional advice

If hemorrhoids and rectal fissures are observed, then the ointment is best applied after cleansing of the intestine, which occurs spontaneously.

After applying candles or ointments, you should thoroughly wash your hands for personal hygiene and to avoid getting the drug into the eyes.

The duration of the drug is determined by a specialist.

If the patient is elderly, it is recommended to apply the thin layer of ointment several times a day, after improvement, the number of applications is reduced.

Children dosage is selected individually.

Special instructions

If possible, it is recommended to avoid long-term use of drugs, because of the suppression of the functions of the adrenal glands, there may be certain difficulties.

Children can be used with extreme caution, with a minimal dose, only in this case a therapeutic effect should be achieved. In children, the duration of such therapy should not exceed 5 days.

It is also important to remember:

  1. If the ointment has got into your eyes, you need to rinse them with plenty of water.
  2. If an adverse reaction occurs, it is recommended that you stop taking the drug.
  3. If you apply the ointment on a large surface for a long time, this can lead to active components being systemically absorbed. In young patients, skin atrophy often develops in the case of prolonged use.
  4. It is forbidden to use the drug during pregnancy without seeing a doctor.
  5. The drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles.
  6. Data on the compatibility of the use of the drug with impaired renal function are not provided. The same applies to data relevant to the use of the drug in patients with liver problems.

Overdose and possible side effects of

If taking Aurobin at high doses, it is possible that there will be an increase in systemic adsorption of lidocaine or prednisalone.

In case of an overdose, the drug may manifest itself negatively, namely, cause heart rhythm disturbances, changes in blood pressure, disturbance of water balance, and so on.

If there are signs of an overdose of lidocaine or prednisone, symptomatic therapy is necessary.

The decision on the use of the drug in this case is made by the doctor.

According to medical practice, Aurobin is well tolerated by patients, but in rare cases, irritation or rash may occur.

If the drug is used for a very long time, it is possible that systemic adverse events that are characteristic of the active substances of the drug will develop.

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Depending on the amount of lidocoin and prednisone that has entered the blood, such side effects can be observed:

  • infections, invasions suggesting the triggering of symptoms of infectious diseases;
  • Cushing's syndrome, a decrease in the level of certain substances in the body;
  • mental disorders;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • headaches, fever;
  • dizziness;
  • problems with eyesight;
  • heart failure;
  • vasodilation;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • allergy;
  • other difficulties.

Thoughts of

Doctors who use Aurobin in their practice, can learn by studying the reviews.

I always recommend Aurobine to my patients, including children and the elderly, because I know firsthand about its effective action. The drug is well absorbed, easy to use and inexpensive.

Olga, proctologist, experience 8 years

Aurobin is the best drug for treating hemorrhoids, because it contains active substances that perfectly interact with each other without leaving the disease a single chance.

Victoria, 11 years experience

I have been working in the field of proctology for a long time, and during this time, there are many cases when this drug came to the aid of my patients personally. It is good in that it helps even in the late stages of the disease, and is also inexpensive and offers an effective solution for the treatment of hemorrhoids.


What do the patients think?

The opinions of patients can be found below.

Recently, I caught hemorrhoids. I tell you, the sensations are not the most pleasant, and I had to somehow get rid of this ailment. Of course, I went to the doctor, he advised me to take Aurobin. Has bought or purchased in a local drugstore, cost the blessing good, low. A week later, all the symptoms were gone.

Anna, 35

My husband recently fell ill with this unpleasant disease, had to be taken to the doctor - he himself did not want to go to anybody. We were prescribed Aurobin, candles.

My husband really liked the effect of the application - everything is simple and most importantly - quickly. After three days the symptoms went away, and after 5 days the disease itself passed.

Olesya, 20

I was ill with this disease a year ago, I remember that I bought Aurobin. Everything suited - the price, ease of use, the quality of treatment. Quickly got rid of the disease.

Vika, forumchanka

Recently received a "gift" from a sedentary lifestyle in the form of a large and unpleasant hemorrhoids. Now I'm not kidding with this. But Aurobin really saved me from the main symptoms and helped me to recover quickly and painlessly.

Katya, 44

Purchase of

The price of Aurobine varies depending on the pharmacy, but the average cost is 300-400 rubles.

The therapeutic effect of the drug Aurobin has a lot of analogs:

  • Guttasil;
  • Doloproct;
  • Olesistin;
  • Proctosan;
  • Proctosedil.
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