The inflammatory process, which is located on the palatine tonsils, is a kind of acute or chronic tonsillitis. The first type is called angina caused by streptococcal infections. It is a contagious disease, so it requires prompt treatment so that a person, in contact with others, does not become its distributor. Little babies get sick often, and it's not unusual for parents to get infected from them. The correct diagnosis can be made only after the delivery of a smear from a person with a throat. Treatment is appointed based on the symptoms and indications of the analysis. Such a disease is treated with antibiotics, which promote a speedy recovery, and are also useful for preventive purposes.

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Symptoms Strep throat is manifested

not immediately, but somewhere on the 3rd - 4th day. Its beginning has no characteristic features. The temperature rises gradually, as with any other colds. To determine that it is she who needs to know her symptoms precisely.

strep throat

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In adults

The first manifestations of the disease in each patient occur in different ways depending on the severity of inflammation and human immunity. Symptoms of streptococcal angina are similar to other of its analogues: sore throat, intoxication and temperature. However, the presence of streptococcus introduces additional indicators:

  • after the passage of the incubation period, the disease develops lightning-fast for several hours;
  • purulent foci located on the back of the throat and palatine tonsils. Pus is yellow and white. It accumulates in the form of cheesy stains;
  • temperature is very high, sometimes reaches 40 ° C;
  • nausea, in which vomitive impulses, muscle weakness;Streptococcal angina treatment
  • enlarged lymph nodes, severe sore throat;
  • pronounced red tongue with enlarged papillae;
  • lack of appetite;
  • chills;
  • swelling of the throat;
  • sometimes a rash appears on the body.

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In children

Symptoms of the disease in children are almost the same as in adults. Only to them is added abdominal pain and vomiting, because the children's digestive tract is weaker.

For one-year-olds and children up to three years old, the disease can last a whole week. At this time, their tonsils suffer from severe swelling. Because of this phenomenon, the baby has a shortage of oxygen in the body, and there is shortness of breath. Angina can not be treated only by home recipes, so as not to aggravate the situation. sore throat in children

Streptococci are the main pathogens of purulent sore throat. These infections stimulate the body to produce antibodies at an accelerated rate, and they not only destroy destructive cells, but their healthy ones. Therefore, often tonsillitis is accompanied by various complications. Such a disease, young children suffer very difficult.

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It is necessary to recognize streptococcal angina in time. The child will certainly start complaining about the pain in the neck, it will be very difficult for him to swallow, and he will begin to cry and be capricious, refuse to eat and drink. During ordinary games, the crumb will quickly become tired, and its movements will become slower. When the temperature suddenly rises to 40 ° C and it can not be knocked down by antipyretic drugs, it is necessary first to check the neck and the condition of the lymph nodes.

The child during the illness does not sleep well and seems exhausted, an unpleasant smell appears from his mouth. At this time, purulent plugs form on his tonsils and the posterior wall of the pharynx. The appearance of a cough will indicate the maturation of pus in them. Sputum will come out with booze.

In crumbs for up to a year to determine this disease is quite difficult, because they can not complain of the pain in the neck. And the primary symptoms are similar to the manifestations of influenza. Do not delay and hope that everything will pass by itself. If the baby has a high fever, he refuses to eat and has a red neck, it is better to call an ambulance immediately. In most cases, the treatment of young children requires close attention of doctors and is therefore carried out permanently in the hospital.

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The video describes in detail about streptococcal angina:

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In children from 3 years of age and above, streptococcal angina occurs as a result of a decrease in immunity, which can be due to a sharp cooling, respiratory disorder caused by deformation of the nasal septum or the formation of polyps in the nose, as well as due to tooth decay.

Treatment of

The course of therapy for streptococcal angina is at least ten days. Its duration depends on the form of the disease and the timely request for help from a doctor. Treatment consists in the elimination of infection and the symptoms of the disease.

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Treatment for adults

First and foremost, effective antibiotics are selected. If there is a fever, then antipyretic medicines. Also, the affected areas of the throat should be treated with an antiseptic agent, for which Lugol's solution is often prescribed. The removal of inflammation and swelling occurs through the use of special sprays and resorption tablets. To speed up detoxification, you should often drink warm water or herbal teas. antibiotics for sore throats for adults

In advanced cases, intravenously injected a solution of sodium chloride or glucose. Physiotherapy is very helpful, in combination with the use of medicines. Its duration is 5 - 10 days.

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In parallel, you can use folk remedies to recover faster. Here are the most tested ones:

  1. uses acetic or alcoholic triturations from temperature;
  2. the throat can be rinsed with dilute solutions based on iodine, chamomile, furacilin or calendula;
  3. has more natural vitamins, to drink juices from them, besides acid varieties, so as not to irritate the mucous;
  4. brew hawthorn, chamomile or St. John's wort, and take the broth inside three times a day for 200 ml, you can add one teaspoon of tea to this volume of tea.honey. chamomile and honey from sore throat

But it is not necessary to go completely to these methods, they alone can not cure strep throat without accompanying medications.

During the complex treatment of this disease, you must clearly withstand the duration and dose of prescribed medications. Streptococcus is very sensitive to benzylpenicillin, so it is often injected intravenously. It is noteworthy that in the initial stage of the disease it can act at a time. For oral use are used: Augmentin, Erythromycin, Cephalexin and Cefuroxime. In case of revealing individual intolerance to penicillin series drugs, macrolides should be used, the most effective of which are Summamed and Hemomycin.

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Drugs for children

If a child receives timely correct therapy, then streptococcal angina will go away in five days. For this, it must necessarily be hospitalized, and there specialists will prescribe a therapeutic course with antibiotics. Otherwise, tonsillitis can take a chronic form, which will have a detrimental effect on the health of the baby. Such a constant infection will reduce the defense of the body, lowering its immunity. rinse the throat of a child from a sore throat

The most effective treatment is a complex approach, which simultaneously with antibiotics prescribes symptomatic remedies( rinses, immunity-strengthening vitamins, and antipyretic medicines).In a mandatory manner, you should observe bed rest and often drink warm drinks.

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Proven penicillin antibiotics are distinguished by affordable cost and efficacy. They cause fewer side effects than new generation medications. If there is an allergy to this series of antibiotics, then it should be treated with erythromycin, lincomycin, azithromycin, midecamycin or spiramycin.


Here are the most effective antibiotics:

  • Amoxicillin children should take 0.25 grams of medication;Amoxicillin antibiotics for children from sore throats
  • Cefadroxil dosage is prescribed by a specialist on the basis that 30 mg of the drug will account for 1 kg of the baby's weight. It should be taken once a day;
  • Phenoxymethylpenicillin for children less than 25 kg is prescribed 0.125 g, and for children with a high weight of 0.25 g. Phenoxymethylpenicillin for children from sore throat

These medicines should be drunk three times a day. These doses are calculated for one dose.


They can be supplemented with local antiseptics, but they should not be abused. The most popular of them are:

  • Strepsils. It is released in the form of lollipops with a pleasant sweet taste. Children with pleasure resolve it. You can not give them more than 8 pieces per day. Reception should occur every 2 to 3 hours;Strepsils for children with angina
  • Falimint - dragee. They should drink no more than 10 pieces per day;Falimint from angina for children
  • Sebidine - tablets. Take one pill a day during the week;Sebidine for children from sore throats
  • Septhotte - pastilles. They drink every two to three hours. Are applied for children from 4 years. They are assigned 4 tablets per day, and children over 10 years old - 6 pills. Septollette lozenges

Small crumbs are not able to dissolve drugs or gargle, so specially created for them sprays( inhalipt, stopangin, hexoral and others).Irrigation of the throat should be performed by the parents very carefully so as not to cause spasm of the larynx, and also do not exceed the dose.

On the photo - streptococcal angina:

streptococcal angina in the scheme

For children, you can use a time-tested product - an alcohol compress. At first, the prepared gauze is moistened in 40% solution, then it is wound on the child's throat, polyethylene is laid over it and all of it is wrapped with a warm scarf, preferably woolen. In the first days of illness, it is done in the morning and in the evening, and then only before bed.

The disease can be cured only by a shock complex of medicines. The first difficulties will arise only the first three days, because the body will fight by itself and accept help from the outside. And when everything is balanced and the process is adjusted, the disease will recede. To prevent streptococcal angina, it is necessary to periodically carry out vitamin therapy and apply immunostimulants, both to adults and children.