Perhaps every mother at least once faced such a disturbing and painful symptom in a child, like reddening of the throat. This fact can mean a lot of different diseases: from mild respiratory to serious infectious. It is known that the redness of the throat is in any case caused by viruses or bacteria, and the doctor's task is to find out which microbes attacked in this case and to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The red throat causes a lot of unpleasant sensations to the child: it hurts, sates, pershit, the baby becomes sick to eat and talk. From the article we learn what causes reddening of the throat, and find out how to treat this symptom in children of different ages. We also find out that the pediatrician Komarovsky thinks about the treatment.


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Causes of

When mucous membranes are injected with foreign pathogens, with weakened immunity the mucous membrane becomes inflamed, swells, to it from the inside pours blood to "strengthen" the defensive forces. As a result, we can observe with a naked eye a red, slightly swollen, ruffled throat in a child. What causes this condition.

Pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Respiratory ailments and the flu. red throat in a child

Sometimes, reddening of the throat can be caused by chicken pox. But, usually this disease is diagnosed by the characteristic rashes on the skin.

Such serious and dangerous "childhood" diseases, like measles, rubella and diphtheria, will also necessarily lead to reddening of the throat.

Diseases of the digestive system may be the culprits of this symptom. For example, gastroduodenitis in the chronic phase or dyskinesia.

Infants with reddened throat( although not critical) can cause teething.

In children with weak immunity, the throat can turn red, swell and hurt even when inhaled gassed, dusty air, and after a long stay in a room with dry air.

On video, than to treat a red throat in a child:

As you can see, the reasons for this symptom are quite diverse. To find out the exact it is necessary to visit the doctor and undergo an appropriate examination. This is a necessary condition, and the key to successful recovery of the baby.

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Let's find out how to treat the red throat in children of different age categories. Here we give general recommendations, since the exact treatment will be prescribed by the doctor, based on the relevant specific diagnosis.


In this case, everything is complicated by the fact that the baby's body is weak, and many medicines to him simply can not. For babies it is good to use folk methods of treatment that will safely and gently contribute to basic therapy. But be sure to first consult with your doctor about any chosen method of home treatment. red throat

A warm compress with a decoction of chamomile or calendula has a good effect. The compress can even be left for an hour and a half, while the baby is sleeping. Attention: if the redness of the throat is associated with swelling, warm compresses can not be set: they can contribute to the rapid development of edema of the laryngeal mucosa.

As a soft compress, you can also use warm, low-fat cottage cheese. This remedy warms up the throat well, and is safe.

It is good to give babies weak tea from chamomile, but only after this method is approved by the doctor. Chamomile is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, besides it acts very gently and safely.

If a child sucks a pacifier, it will not prevent from time to time lubricate it with an oil solution of chlorophyllipt. This safe drug is allowed even to infants, and contributes to the rapid elimination of infection. problems with a child

When you bathe the baby in the bath, add a weak decoction of eucalyptus leaves to the water. This device will have a bactericidal and immunomodulating effect.

It is possible to arrange in the baby's room the peeled onion and garlic. Volatile phytoncides of these spicy vegetables are able to purify the air of many pathogenic bacteria.

Regularly moisten the air in the child's room, especially in winter, when the radiators are turned on. This method will help to eliminate discomfort when swallowing, remove perspiration, dryness.

To raise the immunity of a child to the required level, it is possible to give him drugs with interferon( Anaferon), which naturally strengthen the defenses of the body.


Anaferon for a child

Children from one year to three years

Most of the tips from a previous age point are appropriate for this case. But there are more specific recommendations.

For an inflammatory infection( sore throat, pharyngitis, gingivitis), the child will be helped by Lizobakt( and here is the difference between Tharyngept and Lizobakt, described in this article).When infectious inflammation helps well Efizol. But appoint these drugs should only a doctor.

ether for a child

Efizol for a child

Irrigating a throat with appropriate sprays will be of great help. Not bad helps Ingalipt and other preparations of this kind. Attention: sprinkle the spray not directly into the baby's throat, but on the inside of his cheeks. This precaution is necessary so that the child does not choke on a liquid aerosol spray.

inhalipt for a child

Ingalipt for a child

To soften an irritated mucous membrane, you can lubricate it with oily solutions of chlorophyllipt, sea buckthorn oil or eucalyptus oil. Oils of dogrose and propolis also perfectly suited. The composition is applied to the gauze tampon, which gently mucus throat is processed. But how correctly to apply Ingalipt spray for children, is described in this article.

Compress in the form of a cabbage leaf will help to "pull out" the infection, to alleviate the condition of the child.

Keep an eye on the level of air humidity in the room: dry air aggravates all unpleasant symptoms, causes perspiration in the throat. Let the baby drink more warm liquid, which will moisten the mucous membrane, and help to remove toxins from the body.

Older children

If the red throat causes an inflammatory infection( pharyngitis, sore throat, laryngitis), an older child can be given Teraflu, which can quickly relieve the condition.

If the disease is caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics prescribed by the doctor are used.

The following are recommended:

  • Tsiprolet;
    ciprolet for children

    TSiprolet for children

  • Antibiotic Amoxiclav in angina;


  • Flemoxin( And here is how the Flemoxin solutab is used in angina in adults, described in this article);


  • Sumamed( And here Sumamed is used for sinusitis in children, described in detail in this article).


Antibiotics are more likely to give a child orally, however, in some cases, their intramuscular or intravenous administration may be prescribed. Usually this method of treatment is prescribed if the condition of the child is very serious, and the disease is serious.

Rinsing the throat with special saline, home herbal medicinal herbs, soda and furacilin solutions will have an antibacterial effect, eliminate the microbes accumulated in the throat, and help alleviate the inflammation.

If the child's temperature does not exceed 38 degrees, then it does not need to be knocked down. And if it has exceeded, give the child a safe antipyretic: Panadol, children's Paracetamol.



It's good to give your baby a warm drink. Heated milk and honey are especially useful for reddening of the throat. You can give this medicine only if the child does not have allergies to honey. It is useful to give and warm cocoa with milk. In the drink you need to put a piece of butter to soften the throat. Cocoa should be drunk before bedtime: it, in addition, also contributes to rapid falling asleep.

Lugol solution is suitable for lubricating the throat in children of the "older age category".For the procedure, it is necessary to moisten the gauze tampon in the solution, and then carefully, but gently, treat it with the mucous throat. Lugol solution can also be used for rinsing.

lugol solution for children

Lugol solution for children

For faster recovery, you need to use special sprays for irrigation of the throat.

The following preparations are suitable:

  • Tantum Verde;
    tertum verde for children

    Tantum Verde for children

  • Geksoral;


  • Miramistin, etc.

If redness in the throat is associated with pain, you can give the baby lollipops and lozenges for absorption. Children are so fond of sweet treatment, and are happy to adhere to it.

Suitable medicinal lozenges, such as:

  • Doctor MoM;
    Dr. MoM for Children

    Doctor MoM for Children

  • Falimint;

    The Falimint

  • Bronchicum.

Komarovsky's opinion

We learn what the famous doctor Komarovsky says about the treatment of the red throat in children.

The pediatrician claims that almost 90% of all cases of reddening of the throat in children are somehow connected with ARVI.However, a dry nose with a red throat means the onset of a bacterial infection such as angina or even diphtheria.

The doctor does not advise any independent diagnoses. And even more so, he is against the treatment prescribed for the child. Red throat can be caused by various diseases, so a competent doctor can prescribe a competent diagnosis.

As one of the most common causes of reddening of the child's throat Komarovsky calls too dry air indoors. Sometimes, when this external symptom is eliminated, the redness in the baby's throat also disappears. The doctor recommends using a humidifier in the children's room, considering this mechanism an invaluable assistant in the struggle for the excellent well-being of the child.

On the video of Dr. Komarovsky:

The doctor categorically does not advise to bring down the temperature, if it did not exceed 37 degrees. Even raising to 38 degrees is quite a natural physiological reaction of the body, which it is better not to interfere with. A noncritical rise in temperature speaks of the functioning immunity of the baby and that the protective forces of his body are not asleep. Of course, it is necessary to lower the temperature.

If the red throat is caused by the development of a bacterial infection in the body, it is strictly prohibited to treat the child with folk methods. And, moreover, to make them the main means, consider a panacea. Bacterial inflammatory processes are very serious, and fraught with serious complications. To eliminate them, you need to take antibiotics and have constant medical supervision.

General advice

For an ill child of any age( 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years and older), bed rest is extremely important, and stay in a calm environment. It is necessary to exclude dish-stimuli from the baby's diet: too sweet, salty, sour, sharp.

The whole diet should be fresh and soft in consistency, so as not to obstruct swallowing. Forced feeding is not recommended: to maintain the body of food is required very little, and with a sore throat, any sip can deliver a child a lot of pain.

We examined the characteristics of such an unpleasant symptom, like the red throat in children. The reasons for this phenomenon are diverse, so the doctor should appoint a treatment after a thorough examination. Fulfilling all the prescriptions of the doctor and following the advice from our article, you will be able to quickly help the baby.