During the pregnancy each mother tries to protect herself from various pathologies, because all this can negatively affect the condition of her crumbs. Use medicines must be extremely cautious, because not all of them are safe. But what if the future mother got sick? Today, the drug Viferon remains very popular and safe. It is presented in the form of candles and gel.


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In case of a cold, the pregnant woman tries to use more gentle means that will not damage the health of her baby. However, such facilities do not always have a positive impact. Do not risk your health. You need to buy in the pharmacy candles Viferon and apply them according to the instructions.


On the photo-viferon in candles

The main advantage of the presented drug remains that it is based on a component such as interferon. In addition, there are a number of auxiliary components, which

include cocoa butter, vitamin C and tocopherol acetate. Interferon in the human body can be produced independently. But in order to combat the cold, an additional dosage of this component is required.

If you need to use Viferon suppositories when carrying a baby, you should insert them no more than 2 times a day. Between the techniques, observe the interval of 12 hours.

Take medication for 10 days with an introduction into the rectum. Only the doctor can determine the dosage and the course of therapy, so it is necessary to discuss with him all the points of treatment. In addition, the doctor will be able to prescribe medication only after passing the appropriate examination. There are cases when the duration of therapy is reduced to 5 days.

Applying candles Viferon in the treatment of colds can even mummies who are breastfeeding. Do not interrupt the feeding of the baby. Thanks to this, he will be able to get adequate nutrition and improve his immunity. After all, if we wean the baby from the breast, it will negatively affect his condition, prolong the duration of therapy for the mother and may become an impetus for the development of complications.

In the video - the use of suppositories wiferon:

In addition, there are no special rules for feeding for colds and taking Viferon. Milk decant is not necessary, and also do not need to boil it, as this will only worsen its healing properties.

Many mothers after they were assigned Viferon are puzzled by this question: what can be dangerous for the drug? There is no cause for concern, since Viferon is absolutely safe medication. The manufacturer guarantees that no side effects after its administration is observed. Even with prolonged treatment, the body does not synthesize antibodies, which can lead to side effects.

Of course, do not forget that every person has his own body, so he can react in different ways. Viferon does not promote the development of severe allergies in the form of skin rashes and itching. In addition, nursing mothers will be forced to abandon the use of candles if they have an increased sensitivity to cocoa butter.

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Candle treatment for children from cold

Rectal suppositories Viferon is a popular drug for the treatment of colds. And there is no age limit for this medicine. It can be prescribed for newborn babies as well as for preterm infants. In addition, there are no restrictions on candles during lactation.

Given the form of the disease, the age of the patient, the doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary dose of the drug. If you need to treat ARI and the flu, then for a child over 7 years old, use Viferon 500,000 IU twice a day for 1 candle for 5 days.

On video candles Viferon for colds for children:

If the patient is less than 7 years, then use Viferon 150,000 IU.And it is used even for newborns and premature babies. In case of complications, Viferon should be used 3 times a day for premature babies. A similar dosage is maintained with infectious inflammatory pathologies

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  • Veronica, 34 years old: "After the birth of the second child in 3 months, I fell ill. My temperature, of course, did not rise very much, but the pain in my throat, in the naked, malaise and runny nose were present. I breastfed the baby and did not know what medication was allowed to me in this case. Then I called a pediatrician I knew, and she advised me to buy Viferon suppositories. I used them 2 times a day. During this time, I did not stop feeding, but this did not affect the condition of my child. But my health has improved a lot. "
  • Irina, 45 years old: "I used Viferon candles when my grandson fell ill. He had a fever after an evening walk on the sled. Since he is 4 years old, I decided not to stuff him with medicines, but I used tried and tested folk remedies: I made an acetic compress, I gave tea with raspberries. Of course, this lowered the temperature a little, but after a while it rose again. The next day we went to the hospital, where the doctor wrote us the necessary preparations, one of which was Viferon in candle format. We used them at the prescribed dosage once a day. After 6 days the baby's condition returned to normal, the appetite returned, and he again became as cheerful and active as before the illness. "
  • Svetlana, 23 years old: "I have been prescribed Viferon suppository for the treatment of colds during pregnancy. At first, I was very frightened when I had a fever, the general condition worsened. I signed up for a doctor. She prescribed to me Viferon, tea with raspberries, gargling with chamomile and drops in the nose. Most of all I was confused by candles, because I was afraid not to hurt my baby. But the doctor calmed me, because this medication is completely safe and can be used not only during pregnancy, but even with lactation. Performed all the recommendations of the doctor for 7 days. This time I was enough to defeat the disease and not hurt the baby's health. "

Vifeiron candles are an effective medical preparation that is used in the treatment of various infectious and inflammatory pathologies, one of which remains a cold. The preparation is based on safe ingredients, which makes it possible to use in the treatment of acute respiratory infections and influenza in pregnant women, children and mothers in breastfeeding. But here to appoint candles independently it is not necessary, after all the dosage and duration of therapy is determined precisely by him.