When a child has nasal cavity diseases, sprays and drops are often used to alleviate nasal breathing. But such compounds do not allow to cure the underlying disease, since their goal is to eliminate nasal congestion. A very effective remedy is washing the nose, which can be performed in various ways and compositions.


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  • 2 With the help of a syringe or a pear
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    • 2.3 year-old child Syringing have a three year old
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how to properly wash your baby

If you decide to wash your child's nose with saline solution, then for this purpose, Renault three options:

  1. using a pipette. This option refers to the most sparing, it is advisable to use it when carrying out the procedure with small childr
    en. In each nasal passage it is necessary to drip a saline solution in an amount of 3-6 pipettes. The disadvantages of this method can be attributed to the fact that part of the mucus along with the microbes passes into the mouth, and then swallowed.
  2. Using the rubber pear .This method is more effective, but for children it is less pleasant. Only adult children can evaluate the effect obtained after the procedure. They become much easier to breathe, unpleasant symptoms go away. To perform the washing, the patient becomes above the bathtub, bends over, opens his mouth, and in the meantime, the mother slowly injects the saline solution into one, and then into the other nostril.
  3. Self-washing .To implement it you need to draw a nose solution. This option should be used by absolutely adult children. Pour the prepared saline solution( from ordinary or sea salt) in the palm of your hand and draw it with your nose. At the end of the procedure, blow your nose.

The video tells how to properly wash your nose with salt water:

With Aquamarine

To achieve the desired effect of using Aquamarine and thorough cleansing of the baby's nose, you should follow certain rules. Before the procedure it is necessary to calm and lay on the back, the head to turn to the barrel. First, drip the solution into the upper nasal passage, and then bend the head to the other side and perform similar actions. The liquid that flows out must be cleaned with a napkin. Repeat treatment 3-4 times a day. Aquamaris solution for washing the nose

by Akvalor

The presented drug can be used for the youngest patients. To do this, it is necessary to conduct 2 drops of Aqualor in each nostril. After this, the liquid with bacteria should be eliminated by using a nasal aspirator. Mortar Acqualore

Eliminate nasal congestion can help Aqualor Norm, Baby and Soft. When used, irrigation is carried out in a jet. Thanks to this, it is possible to eliminate the crusts and purulent plugs.


Dolphin is a medicinal product that is actively used for the therapy of rhinitis in small patients. For carrying out the manipulation, it is necessary to insert the discharge pipe into one nasal passage, but not too deep. After the bottle is squeezed into the nose, fluid enters through the cavity and pours out of the other nostril. All manipulation takes place in the bathroom, and the child tilts at an angle of 90 degrees. Dolphin

There are other preparations as well as nasal lavage formulations. Read than wash your nose in different cases.

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Using a syringe or pear

A rubber pear is an excellent device for cleaning a child's nose. To carry out the procedure it is necessary to follow the following procedure:

  1. Before rinsing, the pear should be rinsed with warm soapy water.
  2. Toddler to lay on the back, fill the pear with a solution, insert one of its tip into the nostril and squeeze out the careful contents.
  3. After the baby should blow his nose. Do all the manipulation with another nostril.
  4. After washing, wash the pear in warm water.

The video tells how to wash your baby's nose at home:

At what age can you perform the procedure

Nasal flushing is a very effective prevention and treatment for colds. It is very important to conduct such activities during the cold season, but not all parents understand how to perform the washing and at what age to do it is allowed.

How do I wash my nose with small children? If the procedure involves the use of a syringe, then it is allowed to apply it to children no younger than 2-3 years. If the toddler has not yet reached this age, then the nose is rinsed with a pipette. But this method is not effective, but safer, since the baby does not have to hold his breath for a long time. Here you can see how to wash the nose of the infant with saline.

The video tells how to rinse the nose of an infant with aquamaris:

Here you can learn more about how to treat a cold in a newborn.

How to flush a one-year-old child

A pipette should be used to flush a nose in a year-old child. First, put the baby on his back, insert a solution into each nasal passage, and then plant it so that the liquid flows through the nose and throat. Do not use douching for such small children, since the solution will be supplied under pressure, and this leads to injury to the nasal septum, as well as to form otitis media.

The video tells how to properly wash the nose with a child aquamaris:

Douching in a three-year-old child

After preparing a solution for washing the nose and preparing the syringe, it can go directly to manipulation. At this age the baby can already stand, so tilt his body, turn his head to the side. There is such that the child does not allow to wash the nose, that's why you need to perform the procedure in a game form. Use a syringe to collect saline solution and pour it into the nostril, so that during the introduction of the product the child does not breathe. After the baby should take a position, sitting and blowing his nose. When a child can not blow his own nose, then drain the mucus with a syringe. Similar activities to do with another nostril.

The video tells how to properly cleanse the nose for 2 years, 3 years:

Procedure for older children

For children of a more adult age, the nose is washed by the following method:

  1. Sit the baby in front of the tub, lower the head and bring the chin to the neck,opened.
  2. pressing on the pear, enter the solution into one nasal passage.
  3. After the composition has been introduced and all the mucus exits the second nostril, then go to the other side.
  4. Be sure to make sure that the baby is carefully sketched, only then he is allowed to lift his head. washing the nose of children

How often can I do the procedure

How many times can I do the washing? For therapeutic purposes, the nose should be washed for 1-2 weeks, but not less than 4 times a day. When a doctor prescribes an ointment or drops, then they should be used immediately after washing. The maximum effect can be achieved through the penetration of these funds on the cleaned nasal mucosa.

Nasal washing in a child is the most effective procedure, during which it is possible to eliminate unpleasant cold symptoms and nasal congestion. But for the necessary effect is to adhere to all the presented rules and recommendations. If a child does not have a runny nose for a long time, then you can read it than treat it. Sometimes bioparox is used in children's colds.