Why do people get fat? Causes. How to avoid weight gain?

According to official statistics, every third inhabitant of our planet suffers from excess weight. In some countries, this ratio is even more catastrophic. At the same time, obesity is caught not only by countries with a high standard of living, but also by other countries. The reasons for which people are overweight are numerous, and often they have systemic effects on the human body.

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Why do people get fat with age?

After about thirty years, the aging process is beginning to manifest in the human body. This is due to the natural degradation of all the vital systems that determine the functioning of the body. It is at this age, all the consequences, the effects on the body that were committed earlier, begin to manifest. Bad habits, wrong way of life, obvious genetic predis

positions and so on.
One of the signs of aging is the increase in the amount of fat deposits that lead to overweight. Among the reasons that lead to the manifestation of obesity can be identified:
Decreased muscle mass. The average person( depending on gender and genetic predisposition) loses 1.5 to 2% of muscle tissue per year. And since the amount of calories consumed remains unchanged, then it actively replaces fat. Which takes 2.5 times more volume than the muscles, so visually, even at a constant weight, a person begins to look much more plump.
Changing the hormonal background. This process is especially noticeable in men. The level of testosterone( male sex hormone) decreases every year, which in turn increases the percentage of fat in the body. With the female body is another process, there is an excess of female sex hormone( estrogen), which is responsible for reproductive function. One of the features of this hormone is the accumulation of adipose tissue, to ensure the development of the fetus( especially the correct development of the baby's brain).

IMPORTANT: As with age, in the female body there is a disturbance of the balance of hormonal systems, as a result, the amount of estrogen is in excess, which leads to the accumulation of excess weight.

Metabolic retardation. In most cases, the metabolic rate is slowed, which leads to the accumulation of adipose tissue due to an excess of calories.

Why people get fat: psychology

One of the main causes of obesity, modern scientists consider stress, which is increasingly exposed to modern man.
It is proven that the level of metabolism and the normal functioning of the human hormonal system, a huge influence has a long, full sleep. It is during a night's sleep that the body manages to test and adjust all the restoring processes that are started by the body. And as you know, the biggest opponents of sleep are psychological stress and frustration.
In addition, under the influence of stress, many people develop a stereotype of behavior that is associated with eating. And usually this behavior is due to the subconscious need not only to saturate the body, but also to irritation of pleasure centers, which can partially neutralize the psychological negativity. As a result, the body receives an excessive amount of calories, which are deposited in fat cells.
Another psychological factor in the emergence of excess weight can be called habits in nutrition and lifestyle. Many people, due to various circumstances, constitute a certain stereotype of behavior in everyday life. There are many factors that are usually complex. These are the habits of a dense supper before going to bed, lack of breakfast, large breaks in eating, insufficient water intake, fast food, periodic alcohol intake, and much more.

IMPORTANT: All these complex bad habits create an ideal environment, so that a person can not break out of the vicious circle: psychological stress - wrong way of life - physiological stress - obesity.
Therefore, it is often the fight against one's own habits that is the starting point for preventing excess weight and getting a healthy and fit body.

How to avoid weight gain?

In order to avoid overweight gain, it is necessary to take a systemic approach that can be characterized as a complex of rational nutrition and balanced physical activities.
Many people when they hear about rational nutrition, immediately represent a strict restrictive diet regime. This is not quite true. In the case when you need to return the form and lose weight, of course you can not do without a diet that reduces to creating a calorie deficit. But if it is a question of preventing obesity, then the question is to use in the menu its balanced components: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

IMPORTANT: In most cases, the human body lacks protein.

Because it is protein( in English - a protein) is the material for creating new cells of the body. In addition, it is used by the body in case of a shortage of carbohydrates to replenish energy. The protein is much faster than the fat cells decay, so if necessary, to get "fast" energy, the decomposition is the protein( muscle) tissue. This phenomenon is called catabolism. In contrast to anabolism( creation), at the same time protein compounds are destroyed and energy is formed.
Recommended food proportions, make up 40-50% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 30-20% fat.
Many people who start using dietary nutrition, try to limit the intake of carbohydrates and fats. Then there is a big mistake. The body needs both carbohydrates and fats for normal and effective functioning. Since it is carbohydrates that provide the body with energy and their deficiency can lead to the process of protein tissue decay and increase in fatty deposits. Another thing is that

is IMPORTANT: carbohydrates should be evenly ingested, as their rapid administration also leads to the appearance of fatty deposits, because the body does not have time to use all of their energy and begins to accumulate them.

Therefore, when consuming carbohydrates, in the diet should be predominantly the so-called "slow carbohydrates", for example, various porridges. This should exclude fast carbohydrates, such as sugar, baking and so on.
Just do not forget about the consumption of fats. Excluding them from the diet, in turn, can lead to the opposite effect, because it is paradoxical that they trigger the mechanism of protein absorption and participate in the process of anabolism. Another thing is that not all fats are useful. It is necessary to eat foods that contain omega-3 fats, the source of which is for example sea fish, some types of oil( for example, linseed and olive), nuts and so on.

IMPORTANT: When switching to a rational diet, remember that the amount of food is better to increase to 4-5, which is very useful for accelerating the metabolism( assimilation) of the body. Such a diet allows you to constantly maintain energy in the body and prevent its deficiency, which leads to a feeling of hunger.

How to regain harmony?

It's much more difficult to restore your smart appearance than to support it. For this it is necessary to go to much. And first of all you need to change your bad habits with respect to nutrition. In this case, it will be necessary to carry out a whole range of measures, which should include the following:

  • compiling a diet aimed at creating a calorie deficit;
  • use of rational nutrition, both in the selection of products and in its mode;
  • performing a combination of power and cardio loads to preserve muscle mass and burn fatty deposits.

Usually success in achieving a slim body is 70% dependent on nutrition and 30% of physical activity, and this is confirmed by practice. It is the creation of a calorie deficit that allows you to get rid of excess weight, but usually with this the human body loses basically muscle mass. Therefore, physical loads are also needed that will allow it to be preserved. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly draw up a training plan.

It should be remembered that in the human body there are three types of fat deposits:

  • subcutaneous;
  • visceral( on internal organs);
  • sexual( abdomen and hips in women, stomach and chest in men).

IMPORTANT: The first and second type of fat deposits are well suited for burning when using cardio loads. In the case of sex, for men, the power loads that trigger the mechanisms of producing the male hormone - testosterone. For women, everything is much more complicated, in the case of hormonal obesity, it is necessary to make hormonal background analyzes and medication to bring it in order. In the opposite case, significant changes in the amount of fatty deposits are difficult to achieve, and sometimes impossible.

Why people get fat: tips

To avoid overweight gain or lose weight, you can take advantage of these tips:

  • drink in the morning one glass of water at room temperature, to disperse the metabolism;
  • use 1.5-2 liters of water per day, water is necessary for the breakdown of fats;
  • additionally drink water during exercise, to avoid its drawback;
  • eat 4-5 times a day in small portions;
  • do not combine proteins and fats, fats and carbohydrates in food;
  • balance the amount of calories consumed with the required rate of their consumption;
  • use cardio-operations, at least three times a week( that can be walking or slow running);
  • do not try to lose more than 1% of weight a week, it's too much stress for the body, remember the effect of "yo-yo";
  • exercise;
  • sleep well( 6-8 hours per day);
  • do not drink alcohol( especially beer);
  • do not eat "fast" carbohydrates, give preference to cereals;
  • try to avoid stress.

IMPORTANT: Look at life positively!

Why people get fat: video

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