What can lead to an elevated cortisol level in women? Symptoms and Treatment

Elevated levels of cortisol can cause various problems. Exhausting workouts and diets can help reduce body weight, but do not lead to fat burning from the lower abdomen. If this is familiar to you, then maybe it's all hormones?

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Namely, in an elevated cortisol level. It turns out the fat on the abdomen and this hormone are inextricably linked.

Hormone cortisol. His role in the body?

IMPORTANT: In the human body there are two processes: anabolism and catabolism. The first is aimed at creation, and the second is destructive.

Cortisol plays an important role in catabolism. He was even called the "

death hormone".But, do not be afraid. Catabolic processes are important for the body as well as anabolic. Both those and others benefit.

Increases the level of cortisol in the body, emotional and physical stress. Heavy training and strict diet is also a stress for the body, which increases the level of cortisol.

This hormone mobilizes the energy of the body in emergency situations. It is he who is responsible for increasing the level of adrenaline and, making glucose available, affects metabolism.

IMPORTANT: If you use workouts to reduce weight, then they should be held no longer than 40 minutes. This is the only way to reduce the level of this stress hormone. Training for more than one hour will not only lead to the desired effect, but, on the contrary, will negatively affect the body.

Why is cortisol raised? Causes of

1. The main reason for increasing cortisol levels in this chronic stress is .This hormone "solves" the problem of such overloads by mobilizing all the energy of the body. Over time, it becomes less and less. It is exhausting and can lead to disastrous consequences.

2. Another reason for increasing cortisol levels is fasting .Probably everyone has heard that it is impossible to lose weight from starvation. On the contrary, such stress forces the body to store energy. He does it with the help of the deposition of fatty tissues on the abdomen and hips.

IMPORTANT: Cortisol is an interesting hormone. He is able to subordinate such hormones as leptin, neuropeptide and insulin. Namely, these hormones are responsible for manifestations of a feeling of hunger and "craving" for harmful products.

3. Coffee is also capable of increasing the level of this important hormone. According to experts, one cup of coffee, having drunk in the morning, raises the level of cortisol by 30%.Moreover, this level holds for several hours. And if this drink is combined with a lack of sleep, then the level of the "death hormone" will be at the maximum mark.

4. Heavy physical work and weight training also affect the production of cortisol .The longer a person trains or is engaged in debilitating labor, the higher the level of cortisol. That's why professional bodybuilders spend no more than 40-50 minutes in the gym.

5. Lack of sleep also affects the level of cortisol .So the organism is arranged, that he needs to have a rest periodically. He does this during sleep. In order to reduce the level of cortisol, reduce fatigue and increase efficiency, you must sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Norm of the hormone cortisol

Experts believe that the norm of cortisol in the woman's blood is 140 nm / l - 600 nm / l. In a calm state, the level of this hormone does not go below the norm.

IMPORTANT: The level of cortisol in the blood before dinner exceeds the level of this hormone in the afternoon. Women experience an increase in this catabolic hormone during puberty, and closer to menopause, its level drops. In pregnant women, the level of cortisol may exceed the norm by 2-5 times.

How to pass the test for cortisol?

In order to know the level of cortisol in the body, you may need to analyze urine and blood. Often, the "stress hormone" is excreted from the body with urine, so its analysis can show the overall level of cortisol in the body.

Also often, in order to know the level of this hormone in the body, you may need a blood test from a vein. It is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach. For a more accurate analysis, you may need to re-take the blood in the afternoon.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to prepare correctly for the analysis of blood for cortisol. To do this for two days you need to give up physical activity, smoking, taking strong drugs and coffee. If a patient can not refuse some of the medications, then a note on the form for analysis should be made about this.

Increased hormone cortisol in women treated with

"stress hormone" does not always negatively affect the body. His level should be kept "the golden mean".But, sometimes it is necessary to lower the level of this hormone. Hypercortisism is very difficult to treat.

It is important not to lower the level of this hormone, but to understand the cause of its occurrence. Sometimes the reasons for increasing the level of this hormone in the blood can be extremely detrimental to the body. For example, AIDS, cancer or diabetes. Therefore, the treatment of hypercorticism is possible only under the guidance of specialists.

How to reduce cortisol levels in women

Elevated cortisol levels in women can be normalized using a variety of methods. Of course, it is best to reduce stressful situations. To do this, you need to stop being nervous about trifles and tune in to positive things.

TIP. In order to increase resistance to irritability and stress, and also to strengthen immunity, you can buy at the pharmacy "Rhodiola Rose extract".Drink this drug is necessary in the morning 15 minutes before meals three times a day. Dosage should be increased from 15 to 40 drops, depending on the tolerability of the drug. The duration of treatment with Rhodiola Rose extract is determined individually and depends on the effect achieved.

To reduce the level of cortisol, you need to include in the diet such foods as green tea, broccoli, parsley, onions, spinach, grapefruit, garlic, tomatoes and herring. To reduce the level of this hormone, food should be rich in protein and healthy fats( omega-3 and omega-6).In the afternoon it is desirable to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to a minimum.

TIP. To reduce the level of cortisol, vitamin C has a beneficial effect. Add to your diet products containing this vitamin, or the drug "VITAMIN C" from Hemofarm.

Well reduces the level of cortisol healthy sleep. In women, it should last at least 8 hours a day. If there is a possibility of sleeping after dinner, then even 30 minutes at this time will help to reduce the level of "stress hormone" to a minimum.

Excellent effect on the reduction of cortisol bath and spa treatments.

Elevated cortisol hormone and pregnancy

Elevated cortisol levels during pregnancy can affect fetal pathology, which will manifest itself in childhood and adolescence. But, it is not necessary to sound an alarm if the level of this hormone is increased more than fourfold. During pregnancy such jumps of the "stress hormone" are possible. A doctor who monitors pregnancy may request repeated or other tests to identify the problem.

Elevated cortisol level: Reviews

Polina. I have been elevated cortisol due to stress. The doctor advised the tincture of Eleutherococcus. Has bought or purchased in a drugstore in a liquid kind. Tablets are not so effective. Drank two times a day before meals. It is desirable to take it in the morning. Otherwise, it can cause insomnia.

Margarita. I have this hormone. The coach sent to the analysis of the level of cortisol and was right. Drank rhodiola, increased vitamins and healthy foods in the diet. And even refused coffee. But, it seems to me that a healthy sleep helped to cope with cortisol. She began to go to bed earlier, and not to sit at the computer until one in the morning. Everything was normal.

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