Hexoral is a medicinal product that is actively used in the treatment of various colds in children and adults. Release it in the form of tablets or a solution. To eliminate unpleasant manifestations, it is advisable to use the drug in the form of tablets. Then it is possible to render greater efficiency on the human body.


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    • 1.3 Why can not patients be used for less than 4 years?
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Description, indications

hexorol tablets for resorption instructions for use

Geksoral is a topical preparation. It has both antibacterial and anesthetic effects. Such properties are achieved due to its main components: chlorhexidine and benzocaine.

Chlorhexidine is characterized by the provision of antibacterial action, which is achieved as a result of the des

truction of the cell membrane of viral cells. The initial use of resorption tablets can dramatically reduce the number of microorganisms in the oral cavity and larynx.
After this, the therapeutic efficacy of tablets is reduced, because there is an adaptation of bacteria to the components of the drug. The main advantage of chlorhexidine is the duration of its local influence. Its desired concentration in the saliva persists for 8 hours.

This article shows the price of Geksoral Spray.

The second important component is benzocaine. It has the properties of an anesthetic, so that Geoxoral has an analgesic effect. It is obtained as a result of the penetration of benzocaine through cell membranes. The anesthetic effect is achieved in the first minute of use, but then the result obtained from taking the drug is markedly reduced. hexoral tablet

Indications for use

The drug Geksoral in the form of tablets is actively used in the following pathologies:

  • pharyngitis;
  • inflammation of the tonsils;
  • stomatitis;
  • gingivitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • ;
  • other diseases of the nasopharynx.

Is it possible to apply hexoral spray to children under 3 years, stated in the article.

Given the above properties of chlorhexidine and benzocaine, the medication should be used as soon as the first manifestations of the disease have occurred and do not stop taking them until they disappear completely. hexoral tablet instructions

Long-term treatment interruptions have a negative effect with the presence of signs of an infectious and inflammatory disease. Small effectiveness of the drug will be if it is used in small doses. Since Geksoral has an antibacterial effect, its small concentration and interruption in treatment will contribute to the habituation of bacteria to it and the effectiveness of therapy. For this reason, it is better to stop taking the drug when the first signs of recovery have arisen than to continue using it in small doses.

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Do not administer Hexoral in tablets to patients who are allergic to certain components of the drug and at the age of less than 4 years. Do not use in the treatment of the drug people in the blood in which there is a low concentration of the enzyme cholinesterase. Use of tablets Hexoral is not recommended when there are signs of hypersensitivity when taking medication, which contains chlorhegidine and benzocaine. hexoral instructions for tablet use

As for the side effects, there is often numbness in the tongue, discoloration of the teeth, plaque formation on the teeth, allergy.

Why can not patients be used for less than 4 years?

The instructions for use clearly state that children under the age of 4 can not be taken. The following reasons stand out:

  1. High allergenicity of .The composition of the drug involves the presence of multiple components that can trigger allergies. Take this fact into account when appointing Geksoral to older children.
  2. There is a large amount of contraindication to , one of which is hypersensitivity to any drug substance. It is often enough to learn about this sensitivity only after the formation of allergies.
  3. The presence of elements that have high toxicity when entering the esophagus, bronchi and lungs.

On the video - tablets for resorption Hexoral:

Incoming components

The form of tablets for resorption is round. They are opaque, have a rough surface and yellow-white color. As part of the medicament of Hexoral, the main components are benzocaine and chlorhexidine. In one capsule, their content is 1.5 mg and 5 mg, respectively.

Additional elements include the following:

  • isomalt;
  • peppermint oil;
  • menthol;
  • Thymol;
  • aspartame;
  • purified water. hexoral resorption tablets

How to use

Tablets Geksoral are designed for resorption. After placing the capsule in the mouth, you need to keep it there until it disappears completely. You can not chew, chew or swallow it. If there is an acute period of illness, then dissolve tablets is every 2 hours, but not more than 8 pastilles per day. To proceed to such therapy is necessary immediately after the formation of the first symptoms of the disease, continue to take the pills until they disappear completely.

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For small patients

Enables tablets Hexoral is allowed for children from 4 years of age. For them, the standard is 4 pills a day.


If it is necessary to eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of the disease in children over 12 years of age and adults, then it is necessary to dissolve the lozenge every 1-2 hours. hexoral solution for adults

In pregnancy

To this day, very little is known about the effect of Geksoral on the body of a pregnant woman. Assign it only if the intended benefit to the mother exceeds the potential risk of adverse effects on the child. Take 1 tablet 4 times a day. hexoral tablet for resorption of the pregnant woman


Although Geoxoral has its own bans on use, it generally refers to very safe products for the treatment of throat, mouth, nose and ear diseases. For this reason, its sale in the pharmacy is carried out without a prescription. The cost of Hexoral in tablets is 155 rubles.


  • Marina, 32 years old : "My daughter recently showed signs of a cold. I immediately ran in the pharmacy and bought Geksoral in tablets. The last time we were sick, the doctor advised me. And at that time, and in this they helped us a lot. Her daughter's pain in her throat disappeared and her breathing improved. Thanks to this medicine, the illness did not last long. "
  • Catherine, 25 years old : "I always have tablets with Geksoral. As soon as I start to feel that I have pershit in my throat, I dissolve the tablets every 2 hours. After their application, it is possible to reduce the pain syndrome, eliminate the swelling of the throat. "
  • Stanislav, 37 years old: "I do not really like to use any medications, but when I got sick with a cold, my wife gave me Geksoral. I decided to try it as an experiment. The effect struck me. Thanks to the presence of menthol tablets simply freeze pain, improve breathing, relieve swelling and inflammation. "

Hexoral is a very effective and safe tool in the fight against various diseases of the throat and nose. Obtain the guaranteed required result only if the application and dosage rules specified in the instructions are strictly observed.