Any disease, especially if it is an acute respiratory viral infection or a form of influenza, is safer and cheaper to prevent, not treat. However, if the disease has not been avoided and will have to be treated, then many questions arise immediately: will the effect of an expensive medicine, how to choose a drug for adults and children, whether there will be a reverse effect of treatment and whether it will not cause health problems.

Fact: in the Russian market, antiviral drugs for cold and flu are united by one. At all of them there is no evidentiary base of antiviral effectiveness. Hence, many new "miraculous" drugs appear on the market.

To avoid buying a commercial dummy, you need to understand the classification of antiviral drugs and distinguish effective drugs from expensive dummies.


  • 1 Classification
  • 2 best products for children and adults
    • 2.1 Citovir 3
    • 2.2 rimantadine( rimantadine)
    • 2.3 Ingavirin
    • 2.4 Arbidol
    • 2.5 Viferon
  • 3 for treating colds in children
  • 4 inexpensive means


Conditionally can be dividedantiviral agents into three categories:

  1. Vaccines .Have a stimulating effect on the production of antibodies. They are used before a person is infected with a virus.
  2. Immunostimulants .Promote the production of interferons and have a short-term enhancement of nonspecific immunity. They have delayed consequences in the form of a risk of autoimmune and even oncological diseases, therefore they should be prescribed according to strict indications.
  3. Antiviral drugs .Means that act on viral enzymes and inhibit their reproduction. These include Zanamivir and Oseltamivir. There are also blockers of M2 channels, which include Remantadin and Amantadine. The aforementioned drugs differ in proven clinical effectiveness, and of their deficiencies, only side effects that are available for any medications are isolated.

On video antiviral drugs for cold and flu:

Fact: Most drugs that are on the market are used only 10-40 years. This is too short a period of operation in order to draw conclusions about the effectiveness and side effects.

Best drugs for adults and children

Cytovir 3

Immunostimulating and antiviral drug with interferonogenic effect. The drug contains bendazole, thymogen sodium and ascorbic acid, which enhance the nonspecific immunity of the body and normalize the permeability of capillaries.

cytovir 3

On photo-cytovir 3

Side effects of .Of the side effects found only a reduction in blood pressure in individuals with vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Contraindications. Cytovir 3 is contraindicated in pregnant women, children under 1 year of age, people with diabetes, stomach ulcers, severe hypotension or urolithiasis.

Cost of .The price of the drug varies between 240-600 rubles.

Remantadine( Rimantadine)

The adamantane derivative is manufactured and used since 1968.Suppresses various strains of the influenza A virus, including swine flu. Has antiviral effects.


On the photo-remantadin

Application of .At the first symptoms of influenza, therapists recommend Remantadine or Tamiflu. And for children older than 1 year - Orvire( syrup Rimantadine) or Viferon. For children older than 8 years, suitable Tamiflu or Remantadin in tablets.

Side effects: dizziness, dryness in the oral cavity, nervousness, vomiting, nausea, increased fatigue. But is it possible to take Remantadin for a cold, described in this article.

Cost of .It is worth a drug of about 100-300 rubles.


Antiviral, showing activity for the following infections: respiratory syncytial, adenovirus, influenza A and B, parainfluenza. Of the side effects, only allergic reactions are released, of contraindications - children under 18 years old.


On the photo - Ingavirin

Cost. The price of the drug is 400-600 rubles.


Suppresses influenza A and B viruses, severe acute respiratory syndrome. Suitable for complex treatment of acute rotavirus enteric diseases.

On photo-arbidol

On photo-arbidol

Contraindications : children under 3 years.

Cost. It is worth between 150-200 rubles.

treatment of congestion of the ears for colds And here's how the treatment of stuffy ears with colds, and what medicines are best, is described in great detail in this article.

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Suitable for treating colds in children. It is used to treat ARVI, herpes infection as a primary remedy and as an additional tool in the treatment of prolonged pneumonia. The course is 5 days, dosage: children under 7 years - one candle twice a day, for children over seven years and adults - candles of 500,000 IU twice a day. Contraindications for pregnant women does not have a drug.



For the treatment of herpes infections and viral hepatitis, candles with a content of 1,000,000 and 3,000,000 IU are suitable. There is also Viferon in the form of an ointment, which is suitable for cutaneous herpes and mucous membranes in both adults and children. But how to use candles for a cold for children Viferon, is described in this article.

Tip: for severe forms of intestinal dysbiosis in children under 2 years of age, Kipferon is suitable.

For the treatment of colds in children

Treatment of colds in children should be treated with extreme caution, since many substances contained in preparations for adults can harm a fragile organism. Of the medications approved for children that help with cold and flu symptoms, there are:

  • Kalpol;

    On the photo-cappole

  • Panadol( for children) in the form of candles or suspension;
  • Efferalgan;
  • Cefekon in the form of candles.

Important: in cases where the common cold is caused by bacteria, paracetamol-based medicines will not help.

For the treatment of a cold in children, the following medicines are suitable: Vibrocil( and this is what Vibrocil or Nazivin for children will help to understand this article), Dolphin, Salin, Aqua-Maris.

vibrating disc

On the photo-vibrocil

A for the treatment of cough - Tussin, Sinekod( and that's what to choose with a dry cough, Sinekod or Ascoril, helps to understand this article) Coldrex bronchus with a dry cough, Lazolvan for liquefaction viscous sputum.


On the photo- medicine for coughing tussin

Otypaks will help with earaches in children, and Lugol with the angina( from what age you can apply Lugol to children, described in this article), Miramistin, Iodinol. The latter should not be used for infants, as it dries the mucous.

Inexpensive funds

From inexpensive drugs for colds can be identified:

  1. Nitroxoline( 5-Nok ).Antibiotic with a pronounced antimicrobial activity.
  2. Halazoline( Ximelin ) for the treatment of rhinitis.

    On photonitroxoline

  3. Paracetamol( Panadol, Coldrex ) is a known antipyretic preparation with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

    On photo-paracetamol

  4. Ibuprofen( Ketorol ) is a medicine with an analgesic and antipyretic effect.

    On photo-ibuprofen

  5. Ambroxol( Lazolvan, Ambrobene ) for the treatment of cough.

    On photo-ambroxol

  6. Amoxiclav( Augmentin ) is a combined preparation with antibacterial action.

Treatment of colds and flu requires an integrated approach and the use of quality drugs. And if it was not possible to prevent the appearance of the disease, then the best way out is not self-treatment, but an address to a doctor. This will help not only competently and quickly cure the disease, but also avoid complications.