One of the most effective prescriptions for coughing folk medicine is the use of thyme. This herb helps the liquefaction and excretion of sputum from the bronchi, contributing to a speedy recovery.

Thyme extract is one of the active components of the cough syrup "Bronchicum C", which is also highly effective in fighting cough. Instructions for the use of the syrup "Bronchicum C", as well as the characteristics of the reception, composition and effects are discussed in detail in the information of our article.


  • 1 Action and its difference from the elixir
  • 2 Composition of the drug
  • 3 Instruction for use
    • 3.1 Dose and dosage regimen
    • 3.2 Side effects and overdose
    • 3.3 Price and Forms
  • 4 Reviews

Action and its difference from the elixir

Under the brandof the preparation "Bronchicum S" three more medicines are produced. These are lozenges for resorption in the oral cavity, drops and elixir. Often the s

yrup is confused with the last name, so it is not out of place to learn the main differences of these drugs.

Elixir of cough "Bronchicum" has an additional ingredient - an extract of the roots of the primrose, and is intended for the treatment of a wet cough. In addition, it also enhances the protective functions of the body, helping to cope faster with the disease.

Useful properties of the drug:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • bronchodilator;
  • expectorant;
  • is antimicrobial;
  • is thinning;
  • is a bactericide.

The drug is effective in the treatment of cough accompanied by difficulties in sputum discharge. It is recommended in the complex treatment of colds of the upper respiratory tract. One of its main advantages can be called stimulation of the epithelial tissue of the bronchi, which has a positive effect on the process of sputum discharge.

Composition of the drug

birchicum syrup

High efficiency in the fight against cough causes the presence of natural extract of thyme. In addition, the following components can be found in the syrup.

Syrup composition:

  • Ammonia solution.
  • Ethanol 90%.
  • Glycerol.
  • Rose Oil.
  • Purified water.
  • Citric acid monohydrate.
  • Sodium benzoate. Inverted sugar syrup.
  • Dextrose is a liquid. Aromatizer cherry and honey.

The product has a liquid consistency, light brown color and with a characteristic honey flavor.

The standard vial used in pediatrics has a volume of 50 ml. In the treatment of adult patients, it is more expedient to buy a drug with a volume of 100 ml, which is also represented in the treatment series of this company.

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Instruction for use

Syrup "Bronchicum C" is used for the treatment of dry cough, while it is able to thin and effectively remove sputum from bronchial tubes and lungs, and also stimulates the activity of the immune system. It is based on natural extracts, so it is undesirable to use it for allergic cough accompanied by bronchospasm and shortness of breath. Indications for use:

  • Bronchitis of various origin.
  • Whooping cough.
  • Inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract. Colds with a pronounced cough.

Cough syrup "Bronchicum C" is used to treat children and adults. Data on use in pregnant or lactating women have not been analyzed, so the drug is undesirable to use in this group of patients. The remaining contraindications to the drug "Bronchicum C" are presented below.


  • Children under 6 months.
  • Chronic heart failure.
  • Intolerance to fructose.
  • Glucose - galactose malabsorption( poor digestibility of products containing these substances)
  • Dysfunction of the liver and kidneys.
  • Diabetes mellitus( the preparation contains sugar syrup).
  • Pregnancy and lactation period( only with the appointment of a doctor).
  • Individual intolerance of the drug components.

In the period of treatment with the drug "Bronchicum C" you can not take other antitussive drugs in order not to disturb the process of formation and excretion of sputum from the bronchi. The composition of the drug includes alcohol, which must also be taken into account in the treatment.

Dose and dosage regimen

birchicum syrup

Before treatment, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor to avoid contraindications and the risk of side effects. Usually the drug is well tolerated, so it is often used in pediatric practice.

Dosage and regimen:

  • For children from 6 months to 2 years - half teaspoon three times a day.
  • For children from two to six years old - teaspoon twice a day.
  • From six years to twelve - a teaspoon three times a day.
  • Children from the age of 12 , adolescents and adults - a tablespoon three times a day.

The maximum duration of treatment with this drug is 10 days. If the cough does not stop after the time of this period, it is necessary to contact the attending physician about the drug replacement or further examination.

Side effects and overdose

Most adverse reactions to the use of the drug are caused by individual intolerance. If, after taking the remedy, you notice the symptoms listed below, you must stop taking the medication and consult a doctor for a replacement.

Negative reactions after taking the medicine:

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Heaviness in the stomach and irregularities in his work. Skin allergic reactions.
  • Swelling and difficulty in swallowing.

In case of an overdose of the drug, it is necessary to cause the patient to vomit and take absorbent drugs. If there are severe digestive disorders, tachycardia and loss of consciousness, urgent hospitalization is necessary.

Price and Forms

consumption of syrup

You can buy this product without a prescription at any pharmacy. The cost of a 100 ml syrup is approximately 360 rubles, which is optimal for a preparation of this purpose. A smaller format of the remedy( 50 ml bottle) will cost 210 rubles. Store the open bottle of syrup preferably in the original carton box away from sunlight and high temperatures.

Complete with a syrup there is a measuring cup, which will provide an accurate dosage of the product. Shelf life of the drug is 3 years from the date of release, the open vial can not be stored for more than three months, so be sure to mark the date of opening on the package. The product should be protected from children to prevent overdose.

Universal remedy for cough, "Bronchicum C" perfectly helps the liquefaction and excretion of sputum from the bronchi. Its main "secret" is thyme extract in the composition.

Useful properties of this plant have long been used in folk medicine. That is why the use of syrup is possible in childhood. Features and the scheme for taking this medication, as well as possible contraindications and recommendations are given in the information of our article.

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  • Oksana: "A good syrup, I often take the children for cough. Very pleased with the plant composition and low cost. Expectorant properties are noticeable even after the first intake, an excellent and inexpensive remedy. "
  • Julia: " I was prescribed this syrup in the hospital as an adjuvant for bronchitis. The treatment was successful, the cough was rather rapid. A great advantage of the product is a long shelf life, because if someone else from the family falls ill, you will not need to buy the syrup separately. "