One of the painful topics for newly mums is a runny nose in a baby or simply the need to rinse the nose. In the first days of life, the crumb is so helpless, for every touch it reacts in different ways. Of course, an adult will not like it if someone starts to start something in his nose. But the thoughts and actions of the mother should be aimed at maintaining the health of her baby, so you have to overcome all your fears and go to the meeting with the necessary, albeit unpleasant manipulations.

How to cure a common cold in a child of 2 years is indicated in this article.


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how to wash a nose to an infant

All parents want to achieve the truth and learn how to wash the nosechild so that he does not cry and the most important thing is how to do it. During such procedure from the nasal sinuses there is slime, crusts, pathogenic

microbes are killed, along with which the virus begins to die. Constant procedures allow the nasopharynx to become moist and become a good barrier against getting various infections.

Drugs prescribed to you by the doctor( vasoconstrictors) will work much more effectively after the rinsing procedure.

Here's what you need for the correct and painless procedure:

  • Wadding or cotton wool.
  • Sea salt.
  • Vaseline oil.
  • Permanent solution of chamomile or sage.
  • Vaseline oil.
  • Syringe or syringe without needle.

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The video tells how and how to wash the nose of a baby:

It is believed that it is best to wash it when the child is in a vertical position, but for this he must be able to hold his head firmly. The procedure for washing in infants is slightly different from older babies.

  1. The rinse aid must be prepared in advance. .Our remedy is saline solution, which is prepared by mixing 1 cup of warm boiled water and 2 teaspoons of sea salt. After this, you can conduct a second rinse, but not with the addition of salt, and medicinal broths( chamomile, calendula, sage, eucalyptus).Repeat the procedure can be an hour after the salt washing. Double action will help not only to remove puffiness and stuffiness, but also to cope with the infection. how to wash your nose to your baby for up to a year
  2. The mixed solution is poured into the pear or syringe , the child sits over the basin or bowl, opening his mouth slightly so that water does not flow into the throat, but flows down. The adult starts to gradually inject liquid into the nose, slowly, observing the behavior of the baby.
  3. To control the flow of solution, it is better to take a syringe, at first the pressure should be minimal .Once the child has become accustomed to these sensations, the flow of the solution can be increased. After washing the first jet, you can take on the second one.

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To a newborn

Washing the nose in a baby and for mom and for him is akin to an execution. The procedure is necessary only after the appointment of a doctor. Even if there is no temperature, the doctor should examine the child and make the correct diagnosis. It is possible that the common cold does not refer to any virus or disease at all and can be functional. Therefore, it will pass by itself in the same way as it began. But, if a sufficient amount of mucus has accumulated in the nose and the child can not breathe properly because of this, then the nozzle will still have to be washed. how to wash your nose with saline solution for 1 year

The baby's nose must always be in perfect condition. It does not depend on whether he is ill or not. Therefore, the mother should regularly inspect the baby. When finding small crusts, you can use a cotton wool.

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What you need to have: a saline solution, a pear and a syringe without a needle.

  1. Each young parent in the medicine cabinet should have a small rubber pear. With it, the spout can be rinsed by removing the remains of crusts or mucus from it. Your child will react negatively to such actions, but you will have to suffer, otherwise the treatment will not bring the desired effect. small rubber pear for washing the nose to the baby
  2. this saline solution can be bought at any pharmacy. Of his varieties you will need to choose the one that will maximally fit your goals and the age of the baby. If for some reason you can not buy it, then prepare it yourself: 1 teaspoon of salt mixed with a liter of boiled water. It will be more convenient to dissolve the mixture in hot water, but before washing, the salted water must be cooled to room temperature.
  3. Take the syringe. It is better, if you have a small insulin for 2 ml of fluid, remove the needle from it. If you find a much larger syringe, monitor the infusion of solution into the nose of the baby.
  4. Lay the baby on the barrel and feed a thin trickle of liquid into the upper nostril. Usually, the mouth of a child with a blocked nose is always open, but for greater caution, check again - the solution should pour through the mouth.

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Carefully follow where the next solution comes from, after the nose, the saline solution. If the child with a closed mouth is suppressed by a liquid, rather lay it on your arm with your stomach down and begin to pat on the back.

If the doctor has prescribed nasal drugs, then they should be applied only after rinsing for maximum effect.

Do not engage in self-medication, because such a small, weak and fragile organism can react differently to "wrong" drugs. Medications for adults or for older children may not give any result at all except as negative.


If your crumbs have a runny nose, then take immediate action. Keep in mind that such small children do not know how to breathe through their mouths, so they will not be able to sleep or eat peacefully.

From this article you can learn how to treat a runny nose in an infant.

how to properly wash your nose for a month

You will need: a decoction of chamomile, salt, pipette, thermometer. Syringes, nasal children's drops.

  1. If the runny nose is accompanied by fever, then the infection of has got into the body. But you can cope with this in just a week, if you regularly use decoctions of medicinal herbs or saline. But before you start treatment, be sure to consult your pediatrician.
  2. Rhinitis can also cause allergy to flower dust or animal hair. At the same time, the temperature may even rise. Allergic secretions are watery in nature and appear in large numbers. When visiting a doctor, a specialist will pay attention to the condition of other mucous membranes and only after that will make a final diagnosis. Usually this kind of cold is treated with antihistamines( syrup, drops for babies).
  3. Help your child to cope with an unpleasant cold even more quickly - spend washing with chamomile or saline 5-6 times a day. To do this, a few drops of fluid need to be introduced into each nostril of the baby with a special baby dropper, and then a pear to choose the leftovers.

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In any manipulation with young children, stay extremely accurate, since even one extra touch can injure the walls of the nose or disrupt the mucosa.

2-3 month

  1. Use a wetted flagellum or pear to remove the crust and mucus from the baby's nose.
  2. Prepare the medicinal liquid that you are about to dig in the crumb. It can be saline or an infusion of herbs. It is possible that such a simple mixture you can prepare yourself without leaving home.
  3. In a syringe or a baby dropper, take a solution, lay the baby on its side and drop a few drops into each nostril.
  4. To keep the medication from getting into your ear or throat, hold your hand lightly with the head of the crumb.
  5. Tilt your head back so that the solution can not flow out of the nozzle.
  6. If the product still got in the throat and the baby started to choke, turn it on the stomach and pat on the back. how to properly wash your nose for a month

Sometimes, on the advice of loved ones, parents begin to drip different oils to facilitate the breathing of their baby. Be very careful with this, as most of these tools are only used for 2 years.

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4-5 month

At this age, almost every child holds the head well enough, so you can apply the method of vertical washing, that is, in an upright position.

  1. A solution of herbal decoction or saline is drawn into the syringe.
  2. The child is above the bowl, which will drain the liquid that has passed through the nasopharynx.
  3. Introduce the liquid first with a thin trickle so that the baby gets used to the sensations. Then the pressure can be increased.
  4. Keep an eye on the position of the head - it should be tilted slightly forward so that the solution can easily flow out of the mouth.
  5. After washing the first nostril, you can also take the second one. how to properly wash your nose 4-5 months

From 6 months to 1 year

The whole difficulty of washing the nose at such an early age is that the septa in the nose are too close together until the baby is slightly older, any runny nose will cause terrible discomfort, the baby will not sleep well,eat, and so on.

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In 6-7 months the child behaves more consciously, begins to play with you, so the task of every mother: in any case not to scare him with this procedure, but to present it as entertainment. A small instruction:

  1. Rubber pear clean the nose of the accumulated mucus.
  2. Sit the child upright, slightly tilting his head down and substituting under a bowl or basin, you can and over the sink.
  3. With a small syringe, slowly and with a small pressure, start squeezing out the solution( decoction of herbs or saline) into the first nostril, then you can increase the pressure.
  4. Control where the liquid leaks so that it does not enter the eyelet or throat.
  5. The procedure will be considered complete when the leaky solution is completely clean.
  6. Then you can try blowing your nose and raising your head.

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The video tells how to rinse the nose for a child up to a year:

The method of washing the nose in a baby depends on its development. Those kids who do not know how to hold their heads, lie down on the barrel and so take the medicinal liquid. Anyone who is older can go through the washing process in an upright position.