Syrup Dr. Mom is a combination drug that actively fights cough in small and adult patients. Its composition presupposes the presence of plant substances, which exert an expectorant effect. Release the medicine in the form of syrup in a glass bottle 100ml. With the use of Dr. Mom, you can remove the pain syndrome, withdraw phlegm and inflammation.


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Action of the drug

Dr. Mom is an anti-inflammatory mucolytic and bronchodilator drug. He is actively involved in diagnosing a child's respiratory problems, which are accompanied by a strong coughing and difficult sputum discharge. Most often, the medicine is used for bronchitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, laryngitis.

doctor mom cough syrup

When the dosage is met, Dr. Mom manages to achieve the following effect:

  • bronchodilator - it is possible to prevent
    the development of bronchospasm, to relax the musculature of the bronchi;
  • expectorant - it is possible to remove phlegm from the upper respiratory tract;
  • mucolytic - phlegm is diluted and its excretion from the amazed secret is facilitated;
  • other effects: relieves inflammation, dilates blood vessels, has an antiseptic and locally irritating effect.

On the photo - syrup from cough Dr. Mom:

doctor mom cough syrup

Composition of

This positive effect of the drug is due to its constituent components. To those include:

  1. Licorice root of - eliminates inflammation, removes spasms in the blood vessels, dilutes sputum and removes it from the body.
  2. Medicinal ginger - has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, allows you to eliminate allergic cough. This component allows you to stimulate the body's defenses, inhibits the development and reproduction of viruses.
  3. Medicated embryo - normalizes body temperature, allows to eliminate the inflammatory process.
  4. Menthol - has anesthetic effect and allows to expand the vessels.
  5. Pepper and basil has an excellent antimicrobial effect, has a stimulating and toning effect. Presented substances can eliminate coughing attacks of a protracted nature.
  6. Turmeric has unique properties, as it penetrates into the cells of the human body. It allows you to strengthen and activate the natural defenses. In addition, turmeric has also a natural antibacterial effect.

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The taste of the presented medicine is very pleasant, so there is no need to dilute it with water. The course of treatment will be 2-3 weeks, but it is not uncommon to eliminate unpleasant manifestations of colds in a few days, but with the timely receipt of the medication. Use the medicine before eating. Here you can read the instructions for use.pastilles Doctor Mom. doctor mom syrup for children

For children

If the small patient is only 3-5 years old, then the reception is conducted by ½ dessert spoon 3 times a day. If it is necessary to eliminate cough for children under 14 years, the dosage is 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day.

For adults

For the adult population, Dr Mom needs to take 1-2 dessert spoons 3 times a day. pregnant and cough syrup can or not

When Pregnant

Cough syrup. Dr. Mom is used during pregnancy. Use Dr. Mom during pregnancy is allowed because of its plant composition, which have a safe effect on the body of the mother and her baby. For future mothers are allowed to use syrup in the amount of a dessert spoon 3 times a day.


You can buy the medicine in any pharmacy. It is worth syrup Dr. Mom 174 rubles.


Analogues are medicines that are similar in composition and action. Before taking the analogue of Dr. Mom, you need to get a doctor's permission:

  • Agri .This medication very effectively eliminates all manifestations of acute respiratory diseases, both viral and catarrhal. Use the drug is allowed only to the adult population.

cough syrup Agri

  • Adzhikold .Such a remedy is prescribed by a physician to eliminate the symptoms of inflammatory airway ailments that cause coughing attacks. To such diseases it is possible to carry:
    • a pharyngitis;
    • laryngitis;
    • tracheitis;
    • bronchitis;
    • pneumonia;
    • whooping cough in the initial stage.

cough syrup from Adjikold

  • Analgol .The medication is very effective in arteritis, myositis, sciatica, radiculitis. In addition, the drug is used to treat the symptoms of tracheitis, laryngitis and pain in the throat.
  • Angin-heli with .This analogue of Dr. Mom is expedient for prescribing with angina of various origins. It also manages to overcome all unpleasant symptoms of chronic tonsillitis. Most often the patient can eliminate tonsillogenic poisoning and the consequences that arose after this ailment.

Angin-gel with cough

  • Anginale .For this medicine, the diseases of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract are not terrible. Actively eliminates the following symptoms:
    • sore throat;Hoarseness
    • ;
    • dry cough;
    • inflammation of the gums and mucous membranes of the mouth.

Cough sore throat

All these manifestations often become the main symptoms of sore throat, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, stomatitis and gingivitis.

  • Antigrippin .His doctors prescribe in the treatment of unpleasant symptoms of flu and colds. During such therapy it is possible to reduce the severity of headache, pain in muscles, joints, sore throat, nose, and chills. Antigrippin for cough
  • Aflubin. This analogue of Dr. Mom is used as a curative and preventive agent for upper respiratory tract diseases. Often the drug is prescribed in a complex therapy for rheumatic and inflammatory diseases. Aflubin from a cough for all
  • Baixitsinge. The drug is actively involved in the treatment of acute respiratory disease, tonsillitis in acute form, as well as in the inflammatory process in the upper respiratory tract.
  • Vito-ho balm. The drug has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect, so it is prescribed for inflammatory diseases, the main symptom of which is cough. Vito-ho balm for coughing for adults
  • Balm Ho .This drug is also used in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. During the treatment, it is possible not only to eliminate the cough, but also to improve the sputum discharge. It is allowed to apply the drug not only to adults, but also to children, only carefully following the instructions.

In addition, for the treatment of coughs are mukaltin( here you can read if it helps with coughing), cough syrup erespal for children, herbion from a dry cough( see reviews here) .Dr. Mom in the form of a syrup is a very effective remedy, actively eliminating cough and other symptoms of viral and colds. Use the drug is allowed even for pregnant and small children, because its composition consists of natural components that have a positive effect.