Places of power in Russia: map, list, features, characteristics. Places that give strength: rest, travel, tours through Buking

Features of work with places of power. Overview of the places of power in Russia by region.


  • Places of power in Russia: map, list
  • How to use places of spiritual power, how to work with them, gain strength?
  • Places providing power: recreation, travel, tours
  • Places of power in the Altai: features, characteristics
  • Places of power in Crimea: features, characteristics
  • Places of power in Karelia: features, characteristics
  • Places of power in the Urals: features, characteristics
  • Places of powerin Adygea: features, characteristics
  • Places of power in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan: features, characteristics
  • Places of power in Siberia and Baikal: features, characteristics
  • Places of power in Moscow and the Moscow region: features, characteristics
  • Places of power in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region: feature, characteristic
  • Places of Power in the Krasnodar region: feature, characteristic
  • Video: Russian space forces

Places force comparable

to a breath of fresh air. A person feels a surge of strength, renewal, hovering, spiritual enlightenment.

Our planet is alive, because it is also subject to change, just like we are. Some of its energy points fade, the second - appear, the third - amplify.

Places of power are conditionally divided into 2 categories:

  • created by nature
  • namolennye people

Modern scientists note the presence of places with dark energetics. Perhaps these are points with this kind of forces with which a person simply does not know how to enter into a harmonious contact.

Let's talk in more detail about the places of power in Russia, their features and influence.

Places of power in Russia: map, list

map of Russia with marked abnormal points, which are both places of power

Russia is the birthplace of ancient pre-Slavic civilization. Therefore, in its territory a lot of places of power are dispersed. Each of them has its own spectrum of influence and helps to solve specific problems. Therefore, before choosing a particular place of power, study its history and possibilities, so that your interaction with it turned out to be as harmonious as possible.

Below on the maps of individual parts of the country the most famous and visited points are indicated.

Russia mast power map, part 1
power mast map of Russia, part 2
map of Russia power masts, part 3
map of Russia power masts, part 4
map of Russian power masts map, part 5

And the list of these power places is as follows. Map Part 1:

  • Lake Svetloyar( A)
  • healing springs Zhabynets( B) and Twelve keys( C)
  • Andrianova Sloboda and the Adrianov-Uspensky Monastery( D)
  • The First Hill( F)
  • The Shmarene Caves( G)

Map Part 2:

  • Chardonnay archipelago in Karelia( A)
  • Kizhi island( B)
  • Valaam( C)
  • Big Zayatsky island on Solovki( D)
  • Seydozero( E)
  • island of Konevets( N)
  • Monrepos park( F)

Map part 3:

  • The island of Sviyazhsk( A)

Map part 4:

  • The stone dolmens( A)

Map part 5:

  • ancient city Arkaim( A)
  • Holy Mount Iremel( B)
  • Ferris settlement( D)
  • Shaitan-lake in the Omsk region( E)
  • Ukok plateau( F)
  • Belukha in Altai( G)

And also:

  • Bluestone in Pereslavl-Zalessky
  • Olkhon Island on Baikal

The list of unique places of power in Russia can be continued for a long time, but we will stop here.

How to use the places of spiritual power, how to work with them, gain strength?

the girl is in contact with the power site - by the lake and mountains

Places of power are always open to interaction with people. However, the former read information about us on a subtle plane, so the reactions and sensations are different for different people.

For harmonious contact and activation of the necessary areas of your life, build the right communication with the places of power:

  • before the trip, get yourself set up on paper, write down all your intentions from different spheres, for example, personal relationships, talent disclosure, purpose, and what you are ready forsay good-bye, for example, illnesses and ailments, negative scenarios. If it is more difficult to determine the list with the list, it is enough to have one intention, but as detailed as possible with the great desire of the sounded,
  • talk with your family about their dreams and intentions for the next 5-10 years. If they are skeptical about visiting places of power, then spend a conversation with them on the subject "Let's dream".If you believe - suggest that you write down everything on paper,
  • read the prayer / mantra at the entrance to the place of power. So you contribute to setting up your space with
  • when you have reached the point you were aiming at, remember your intention or all of the goals / desires recorded on paper and say the words of oneness with all the living creature.

For example, such:
"For the benefit and readiness of everything on this planet, of all mankind and all the worlds on it, my loved ones, and myself. So be it, so be it, so be it! "

  • Relax and feel the movement of forces in the body coming in from space and rising from the earth. If this is difficult for you, then just stop the flow of thoughts, contemplating the beauty of nature in the place of strength,
  • returning to the house / hotel for an overnight stay, once again remember the memories of interaction with the place of power. Remember more often about him and only with joy and gratitude.

Know that after your return home, all the people you will be communicating with will get a boost. It will be transmitted from you on a subtle level and in the minimal version a person will feel enlightenment, lightness, inspiration, and at the maximum - will acquire knowledge and direction of action to solve their problem problems.

Another important point - your intentions, exhausted in the place of power, will affect all living creatures of the planet and on it itself. Therefore, be aware of the responsibility for your desires before they are launched into space.

Places that give strength: rest, travel, tours

a man meditates in a place of strength in the mountains

In addition to the usual rest by the sea, more and more people choose eco-tourism. In other words - rest with benefit for mental and spiritual health.

  • All the attention you concentrate not on external bright pictures and amusements, but on inner sensations from contact with yourself, by the forces of Nature and the Creator.
  • Evaluate the information found about a particular place before you buy tickets and book accommodation. Unfortunately, there are more and more examples of exploiting places of power for commercial purposes.

To travel around your home country to give you a maximum of positive emotions, book hotels / private accommodation in advance in the cities where you plan to spend the night. Excellent assistant in this site .

So, a trip to Moscow is planned taking into account the selection of option housing.

If you plan to visit Peter, then look at the options here

For Ufa look at this list .

Gelendzhik will meet you with the following list of for accommodation.

By a similar principle, you easily pick up the option of living in any city in the country.

Places of power in the Altai: features, characteristics

Teletskoye lake is one of the wonderful places of power in the Altai.

The Ukdok plate is one of the hard-to-reach places of Altai. On it is a stone array called the Five Sacred Heights. The plateau is still revered by local shamans.

In the mid-90's.has gained fame among the townsfolk thanks to the discovery of archaeologists - a well-preserved mummy of a young girl named Princess Ukoka.

The Yarlu Valley is depicted in the paintings of N. Roerich, who spent a lot of time here. He called the place of power the center of the earth.

The valley is visited and revered for a special atmosphere of solitude, beauty, silence, spiritual perfection. Visit a stone city, meditate on a stone of wisdom. On the latter you will find a special sign - a circle with three dots. He embodies the past, the present and the future in the circle of eternity.

Beluga Mountain is the strongest sacred place of power that guards the gates of the entrance to Shambhala. The beneficial power of the mountain is so great that it charges all the space around - rivers, trees, land. It is enough for you to stay for a while nearby, to feel a burst of vitality and even get physical healing from serious ailments.

  • Local shamans honor Belukha, because at its top is the point of transition to another dimension.
  • But do not rush to overcome the ascent to it. The mountain has its own consciousness and does not allow modern people. They perish during the ascent.
  • It is interesting that at the foot of Belukha the chapel of the archangel Michael was erected in memory of the dead alpinists at the expense of their relatives.

The perfume lake is the most revered sacred place in the Altai. Local residents believe that it is guarded by spirits. Therefore, avoiding hikes to the lake, so as not to disturb them. Only sinless people with pure thoughts deserve to approach it.

  • The lake is located at an altitude of 2,550 m at the edge of the Kara-Oyuk valley. It is one line with the top of Belukha, personifying the union of the physical worlds and spirits.
  • If you decide to climb to the lake of spirits, you will need experience in rock climbing, excellent physical shape and crystal clearness of consciousness.

Places of power in the Crimea: features, characteristics

Karabi is a picturesque place of the strength of the Crimea.

Mangup-Kal e - mountain, dotted with excavations, caves. On it are also churches. The ascent to the mountains is not given to every pilgrim / tourist. If you get there, a rush of fresh strength, insight and ease will overtake you.

Kara-Dag is an extinct volcano, the top of which was crowned with a temple to the ancient god-healer Asclepius.

The Sun Temple is located near Sevastopol on Mount Ilyas-Kaa. Behind him, the glory of the performer of desires and the powerful purifier of the physical and mental states of man was fixed.

The Satera Mountain is known for:

  • to the ruins of a large Orthodox temple
  • to the force that opens the third eye and has a beneficial effect on the development of the person's inner vision

Cape Meganom is a famous and esoteric point of the planet. According to eyewitnesses, extraterrestrial flying objects were repeatedly observed over the site. This place of power is better to bypass unprepared people in order to avoid deterioration of well-being and life events.

In Crimea are interesting for visits to azizy, or places of special grace. They called:

  • trees. You will find them on the ribbon-decorated branches of the
  • grave with the relics of the holy people
  • rock /
  • mountain ruins of the temple

Places of power in Karelia: features, characteristic of

Kizhi Island is an amazing place of strength and architectural monuments in Karelia.

Seydozero is the most mysterious place of Karelia.

In translation from the Sami "seid" - a saint. In addition to worshiping the lake as ancestors, they observed here behind the planets. The last moment is evidenced by the finds of contemporaries of the mini Stonehenge. Archaeologists also discovered ancient inscriptions - runes of a meter in height, located along the coastline on the walls of the rocks.

If you come here, then contact the lake correctly:

  • refer to it as a living person
  • ask you to discover your beauty and give strength / answer in solving a particular issue

If the lake wishes to enter into contact with you, then your gazethe panorama:

  • of green valleys and firs
  • of stone banks of
  • of a huge petroglyph of natural origin

The Chardonnay archipelago is about 40 wild small islands of volcanic nature. You will see:

  • rocky faults
  • rugged coastline
  • skerries
  • spirally twisted energy streams, fallen and lighted trees
  • flowers everywhere

In addition to all your ears are deafened by the ringing silence of the place.

Here you will hear your inner voice and rest from the constant noise of civilization.

Kizhi Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990. It is famous for its wooden architecture, especially the church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is built without a single nail and has 22 scaled domes of different sizes.

In ancient times on the island were located the temples of the Proto-Slavs, that is, it was already appreciated as a place of power. With the advent of Christianity, all the temples of ancestors were destroyed, and on their dreams churches and monasteries were built.

The Holy Trinity Monastery of Alexander Svirsky is located on the border of Karelia and 2 lakes:

  • Saint
  • Roshinsky

It stores the relics of a saint whose name is the monastery. To him flocking people from different countries with their ailments and problems. They receive healing and renewal of the spirit, the enlightenment of the mind.

The miraculous icons of the "Inexhaustible Chalice" and the Mother of God with the name of the Ternenicheskaya are located nearby in the women's monastery. They heal people from alcohol and drug addiction.

Places of power in the Urals: features, characteristics

mountain massif of one of the strength points in the Urals

The Atysh waterfall captivates the beauty of the falling water, nourishes the positive and vital forces.

  • For contact with the place of power, you just need to spend 30-60 minutes in contemplation of natural beauty, listen to the sound of water, and so that the cherished desire is fulfilled weave the willow branch into a circle and throw it into the water.
  • "Atish" from Bashkir means "hitting".The waterfall is located in the Beloretsk district of Bashkortostan, it is a place of access to the surface of an underground river with a similar name.

Parameters of the waterfall:

  • height 5 m
  • width 6 m
  • age several million years

Aslykul , or "bitter lake" in Bashkir translation, has brackish water due to the supply of groundwater with a high content of salts and minerals.

The maximum contact with this place of strength is bathing and washing with water. To clean yourself from the negative and the accumulated fatigue, draw a bottle of water from the lake and the sources located next to it, and take it home with you. If necessary, moisten the cotton pad with it and wipe the face. To fix the effect, take 3 sips from a glass of water from the sources that feed Aslykul.

Shulgan-Tash is a federal reserve with unique medicinal plants, rare species of fish and animals, the largest behavior of wild bees. It is located on the western foothills of the Urals. Occupies an area of ​​more than 1200 hectares.

  • Get the power of the place, walking through the fields and collecting medicinal plants - oregano and St. John's wort.
  • Communicate with trees to which you feel like coming. How to do it correctly read here. ..
  • If you came not in the season of the reserve, visit the Kutuk tract. Here, nourish yourself with strength, meditating in the natural reservoirs.

Mount Iremel will nourish you with strength and provide a peaceful tranquil sleep. It is enough for you to spend several hours at her foot to feel yourself completely rested and filled with life-giving forces.

One of the numerous rivers - Tygyn - flows alongside the mountain. It is small and only 19 km long. Find a place by its channel, from which the mountain is seen best. It also has the glory of a strong energy zone. Wash with water from the river and calmly behold the beauty of nature.

Ignatievskaya cave bears the name of the elder who lived in it the century before last. Previously, it was called Yamazy-Tash. It is located in the southern region of the Urals.

  • In the cave you will find numerous ancient rock drawings, the age of which is 6 thousand years.
  • Go to the place of power accompanied by a guide and take a warm jacket.
  • Time of interaction with the cave is 2-5 hours. This is enough to feel its beneficial healing effect.

Places of power in Adygea: features, characteristics of

dolmens - places of power in Adygea and other regions of Russia

Esoterics, shamans and similar experts are united, that all mountain Adygea is a place of strength. It stores a huge amount of ancient information, traces of the pre-Slavic civilization, exchanges energy flows with the cosmos.

The Lagonaki Plateau is a lavish pasture, ringing the beauty and purity of the highland air. Here your astral bodies will sound in a new way. The burden of life's fuss, doubts and emotions will be left at least for the duration of your stay in the place of power.

The Lagonaki plateau attracts tourists and pilgrims from different countries.

Relic Azish cave .According to archaeologists, it is about 1.5-2 million years old. Her passages retained the pristine beauty and virginity.

  • The cave has received fame, veneration and popularity thanks to the huge hall, called the Wedding. In it in the center on a flat slab there is a large stalagmite of about 1.5 million years old. The entrance to the hall is guarded by two columns, passing through which you will feel the ease and freedom from all alien dark energies.
  • Communication with a place of power gives an extremely powerful charge of creative energy to a person. And wedding vows sound in the hall more intimate, deeper, more conscious.

The dolmens of the Cerberus clearing are the center of the ancient culture of the Hittite Aryans. To date, they are almost completely destroyed by time and people. And yet we can touch the mysterious knowledge and consciousness of our ancestors.

The dolmens built on a place where the energy goes back to the cosmos. Each of them contained one person who voluntarily devoted himself to the mission of transferring specific knowledge from the Highest Source. Therefore, dolmens were built in compliance with the requirements of strength and isolation from the outside world. The man inside was immersed completely in his inner world and was in contact with the Higher powers and knowledge.

Places of power in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan: features, characteristics

known mysterious place of power in Bashkiria - the ancient city of Arkaim

The mountain of Narystau in Bashkiria is revered and sacred for many centuries. At its top is buried the national hero hero Idukai.

  • A spring appeared at the foot of the mountain with healing water.
  • To Narystau, pilgrims from nearby countries are drawn to worship the mountain and pray at its summit.
  • This place is famous for its wonders - childless children are born next year after visiting the mountain.
  • Collect water from the spring at its foot, climb to the top and drink it. After descending down again, scoop up and bring it home. In the hours of trials and difficulties, take it.

Akhunov menhirs - the oldest megalithic complex, the Bashkirian Stonehenge. In addition to studying the location of the planets, keeping the calendar, our ancestors here offered prayers and bloodless sacrifices to the gods.

To the west of the menhirs is Mount Ulutau. According to legend, he lived on it, and then the giant was buried. At the foot of the mountain beats a spring with healing and unique properties. Its water does not freeze at minus temperatures, does not leave scale on the dishes, has high taste qualities.

The ancient city of Arkaim is the religious and cultural center of the white race on the planet. He was one of the Country of Cities.

  • The power of the place on which Arkaim was built is unique. You will feel a flow of forces rising from the feet, directed to the sky, which carries with it everything that has taken away your energy or blocked it.
  • The place of power is known and its mountains - Desire, Love, Forgiveness, Arkaim, Seventh Seal, Shamanikha.
  • Ascend to each and pray, ask the spirits of the mountains for help.
  • Although in RuNet there is criticism and exposing statements about the impact of Arkaim on a person, you will remember the trip here for life. And the spirit and forces from the ancient city will feed you for a long time, guide you through life and inspire you to positive changes.

Tatarstan is famous for its numerous healing springs:

  • Bilyar fortification
  • Akhtyr well
  • Kirmmen, holy springs
  • Undorsky source
  • holy key of Mikhail Slaughtered
  • Kryashen spring
  • healing sources of Tugeevka

The springs are equipped with springs, people from all over the country, to pray and water to heal.

There are also many places of anomalous nature, in which accidents occur, equipment and machinery fail, the speed of time increases. Among these we note:

  • Long glade
  • Shchychi mountains
  • Bald mountain
  • Yuryevskaya cave
  • Sacred stone Aktash

The island of Sviyazhsk is formed from the confluence of the rivers Sviyaga and Volga. Known:

  • by the wooden church of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, erected in the middle of the 16th century. The place is namolennoe, helps to find the person answers in difficult life situations.
    The main thing - pray in all sincerity, be patient and wait. Relief and change for the better will necessarily come to your destiny.
  • The Virgin Mary-Assumption monastery.

Places of power in Siberia and Baikal: features, characteristics of

girl holds rite at the place of power - on the shores of Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is a place of strength of great power. Its entire coastal part and water surface affect both the person / surrounding nature and all the freshwater reservoirs of the planet.

The maximum contact is obtained from bathing in the lake. Before this, always contact Baikal, ask permission to touch its waters.

Shaman-stone , or rock Shamanka on Baikal attracts people who are engaged in their spiritual development, more than one century. Inside the rock there is a cave in which, according to legend, there lived a celestial shaman with an earthly beauty. They gave birth to a kind of Magi / shaman / knowing who passed on knowledge to other people on the planet.

  • Shaman stone is a mix of granite, white marble and quartz.
  • In ancient times, people used to help him to remove the influence of destructive energies, the interpretation of past and future events. In our - visit the serious practices of yoga, Qigong to deepen their knowledge.

Okunevo village , Western Siberia stands on faults of tectonic plates. Because it received the following characteristics:

  • gate between worlds
  • time warp place
  • anomalous zone
  • sacred place of worship - Hanuman point

Locals and scientists have repeatedly seen rays of light in the dark, flying vehicles of extraterrestrial structures, figures of people from other eras, cupolas of cathedralsand a rainbow, human figures of enormous size.

In any case, before setting up a contact, adjust your mind and mind to high vibrations, respect the place and thank you after the end of communication.

Array Ergaki - rocky figures of animals, birds, sleeping person. An amazing place both in energy and beauty.

Interesting moment - all the rocks are covered with granite, and inside they consist of soft rock - slate.

Stone Ridge Chests in Khakassia is an observatory of ancestors. Modern scientists are still exploring this place, and pilgrims come for meditation, prayer and the discovery of natural abilities, for example, predicting the future.

Places of power in Moscow and the suburbs: features, characteristics

Moscow River - one of the places of strength and mysteries of the capital

Vorobyovy Gory - a place for conducting recreational practices and uniting people's thoughts for the benefit of all living beings. Since the 15th century, they became the summer residence of the prince's, and later of the royal family.

Construct an energy triangle with the Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University.

The Donskoi Monastery is a place of power pinched by the monks. Coming here in a penitent mood, relaxation, you will feel the therapeutic effect of the monastery on the physical and mental levels.

Academy of Sciences , especially the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the cafe on the 22nd floor - points of positive astral force, reaching the higher worlds. They are activated at sunset.

The Academy of Sciences as an energy center plays a role in shaping social processes and people's moods. It is intended for the practice of triggering creative impulses and ideas, cleansing the astral body.

Kolomna is famous for 2 basalt stones - male and female, as well as church buildings.

  • The first are located on the territory of the reserve, they give people healing from physical ailments.
  • The second - a small church and the temple of the Ascension of the Lord - help on the path of spiritual growth.

Moscow region: Trinity-Sergius Lavra( Sergiev Posad) - a place of pilgrimage to the holy relics of Sergius of Radonezh. Bright, holy, pure energy laurels will have a beneficial effect on your mind and mind.

Places of power in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region: features, characteristics of the

chapel of Xenia Blessed - a strong place of power in St. Petersburg

Chapel of Xenia Blessed at the Smolensk cemetery, perhaps the most amazing place.

The patroness of the city on the Neva hears the treasures of people coming from the heart with great faith in execution. Write down your request / desire, buy a candle, light it and go around it three times with it around the chapel, burn the paper with the record. Pray sincerely Xenia, she will help in the organization of affairs of personal, family, business characters.

Vasilievsky Island favors in matters of trade, business and successful marriage. Write your intention / request on a scrap of paper and make a boat. Release it on the water and believe in the fulfillment of what was written.

Peter and Paul Fortress .The spire on the cathedral of Peter and Paul - the conductor of a light stream of cosmic energy.

  • Serve it, standing at the entrance facing east.
  • The faith of tourists and locals nourishes the legends about the help of the statues of Peter the Great and the "Hare who escaped from the flood", if one touches them and makes a wish.

Kisses bridge, statues of griffins, atlantes, chizhika-pyzhik, photographer with a bulldog, legends. They are more like sights than places of power.

The Monrepo park is located in Vyborg of the Leningrad region - an amazing place of strength, where natural and man-made beauty is intertwined. Visit 3 famous park points:

  • island Ludwigsteig, or the Dead. It looks like a pyramid rock with a tomb-lock on top,
  • in the east of the park is an island of Love,
  • "Eye" is a radon source, treating eye diseases and fatigue.

Places of power in the Krasnodar Territory: features, characteristics

one of the mysterious dolmens in the Krasnodar Territory

The volcano Shugo is located near the Taman Island, near Anapa. Known for its curative mud, which are successfully used in cosmetology.

  • The volcano does not like large crowds of people, because tourists are brought to a mud cure, a nearby power station.
  • Shugo has to meditate, reflect on the meaning of life.

Rocky plateau on the river bank nearby pages Fortress is a clean light "female" power seat. Ideal for conducting practices for the harmonization of all spheres of life, meditation, attunement with natural rhythms.

Under the village of Kizinka you will find a more "masculine" place of strength. His energy is denser, harder and more aggressive. However, the innermost desires of the visitor of this place are realized regardless of his faith.

Stone dolmens near Gelendzhik .Until now, there is no unequivocal opinion on their origin and designation. However, the chain of tourists does not decrease to dolmens. The stone buildings have names. So they are distinguished by the nature of the energy and the sphere of influence. For example:

  • Tor - attracts luck, shows the destiny of the person,
  • Tenderness - the assistant of all parents in matters of who and the spiritual health of children, correcting their destinies,
  • Maya - is responsible for the creation and strengthening of the family,
  • Khan - strengthens well-being at all levels as asking, and his relatives.

Other well-known and popular places among tourists in the Krasnodar Territory:

  • village Mezmay with Eagle's Regiment on Lenin's Hill
  • source "Holy Pen" under the Crimean
  • Bogatyr glades near Maikop
  • dolmens in other places
  • surroundings of the village of Shapsugskaya near Abinsk

The list is far from complete,but sufficient for familiarization in several races.

So, we got acquainted with the places of Russian power by regions, studied their influence and potential.

Go on a pilgrimage to the places of strength of the homeland. But remember - while communicating with the mountain, the lake, the temple, the relics of the holy person, pay attention to your feelings. If there is any discomfort, interrupt, thank the place and leave.

Be healthy and happy!

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