For the treatment of cold symptoms, including dry and wet cough, a procedure such as inhalation is excellent. It can be done in a special room for physiotherapy, and you can also at home, you only need to acquire a suitable device - a nebulizer. To prepare a solution for inhalation, various drugs and home remedies are used.

Among the most popular is a solution using baking soda. In this article, we will examine the benefits of soda inhalation, in what symptoms they help. In addition, we learn how to properly prepare a soda solution, and how to conduct the procedure itself.

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inhalation with soda in nebulizer

Let's find out in which cases the application of soda inhalations brings the greatest benefit.

First of all, soda solutions for inhalation procedures are indicated with a strong dry cough. This remedy softens the mucous membranes well, and cope even with barking, painful, tearing cough. Soda solution also helps with other ailments of cold and infectious nature associated with the nasopharynx and oral cavity.

An allergic rhinitis can also be eliminated with this simple but effective remedy. Soda procedure will help the voice of the voice to restore the former tone, and eliminate the perspiration in the throat.

Even flu-like symptoms can be alleviated by inhalation with a solution of ordinary soda. Other respiratory diseases are also often treated with soda inhalations: bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis.

The soda solution is good because it has a safe composition and a slightly alkaline reaction, which makes it a neutral preparation suitable for treating adults, children, and even women "in an interesting position."

Soda solution during the procedure perfectly moisturizes and softens the mucous, eliminates perspiration in the throat, thus relieving the dry, disturbing cough. It is shown even with a damp cough. A slightly alkaline reaction composition helps to destroy the painful microflora in the throat, which caused the disease. soda for inhalation

Soda solution refers to mucolytics, that is, with an expectorant effect. Soda helps to thin and remove the viscous mucus that has accumulated on the walls of the bronchi.

This simple solution gives a positive effect after the first inhalation. The patient immediately feels relief, and softening of the expressed cough. The optimal number of procedures for an adult is three times a day. This will be enough to quickly get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of colds, and improve the patency of the bronchi.

Soda solution helps both with dry, and with a productive, moist cough. This versatile effect makes it possible to use the solution, without much thought - a cough of what kind in this case.

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In what cases soda inhalations are contraindicated, we learn.

  • At high temperature. inhalation and soda
  • If there are diseases of the heart or blood vessels.
  • For lung diseases.
  • In case of hypertension.
  • If in the pharynx or in the airways there are inflammatory processes with a purulent discharge.
  • With oncological diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract.
  • In case of toxicosis during pregnancy.
  • With individual intolerance of soda in general, and sodium in particular, the procedure is excluded.

How to prepare a solution


Let's find out how to properly prepare a soda solution for use in a nebulizer.

When using a nebulizer soda solution can either be prepared on their own, or use a special drug for inhalation called "soda-buffer". In the finished product, the components are selected in an ideal proportion, and precise instructions for the preparation of the solution are attached.

To prepare a solution from a soda-buffer preparation, it is necessary to dilute it with 0.9% saline solution. For those who do not know, saline is sea salt, dissolved in water.

If you intend to prepare a soda solution on your own, the proportion is as follows: one teaspoon of baking soda per liter of pre-prepared saline. Soda should be thoroughly dissolved in saline, mix. Then the composition is poured into a nebulizer, and you can begin the procedure.

Combining soda inhalation with eucalyptus( with the addition of the essential oil or the drug "Eucalyptus") gives a more pronounced positive result.

For children

inhalation nebulizer for children

In this case, all along the procedure, it is necessary to be near the child in order to prevent the possibility of a burn or coughing.

Children under one year of soda inhalations are not done at all, and up to seven years the procedure is possible only with the permission of a pediatrician.

Duration of "child" inhalation - from three to five minutes maximum. Begin the course always from three minutes, if necessary, gradually increasing the time of the procedure. Children from the age of five can make soda inhalations with a solution volume of 3 ml. If the child is 10 to 15 years old, the volume of the solution can be increased to 5 ml. And after 15 years - there is already an "adult" dosage: 5-10 ml.

It is recommended to close eyes during soda inhalation. And children should not too often carry out this procedure: it is enough to do it twice a day: in the mornings and evenings to a noticeable decrease in painful symptoms.

If the child has an unforeseen negative reaction to the procedure, the inhalation is immediately stopped. Then you need to see a doctor for advice on this.

Inhalation with soda is recommended not earlier than an hour and a half after eating. To take food after the procedure is desirable not earlier than in half an hour.

For adults

inhalation nebulizer for adults

People with formed immunity can use soda solutions for inhalations freely, but no more than three times a day. In addition, this product is suitable for both dry cough and wet. We will give general recommendations on the use of this composition.

You should not do the procedure soon after eating: wait at least half an hour. Begin to eat after inhalation, too, can not be earlier than half an hour. It is not necessary to go out for an hour after the procedure. Especially if it is a frosty winter.

At temperatures above 37 degrees, the procedure is prohibited. It is not necessary after the procedure for an hour to talk to protect the vocal cords from overexertion.

The last daily inhalation with soda is recommended to be done no later than 19 hours. With a marked improvement in the condition, a weakening of cough and other positive symptoms of inhalation with soda it is recommended to cancel.

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When buying a nebulizer, pay attention, and ask the seller if it is possible to use soda solutions in this device. Not all nebulizers support this option. Before using the nebulizer for the first time, read the instructions attached to it. Do not forget to rinse the appliance thoroughly after each use and disinfect it.

For pregnant women

inhalation nebulizer for pregnant women

Several recommendations on the use of soda inhalations during pregnancy. The temperature of the solution should not exceed 60 degrees. So the probability of a burn will be ruled out, and the useful properties of sodium will be preserved more fully.

Pregnant shows the duration of the soda procedure in 10-15 minutes. Beginning from ten minutes, gradually "raising the bar".Between inhalations should take at least four hours, and a day can do no more than two procedures.

If the throat hurts or there is a strong cough, inhale the steam with your mouth, and with a cold, nose. Go to the street after the procedure to go out. It is necessary to wait indoors for at least an hour. This measure will help to prevent the possibility of catching and acquiring an infection.

If during the procedure a pregnant woman starts feeling worse, inhalation should be stopped immediately.

To the alarming signs include:

  • heart rate increase;
  • shortness of breath;
  • is a strong uncontrolled cough;
  • dizziness.

Attention: in case of severe toxicosis, the use of soda inhalations is prohibited, as this drug can provoke nausea.


The cost of the drug "Soda Buffer" is small: a bottle can be purchased from 40 to 130 rubles.a piece. The cost depends on the volume of the bottle. And if you prepare the solution yourself, it will cost a penny at all - the price of a heavy pack of baking soda is only 35 rubles - and its volume is enough for many procedures.

You can buy a nebulizer from 2500 rubles. And if you want an aggregate of the last generation, prepare to pay for it about six thousand rubles.

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Let's see what people say about soda inhalations that have tested this method of therapy.

  • Diana, 38 years old: "I recently had to recover from ARI: I managed to drive out the temperature quickly, but my cough did not pass. I tried also lozenges, tablets, and syrups - there was not much use. At home there is a nebulizer - sometimes we make inhalations for a child, I decided to try this procedure myself. I made it with soda and prepared it myself. Relief felt immediately after the first inhalation, but three more days continued to do it in the morning and evening. A few days later the cough was completely gone. I am happy: very cheap, convenient, extremely effective and safe. I recommend".
  • Olga, 26 years old: "My child is three years old, he often suffers: in the winter a cold is mandatory, more often than not one. Coughing with him always accompanies all colds, so we bought a nebulizer to do inhalations. Tried different solutions: both medicinal and home. But stopped after all on soda, as the most safe and effective. The child carries these procedures well, and his health is immediately better, and much better. I can recommend inhalation with soda: this is a very quick positive result, minimum costs, and safety. "

We examined the specific features of soda for inhalation in a nebulizer. Now you see that the simple substance that is available in every kitchen, can provide really effective and expressed help in the treatment of various kinds of cough. Soda solutions are good for their safety, cheapness, ease of use and efficiency. But it will not be superfluous to consult with the doctor before the beginning of procedures for the expediency and safety of using soda solutions in your particular case.