Asthma is a pathological process that carries not only unpleasant symptoms, but is also quite dangerous. Today, every day the number of people who are diagnosed with this disease is increasing. And it's good that pharmacies have a number of effective drugs, through which it is possible to facilitate the life of such patients.

Among the rich range of drugs worth noting is Atrovent. It is an inhalant preparation that serves to arrest spasms of the smooth muscles of the bronchi. Use it is possible only after the appointment of a doctor.


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atrovent for inhalations

The atrovent is a drug that contains components with which the neuromuscular transmission occurs. Due to this, the effect of the drug is relaxed. Once its active ingredients have penetrated into the bronchi and alveoli, they come into conflict with the acelecholine, so smooth muscles

no longer respond to brain signals with respect to contraction. Thus, Atrovent - a bronchodilator drug that has a symptomatic effect.

The main advantage of the drug is its high effectiveness. When carrying out inhalation in the bronchi and lungs, about 10-30% of the required dosage of the main substance is dispatched. In this case, the medicine does not exert an irritating and cauterizing effect on the mucous membrane. In addition, the part of the drug that does not reach the affected organs settles in the mouth and throat, and then the patient swallows it. But, given the fact that Atrovent has a low absorption, it all leaves the body through the intestine, not penetrating into the blood.

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Atrovent is used in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary pathology, which leads to the development of bronchospasm, as well as for bronchial asthma of mild and moderate degree. In this case, inhalations act as supporting therapy. In acute attacks of bronchospasm, the medicine is combined with inhaled beta2-agonists.

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How to dilute

atrovent for inhalations for children

For adults and children who are already over 12 years old, the drug can use a dosage of 40 drops for the nebulizer. The number of procedures per day is 3. Patients 6-12 years of age, the dosage is 20 drops of solution 3 times a day. Children up to 6 years of age, the drug can be used in the amount of 8-20 drops, but strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Before delivering the drug to a nebulizer, it must be diluted with saline solution. Its amount is 3 ml. Taking into account the chosen method of inhalation and the quality of spraying, the dosage of the drug is determined. Repeat inhalations should be no earlier than 2 hours.

How to use


Children over 6 years and adults can carry out inhalations in the amount of 2 doses 4 times a day. If there is a special need, the dosage of the drug can be increased to 12 inhalations per day. Regarding the use of the solution during pregnancy, it is allowed to do inhalation procedures in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. But the use of medicines on the initial steel of bearing a child is prohibited.

As for the duration of the manipulation, it can be different. Here everything determines the type of nebulizer. It is necessary to perform the procedure until the entire solution leaves the device. The remedy that remains in the nebulizer after completion of the manipulation is not allowed to re-engage.

When using Atrovent, a bronchodilating effect is achieved. But in this regard, the drug is slightly inferior to such drugs as Salbutamol and Berotek. A positive effect of Atrovent application, can be observed in 5-10 minutes after he entered the body. The maximum effect of inhalation is observed after 1-1.5 hours. And it will last about 6 hours.

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You can buy Atrovent in a pharmacy without a prescription. Its cost is 250 rubles.


  • Albina, 34 years old : "Not so long ago the child was very ill. He is 7 years old, the doctor diagnosed with bronchitis. It's good that we visited the doctor on time, so we managed to avoid the chronization of the process. The treatment was rather lengthy. The doctor assigned us a list of necessary drugs. In the beginning my son became better. He began to sleep normally, the pain in his chest and throat went away. But here the cough was dry, and it remained. No sputum did not come out. Then I told the doctor about this, and he prescribed us to carry out inhalations in Atrovent. We did this with the help of a nebulizer. This is a very convenient thing, especially when treating children. I turn on the cartoon and let him breathe healing couples. The duration of the manipulation will be 15 minutes. In total, we made 2-3 of them a day. Positive effect was noted on day 2.Cough began to transform from dry to wet, sputum began to come out. And after 6 days the ailment was completely defeated. "
  • Inna, 23 years old: "With the help of Atrovent, I managed to cure a protracted cough that arose against the background of a common cold. In the beginning, I got fever, began to disturb the runny nose, and after 5 days there was a dry cough. He was so torn that he had a sore throat and sternum. In the hospital I was prescribed inhalations with Atrovent. Did or made them on 3 procedures in day. The next day it became easier for me, but I headed the course to the end. Thanks to this treatment, I managed to reduce the intensity of cough reflex, stop pain, and withdraw phlegm. "
  • Oleg, 43 years old: "I treated bronchitis quite a long time, until the drug Atrovent was recommended to me in the pharmacy. I did inhalations for the first time, but this procedure is rather pleasant. Of course, I had to purchase a nebulizer, but this thing should be in the medicine cabinet for everyone. Apply the solution in the amount specified in the instructions. I took 3 procedures a day. A few days later the condition began to improve, and after 8 days the cough completely left me. "

Atrovent is a medicinal product that is successfully used in the treatment of bronchial and lung diseases. The peculiarity of the drug is that it is not absorbed into the blood, so it is safe for children. And although side effects are extremely rare, in the case of their detection, the use of Atrovent is canceled, and all the changes in the body are reported to the treating doctor.