Choosing the most effective and maximally natural cough syrup, many parents seem to be a top priority. This opinion is a little erroneous, because the recovery of syrup affects only indirectly, and with the focus of infection another antiviral drug or antibiotic is fighting. Cough syrup will help to speed up liquefaction and sputum discharge from the bronchi and lungs, but with a particularly painful and dry cough it is due to the syrup that the most painful symptom is removed. That is why it is worthwhile to seriously and responsibly approach the choice of a suitable drug and not engage in self-medication. Cough syrups for children list can be seen by reading the article below.

How to use cough syrup during pregnancy Dr. Mom, is indicated in this article.


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Advantages of

cough syrups for children list

The medicinal form of the syrup is very convenient, because the mixture is ready and can only be accurately measureddose and give the baby. A great advantage of syrup will be a pleasant taste, children are usually very willing to take this medicine and even ask for supplements. Along with this, there are also shortcomings, which these medicines also have. More details can be classified as follows.

Advantages and disadvantages of syrups

Advantages of Disadvantages of
  • Ready mix that does not require cooking.
  • Special chemicals are used to maintain the consistency.
  • Sweet taste that children love.
  • Often the composition includes non-natural sugar substitutes.
  • Good efficiency in complex treatment.
A doctor's consultation is required to determine the cause of the cough.
A wide range of pharmacy products. Difficulty in choosing the right drug.
Diversified price range. The cost of many syrups is artificially inflated by marketing techniques and advertising in the price.

What kind of syrup from an allergic cough for children is best used, is stated in the article.

This list can be continued indefinitely, the main thing is that each parent should understand the basic theses himself and do not trust the blindly advertised drug that helps the television hero win-win. Before buying a suitable drug, it is necessary to find out the cause of the cough, and only then to choose a remedy that can contribute to the treatment of this disease.

The video tells about the causes of cough and ways to treat it:

Causes and possible treatment for


Cough is not an independent disease, it's just a symptom that is caused by a number of reasons. Correct diagnosis is already half the journey on the way to a speedy recovery. Sometimes, to defeat a cough, a cough syrup can not be accepted, it will be enough to change some environmental factors or resort to other procedures, such as inhalations or rubbing.

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By its nature, a cough can be:

  • Allergic : in this case, conventional means will be powerless, should be removed if possible allergen and take special antihistamines, which can also be in the form of syrups.
  • Dry , caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Dry cough can manifest itself at the very beginning of the disease and it should be treated only if it does not go into the "wet" stage itself. To do this, use antitussive drugs that stimulate the formation of mucous secretions. The more and more sputum is secreted and coughing up, the faster the organism will cope with the disease.
  • Wet cough indicates that the healing process is progressing naturally and the main task is to create optimal conditions for prompt correction. Syrup from a wet cough will ensure maximum excretion of sputum, but if you take antitussive drugs, you can aggravate the situation. In this case, a large sputum emission will lead to serious problems with mild and complications of the disease.
  • Cough can be caused by a specific disease - whooping cough .

What is the price of the cough syrup Dr. Mom, you can find out from this article.

As you can see, there can be several options, and this, if you do not go deeper into the medical jungle and do not classify possible catarrhal diseases. Causes may be caused by parasites, as well as by strong dustiness of premises, for example, at work. Dry air can also provoke periodic attacks of cough, so it is so important to maintain a comfortable level of humidity, especially if the family has small children.

Assortment of

There are many variants of cough syrups in pharmacies, they all differ in composition and principle of action, therefore it is rather difficult to classify these preparations. If the characteristics take into account the price category, it will be a little easier to decide on the choice. But the principle of choice remains the same: all medicines must necessarily be prescribed by a doctor, because sometimes even a similar drug can not cope with the cause of cough due to a slightly different principle of action.

What is the price of syrup from the dry cough Herbion, you can find out by reading this article.


  • Propane - a product of plant origin, can be used to treat children from birth, the price is from 708 rubles per bottle 200 ml, homeopathic remedy. Sprouted vegetable cough syrup
  • Herbion plantain for dry cough, the cost of 221 rubles, 150 ml.
  • Herbion primrose for wet cough, the cost is from 223 rubles, 150 ml.
  • Dr. Tys syrup with plantain: price 187 rubles per 100 ml.
  • Doctor Mom on herbs, the cost is from 145 rubles, 100 ml.
  • Gedelix syrup, can be used for children up to a year old, contains exclusively natural ingredients. The price is 352 rubles per 100 ml. Quite cheap in the ratio of price and quality.
  • Stoptussin phyto - collection of natural herbal extracts, 100 ml costs only 186 rubles.
  • Tussamag 200 ml for 206 rubles.
  • Phytolor is a two-component preparation, the cost per 100 ml is 121 rubles. Phytolor from a child

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Optimum effect on cough of different nature syrups with combined action. Usually they are at least two-component, so they have such an effect on the causes and symptoms of coughing.

Combined Action

  • Ambrobe, a good mucaltic effect is due to the active substance - ambroxol, 100 ml 124 rubles. Ambroben
  • Lazolvan analogue of an amber, but with a lower concentration of active ingredient, 100 ml can be bought for 266 rubles.
  • Ambrohexal also has a similar effect, 100 ml of 112 rubles.
  • Ascoril - a combination of bromhexine, salbutanol and guaifenesin, is often used in the treatment of bronchial asthma. The cost is from 328 rubles for 200 ml.
  • Bronchipret price is 295 rubles per 100 ml.
  • Omnitus 200 ml of 158 rubles.
  • Suprima Broncho a wide range of effects, 100 ml of 130 rubles.
  • Travisil syrup, 100 ml - 180 rubles.
  • FLUIFORT - active substance carbocysteine, which has a strong mukaltic effect, the cost per 100 ml 289 rubles.
  • Halixol - 100 ml, active substance ambroksol. The cost is about 470 rubles.
  • Terasil D is a three-component preparation with an additional antihistamine effect. The cost is from 261 rubles per 100 ml.
  • Erespal, active substance fenspiride, the price is from 244 rubles for 150 ml.
  • Libexin Muko is available in children's and adult doses. The cost for 125 ml of a child's drug is 312 rubles, the adult - 349. Libexin Muk

There are also special categories of medicines without sugar. They are designed primarily for people with diabetes, but they are also great for children, because usually sugar substitutes are more useful for the developing organism.

How to use the cough syrup with laryngitis in children, you can find out by reading the article.

No added sugar

  • Linkas, a special formula without sugar, 120 ml, cost - 181 rubles. Lincas - for children and without the addition of sugar
  • Tussamag without sugar 175 g 222 rubles. Tussamag

Many cough syrups have also been created for children of the first year of life, but their use requires strict medical supervision, so do not risk the health of a little man and prescribe medication yourself or on the advice of friends.

What kind of syrup with laryngitis in children to choose and use, is indicated in the article.

The most safe for the treatment


  • Propane: can be used to treat children from birth, the price is from 708 rubles per bottle 200 ml.
  • Linkas for children from six months, 90 ml 148 rubles.
  • Eucabal is also applied from six months, 100 ml to 201 rubles. Eucabal
  • Sinecod can be used from two months, it helps from a dry cough of 200 ml of 318 rubles.
  • Gedelix syrup, can be used for children up to a year old, exclusively natural ingredients, on herbs. The price is 352 rubles per 100 ml.

Many of us remember the taste from childhood: Soviet cough syrups cope with any disease faster and more efficiently. Most people now trust precisely proven recipes, so they buy inexpensive analogues of foreign preparations.

What kind of syrup with barking cough is most often chosen, is indicated in the article.

The most inexpensive "Soviet" cough syrups:

  • Althea syrup, 125 ml - 45 rubles. Althea syrup
  • Pertussin - a combined herbal preparation, 100 ml of 26 rubles.
  • Licorice syrup is an inexpensive and effective drug, 100 ml costs only 45 rubles.
  • Broncholitin - 125 g. 85 rubles.
  • Bromhexine is a good help to get phlegm, the price is about 124 rubles per 100 ml. Bromhexine

What kind of syrup from barking cough in children is the most effective, indicated in the article.

As you can see, the choice is really huge and constantly updated with all new drugs. Most of them already have analogs, some are absolutely unique. An integrated approach in the treatment of cough will be a reliable and responsible decision, in which there is no place for thoughtless "self-activity".Do not abuse and prescribe yourself and children drugs on the advice of friends or by choosing at random from the pharmacy showcase. Cough syrups are also medicament preparations and contain many active ingredients in the formulation. If they diagnose the disease incorrectly, they will not bring anything but harm.