Angina( tonsillitis) is an acute infectious disease of the tonsils caused by bacteria. For the angina is characterized by an inflammatory process of the mucosa. The link describes the symptoms of angina in an adult. Along with antibiotic therapy, the doctor will prescribe local treatment in the form of rinses. This simple and, at first glance, outdated method of treatment actually performs several functions at once: it removes inflammation and swelling, reduces pain, helps to bring down the heat. Under the link you will find a recipe for gargling with soda and salt. To gargle the throat is also well suited furatsilin - proven for decades cheap, safe and effective tool.


  • 1 Action of the preparation
  • 2 Cooking the solution correctly
  • 3 How to gargle correctly?
  • 4 Contraindications and side effects
  • 5 Review

Action of the drug

Furacilin( Latin Furacilinum) is a medicine with a pronounced antimicrobial, antiseptic and wound healing

effect. Available in the form of alcohol solution, powder and tablets bright yellow color.

furacilin in angina

The drug is used in pharmaceuticals for the purging of purulent and postoperative wounds, purulent angina( there are described the symptoms of treatment of purulent sore throat), treatment of pressure sores and burns, mouthwash with stomatitis. In the case of tonsillitis it is recommended to use in all its forms, including catarrhal, follicular, ulcerative and lacunar.

The video tells about the use of furatsilina with angina:

The peculiarity of the drug is its ability not only to effectively kill pathogenic microbes, but also to strengthen local immunity, which distinguishes it from various local antibiotics. In contrast, treatment with furicilin will not contribute to the frequent occurrence of throat diseases - angina, pharyngitis and laryngitis - and can be used as long as required, without limiting the duration of treatment. Although prolonged use is unlikely to come in handy - with regular rinses the medicine completely destroys the bacteria in 5-6 days.

The high effectiveness of the drug is based on the way it affects microbes: the solution penetrates into their cells, plunges into a state of rest and prevents further division. Its effect extends, including, on such dangerous bacteria as salmonella, E. coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus, clostridia, shigella. rinse with furacilin in angina

Summarizing, the following unconditional advantages of furacilin can be noted:

  • hypoallergenicity;
  • safety( can be used for pregnant women and children from the age when they can gargle themselves);
  • is easy to use;
  • availability( the medicine and its analogs are sold in any pharmacy without a prescription);
  • year-proven high efficiency;
  • impossibility of overdose;
  • low cost, not dependent on currency fluctuations( the drug is produced by domestic pharmaceutical companies);
  • no discomfort during rinsing;
  • neutral aftertaste.

how much is the temperature with laryngitis in children

How much does the temperature with laryngitis in children?

Find out if it is possible to treat chronic tonsillitis at home.

Approximate prices for the cough drug Stodal: http: // sirop-ot-kashlya-stodal.html.

Preparing the solution correctly

To prepare the solution, tablets of furacilin in a dosage of 0.2 mg are best - in this case only one tablet per 100 ml of water will be needed. If, by coincidence, there were only tablets in the pharmacy at a dosage of 0.1 mg - this is not a problem: you just have to take two tablets for a similar amount of water. Throat rinse with furcilin in angina

Water should be prepared in advance - it must be boiled and very warm( approximately 50 ºC).While the solution is being prepared, it will just cool down to the desired temperature. Furacilin tablets are very densely compressed and poorly soluble, so it is necessary to crush them. You can do this in many ways - crush the bulb of the tablespoon without getting it from the blister, put it in a folded blank sheet of paper and crush it with a kitchen hammer. The smaller the powder, the faster it will dissolve. It should be poured into prepared water and carefully stirred with a teaspoon until the crystals dissolve completely( this takes about five minutes). After dissolving the liquid is very desirable to strain through a bandage or gauze - getting a crystal on the mucous surface of the tonsils can cause irritation, which is very undesirable. If during all these manipulations the water cools down too much, it can be slightly heated on the stove, not leading up to a boil.

How much solution is needed for a single rinse? Calculate the amount of liquid in such a way that the procedure lasts at least 3-5 minutes. A child usually has enough 100-200 ml, an adult - 200-300.

Rinses often complement the drug treatment of angina in children.

How to gargle correctly?

a solution of furacilin in angina

The following rules must be observed when rinsing.

  1. The temperature of the solution should be pleasant for the throat of - do not burn it and do not cool it( about 35-40 ºC).To determine it is not necessary to use a thermometer: you can slightly lower the lip in the solution, and if there are no unpleasant sensations, then it can be used.
  2. Before the procedure, it is recommended to rinse the throat with soda solution ( 0.5 teaspoon per glass of warm water) - this will remove the surface coating, remove excess mucus and strengthen the effect of subsequent rinsing with furacilin.
  3. The liquid can not be swallowed by ( this must be explained to the child) - it can negatively affect the work of the stomach.
  4. One manipulation a day is not enough - they should be carried out 3-4 times a day after meals.
  5. You can add 1-2 drops of alcohol tincture of calendula to furacilin - this will enhance the disinfecting and antiseptic effect of the drug. This can be done only if there is no allergy to the flowers of marigold.

The video tells how to gargle with throat furatsilinom in angina:

How long is the solution stored? It is best to cook it every time before use, but if there is no such possibility( for example, poor health or other reasons interfere), it is allowed to prepare for the day ahead. In the heat, store the liquid in a refrigerator, and immediately preheat it to a comfortable temperature.

If there is a change in the color of the previously prepared solution, it can not be used in any case!

Contraindications and side effects of

Furacilin is an exceptionally safe preparation, but in rare cases, its use inside may cause a number of side effects: dizziness, nausea, worsening of appetite and even vomiting. Despite the fact that it is possible only with a serious overdose, it is necessary to closely monitor the children when they rinse their throats, and in no case should they swallow the medicine. In very rare cases, there is individual intolerance manifested in itching, rash, hives, dermatosis, an unpleasant taste in the mouth. The solution should not be used for bleeding.

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  • Sergey, 35 years old, Moscow: " For a long time, I suffered from sore throat, I had a sore throat. Comrade advised to rinse with furatsilinom. I had a question, and whether it is possible to gargle a throat at angina furatsilinom, it has appeared, that is possible. And literally after 3 applications everything like a hand removed, it helps. A very good tool and most importantly not expensive. I advise everyone. "