Most often, nasal congestion is accompanied by secretions from it, in the people - by snot. Such phenomena cause a common cold, caused by pathogenic bacteria or viruses. But sometimes zalozhennost is, and vydeleny from a nose thus is not present. Such a state has several reasons - let's talk more about this in the article. And at the same time we will find out - how it is possible in this case to return to the nose the ability to breathe.


  • 1 Description
  • 2 Problem Cause
    • 2.1 Vasomotor rhinitis
    • 2.2 Allergy
    • 2.3 foreign body
    • 2.4 vasoconstrictor drugs
    • 2.5 Polyps
    • 2.6 deviated septum
    • 2.7 Dry air
    • 2.8 Ecology
  • 3 Diagnostics
  • 4 Treatment
    • 4.1 Alternative therapies
      • 4.1.1 Massage
      • 4.1.2 Inhalations
      • 4.1.3 Flushing
      • 4.1.4 Inhalation of onion vapor
  • 5 Prophylaxisand


nose does not breathe snot no in adults

problems nasal mucosa plays an important role

in protecting the body from infection, viruses and pathogenic bacilli in the air. Vorsels of the mucous sensitive to the air passing through the nasal passages, "catching" and "enemy spies".To clearly cope with its task, the mucous and nasal passages should be in perfect order: without swelling, unclear, healthy, ready to repel any attack from the outside.

However, nasal congestion often leads to deterioration of these functions, and in addition, it also makes it difficult for a person to live by the fact that the latter does not have the ability to breathe freely. With a blocked nose, breathing and exhalation are possible only through the mouth, which leads to overdrying of the oral mucosa. And there are no villi in the oral cavity, catching harmful bacteria. Therefore, breathing through the mouth, we can pick up an unpleasant and dangerous infection much faster. That is why it is important to return the blocked nose as soon as possible to normal.

But by itself, the stuffiness of the nose without a cold is not a disease, it's just a symptom. It is necessary to establish precisely the cause of this symptom, and after its elimination, the congestion passes too.

On video, what to do when adults do not breathe a nose and there is no snot:

Causes of

Let's find out exactly what factors cause nasal congestion without accompanying mucus secretions.

Vasomotor rhinitis

This malaise has not yet been fully understood. It is established that, most likely, it is caused by pathological changes in capillaries located in the nasal cavity.

In the photo - what is vasomotor rhinitis:

vasomotor rhinitis

The condition of a person with vasomotor rhinitis is characterized by the following features: the nose does not breathe at all, without any discharge from it. As a result, a man has to breathe through his mouth, which greatly complicates his life.


vasomotor rhinitis

This cause of nasal congestion without a common cold is one of the most common when it comes to adults. Most often, this kind of ailment people suffer from the seasons: during the flowering of poplars, southern ragweed, other plant-allergens. In addition, other off-season stimuli may cause nasal congestion: dust, animal hair, medicines, certain foods, etc.

Inhalation of these irritants leads to edema of the nasal mucosa overlapping the respiratory passages. The first signs of the development of allergic congestion are similar to the onset of a cold, however - without temperature and weakness.

Foreign body contact

And such a cause of congestion is possible, although in adults it is rare. Most often, the foreign body blocks the nasal passages in children.


When abusing vasoconstrictive drugs, taking them beyond measure and more than the recommended five days, the nasal mucosa becomes accustomed to these drugs, swells, and no longer reacts to them. As a result, the common cold is cured, and the stuffiness is left due to swelling of the mucous membrane.


Benign formations in the nasal passages, resulting from a long infectious process of inflammatory nature. Growing, the polyps block the passages in the nose, preventing the air from circulating normally.

polyps in the nose

In the picture - polyps in the nose

Curvature of the septum

This cause of nasal congestion may even be present in humans from birth. Sometimes the curvature is acquired as a result of injuries, after unsuccessful operations, etc. In this case, the free breathing of one nostril is possible with the second one being padded, and sometimes there is also bilateral stasis. Often, when the septum is curved, vasomotor rhinitis also appears, aggravating the situation. This problem is corrected only by the operation: drops and rinsing are powerless here.

Dry air

Such a simple external cause can also become nasal congestion. That is why it has long been recommended in winter, when heating batteries work, to humidify the air in the apartment. Buying a moisturizer will help the whole family feel healthy, and less sick. And women will also notice improvement in skin condition.


Dusty, dry, gassy air, smog, engine exhaust, smell of chemicals: all these are potentially possible causes of nasal congestion without a runny nose. But only with prolonged regular inhalation. From a single walk down the street is unlikely to occur. bad ecology

As you can see, the reasons for this state can be quite a lot. To determine which of them is yours, you need to go to the doctor's office for an examination, diagnosis, and the appointment of an adequate treatment. Even if you do not exaggerate this state of health, however, it still requires treatment. Sometimes stuffy nose without a cold leads without adequate therapy to such serious problems as inflammation in the nasopharynx, sinusitis and even sinusitis, which significantly complicates life.

Diagnosis of

Most often, a doctor can quickly determine the cause of congestion during a visual inspection. And immediately appoint the appropriate treatment. However, in more complex cases, additional tests may be required to establish an accurate diagnosis. What are these examinations, we find out.

  • Rhinoscopy of nasal canals. The procedure is performed using an endoscope.
  • Tomography.
  • X-ray of the nasal sinuses.
  • Sometimes tissue biopsy is required when the mucosa grows for no apparent reason.
  • Sowing on nutrient media to identify the causative agent of congestion.

If a person has some kind of chronic disease, then a complete examination of the body is carried out in relation to these and related diseases. This is done in order to establish whether these diseases could have affected the onset of congestion.

In general, the diagnosis of nasal congestion is more complicated than when a runny nose is present. However, with the help of specialists, it is still possible to pinpoint the cause of the unpleasant symptom, and proceed to treatment.

You can wash your nose with saline But can I wash my nose with saline and how to do it correctly, is described in this article.

It will also be interesting to know how often you can wash your nose with Aqualor.

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What to do when the cough does not pass during pregnancy will help to understand this information.

Treatment of

We learn, what methods and means will help to cope with a stuffy nose without a cold.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to eliminate exactly the reason, which caused zalozhennost in each specific case. But there are some general recommendations, which in any case will not be superfluous.

Vasodilating drops and sprays will help to facilitate breathing. It is important only not to get carried away with their use, since an overdose and prolongation of this type of treatment itself can also become a cause of congestion.

Effective drugs such as:

  • Tizin( what is the price of drops in the nose of Tysin, described in this article);


  • children's drops;


  • Rhinorus, etc.

    Drops Rhinorus

Taking antihistamines will help relieve swelling of the nose, and thus facilitate breathing.

The following drugs will help:

  • Zodak;


  • Loratidine et al


Nasal ointments with antibacterial effect can also be of great help in this problem.

The following drugs are recommended:

  • Evamenol;


  • Dr. Mom( here's how to use Dr. Mom's pastilles during pregnancy, described in this article);Dr. Mom
  • Flemming ointment.

    Flemming Ointment

If you are absolutely sure that the stuffiness is caused by mucosal edema, you can take a highly effective decongestant - Clarinase-12.This drug helps quickly, and its effect lasts a long time.

Sometimes medications can not help. Then usually appoint an operation. This occurs in the case of:

  • curvature of the nasal septum;
  • impossibility to get from the nasal passages a stuck foreign body;
  • in the case of polyps;
  • if chronic rhinitis resulted in a strong proliferation of mucosal tissue.

Surgical intervention is performed using a laser, radio wave method and, of course, the traditional method.

Alternative Therapies

What home methods and folk methods can help alleviate the condition with nasal congestion, we learn.


Rubbing the pads of the bridge of the nose, temples, brow ridges, nose wings promotes blood flow to this area. As a result, the feeling of stuffiness becomes less pronounced. But how to do a massage with chronic bronchitis, will help understand this article.

massage of the nose

Points for massage


Inhalation of wet hot vapors will help to remove swelling of the mucous membrane, moisturize it, will have an antibacterial effect. For inhalations, it is better to take a nebulizer. And in the absence of the latter, you can do with the inhalation of vapors on a saucepan with broth of herbs. As a basis for the preparation of a decoction suitable chamomile, St. John's wort, sage, eucalyptus. Be careful when performing this procedure: it is contraindicated if there is a fever or sinusitis.


You can purchase ready-made solutions with sea water( AquaMaris, Marimer), and wash them with your nose. And you can also prepare a similar solution of the house from sea salt. This procedure moisturizes the mucous membrane, and eliminates pathogens. But how to use nasal drops of Aqua Maris for children will help to understand this information.

spray AquaMaris

Aquamaris spray for nose washing

Inhalation of onion vapors

Finely chopped onions, or rather its vapors, are an excellent remedy for eliminating nasal congestion. A smell is palpable even with a strong stuffiness, and the phytoncides present in the vegetable effectively kill the bacteria that caused the malaise. This is one of the most popular recommendations of traditional medicine with this symptom.

Do not forget about maintaining the optimum humidity in the apartment. Turn on the humidifier in the winter, and enjoy good health and beautiful skin even with radiators working.


Several recommendations in order to minimize the likelihood of such a kind of nasal congestion.

  • Do not overcool. Dress accordingly to the weather.
  • Take vitamins, strengthen immunity. In this case, bacteria and microbes will be much more difficult to cause the disease.
  • Try to lead a healthy lifestyle: temper, eat rationally, go in for sports.
  • Avoid stress and waste of nerve cells.
  • Wear a mask in the season of viral epidemics.

These simple tips will help you avoid the occurrence of many diseases leading to nasal congestion, including - and without a cold.

We examined all possible causes and ways of treating nasal congestion, not accompanied by mucous secretions. To conduct competent treatment, and to avoid possible complications, visit the doctor to determine the exact cause of congestion in your case. And our advice will help you become more prepared in the fight in this ailment.