Cough can occur even with the most common cold. It acts as a protective reaction of the body to respiratory disease. If the cough becomes productive, it is important that the sputum released at this time is separated, rather than focused in the bronchi and lungs.

Today many specialists prescribe to their patients preparations in the form of tablets and syrups instead of such an effective procedure as inhalation. And in vain, because the drug for inhalation Ambrohexal is considered an excellent alternative to expensive cough supplements.


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Ambrohexal is a drug that is used to ingest or use it for inhalation in order to obtain a mucolytic effect. Its main advantage remains the ability to kindle a secret, since the cough becomes less dry, and there are no tearing and un

pleasant sensations in the throat. Ambrohexal for inhalations

As a rule, funds that have a mucolytic effect, including Ambrohexal, are involved in the treatment of the disease at the stage of a wet cough. If the patient has a dry cough reflex, then the medicine in question should not be used, so this will aggravate the situation.

Ambrohexal is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases characterized by the secretion of a viscous secretion:

  • acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease( COPD);
  • bronchial asthma with difficulty in sputum discharge;
  • bronchiectatic disease;
  • treatment and prevention of respiratory distress syndrome.

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How to dilute and dosage

Apply Ambroghexal strictly according to the scheme, which was compiled by the attending physician. The dosage of the drug in question depends on the age of the patient:

  1. Babies 0-2 years of age apply the drug during the day a couple of times .In 20 drops of the drug add 2 ml of saline. The resulting solution is sent to a nebulizer and used for its intended purpose. inhalation for children
  2. Children 2-6 years. The drug is used 1-2 times a day. In 40 drops of it send 2 ml of saline. Use for inhalation.
  3. For children from 6 years and adults apply 1-2 per day. In 60 drops of the drug add 2 ml of saline. Use for inhalation.

How to use children and adults

Once the dosage has been determined, a treatment solution is obtained, you can go directly to the procedure for inhalation. To do this, use the following instruction:

  1. Take a comfortable pose, and then inhale the pairs smoothly and deeply. Take a breath - hold your breath, and breathe out after only a few seconds.
  2. To remove bacteria from the device, it is necessary to perform its processing.
  3. You need to take inhalation after eating in an hour. For an hour you can not eat.
  4. To prevent coughing during manipulation, do not use mucolytics before inhalation. inhalation for children and adults

As for the time frame, the patient should discuss all of these issues with the doctor. The average duration of the inhalation will be 5 days. If after this time there is no positive dynamics or the patient's condition worsens, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.


You can buy Ambrohexal in any pharmacy. Its implementation is carried out without a prescription. Buy a drug of 50 ml can be priced at 110 rubles.

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  • Igor, 34 years old: "I saw the drug in the pharmacy. He attracted my attention for the reason that it can be used for inhalations and for internal reception. I believe that this is the uniqueness of the medicine in question. A couple of months later, I got a child. We went to the hospital and to my surprise the doctor appointed him Ambroghexal. Inhalations were carried out 2 times a day, and treated a cough that arose against a cold. He was wet, then sputum was badly separated. Within 2 days the child's condition began to improve. Cough was accompanied by sputum discharge. Everyone did according to the instructions and the chart drawn up by the doctor. Thanks to this remedy, the child began to fully sleep at night, he improved his state of health and mood, and after 7 days he could go to school. "
  • Irina, 26 years old: " I want to share with you how I use Ambroghexal. In the beginning, I wanted to buy Lazolvan in the pharmacy, since I have been actively using it for cough treatment for 4 years already. But on that day he was not there, but the pharmacist suggested that I buy Ambroghexal. She said that the effect is similar, but only at the same time is cheaper. So I decided to try the effect of this medicine on myself. Just want to say that the drug has a bitter taste, so that it is necessary to choose the most minimal dosages for the treatment of a child. I was surprised that you can use the drug not only for internal reception, but also for inhalations. I decided to try it and was pleasantly surprised. After several procedures, my condition improved markedly. Sputum began to exude, the intensity of the cough decreased, and I could finally sleep normally at night. The number of procedures a day I had 2. And the entire treatment took 5 days. Now I think that Ambrohexal is safe to gain a foothold in our home medicine chest, the most effective cure for cough. "
  • Inna, 46 years old: "We used this drug with my daughter to treat a wet cough in my granddaughter. In the beginning, there was no usual cold, but after 5 days there was a cough. For several days he was dry, and then he began to expectorate, but his sputum was weak. In the pharmacy, we were advised to carry out inhalations with Ambroghexal, since the child flatly refuses to take the medicine inside, and if she shoves anything, her gag reflex immediately begins. Inhalation baby spent with pleasure, as it did not distract her from watching cartoons. On the day, one procedure was performed, and the entire treatment was delayed for 5 days. "

Ambrohexal is a unique medicinal product, with the help of which it can cure cough in children and adults. On this, his dignity does not end, because it can be used internally or for inhalation. As for the dosage, it can be determined by the doctor, based on the disease, the patient's age and individual characteristics.