With the onset of a cold, a person loses the opportunity to lead a habitual life and work normally. This is due to the symptoms that visit him during the pathology. In this case, do not just sit and wait, because the cold itself will not recede, but will only aggravate the situation, leading to the development of complications. Today, in the treatment of colds, medicines are used, which are presented in the form of a powder. Their assortment is simply huge, so it is sometimes difficult to determine the most effective.


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    • 1.1 Theraflu
    • 1.2 Coldrex
    • 1.3 Fervex
    • 1.4 Upsarin Uppsala
    • 1.5 Antigrippin
    • 1.6 Rinzai
    • 1.7 Farmatsitron
    • 1.8 Nimesil
    • 1.9 Grippoflyu
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    • 2.1 Antigrippin for children
    • 2.2 FERVEX childrens
    • 2.3 Panadol Baby and Infant
    • 2.4 Efferalgan for children
    • 2.5 Daleron With Junior
    • 2.6 Fluxi
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The best from cold

Powders can not cope better with catarrhal manifestations. The main thing is to carefully study the composition of the drug in order to avoid possible side effects.


This drug is one of the fastest. Positive dynamics can be observed already after 5-10 minutes after administration. Its active components perfectly eliminate all manifestations of the common cold, including fever, runny nose and headache. But that's only the effect will not last long. When developing the drug used components such as paracetamol, phenylephrine and phenyramine maleate.

The presented components have a high activity and are instantly excreted from the body. Teraflu has many contraindications, so before using you should carefully read the instructions. You can buy the drug at a price of 165 rubles.


This medication is characterized by a vasoconstrictor and antipyretic effect. During its development, such components as paracetamol, phenylephrine hydrochloride and ascorbic acid were used.


On the photodiamond

With this powder, you can eliminate the fever, ease the nasal breathing and remove the tear. Positive dynamics can be seen after 10-15 minutes after administration. Like the previous drug, Teraflu has numerous contraindications. The cost of the drug is 150 rubles.


This powder is very similar in composition to Teraflu. Its distinctive feature is that the relief obtained is maintained for a longer period. In addition, Fervex has not so many contraindications and side effects.


On the photo-fervex from the cold

In addition, from one of the safest means in the treatment of viral diseases. Its cost is 290 rubles.

Uppsarin Oopsa

Acetylsalicylic acid can be found in this medication. Its action is aimed at eliminating heat and such symptoms as aches, pain in the muscles and head. Positive dynamics can be seen 15 minutes after application.

Uppsarin Oopsa for colds

On the photo-upsarin Oopsa for cold

It lasts for several hours. This is an inexpensive powder. You can buy the drug at a price of 170 rubles.


This medication is classified as an antiviral. When it was developed, vitamin C was used, which is so important to the human body during the cold to strengthen immunity. In addition to ascorbic acid, the composition contains paracetamol and chlorophenes.


On photo-antigrippin for cold

Thanks to them it is possible to get antipyretic and analgesic effect. You can buy the product at a price of 235 rubles.


When you use this powder, you can quickly stop all manifestations of flu and colds. Achieved a similar effect due to paracetamol and caffeine. They have a combined effect on the body. Thus, it is possible to eliminate heat and chills.


On a photo of a rifle

After taking a medicine, a person experiences a burst of energy and vigor. The cost is 173 rubles. But how to properly use the powders from colds Rince, will help understand this article.


This drug has a mixed effect. It is based on paracetamol. Powder can not just stop pain, but also reduce the temperature. Another pharmacitron is effective in the use of dental and headaches. The cost of the means is from 1000 rubles.


In the photo-pharmacitron


This preparation has a pronounced analgesic effect. Perfectly lowers the temperature and all the attendant symptoms. You can buy medicine at a price of 639 rubles for 30 packets.


On a photo-nimesil

When taking Nimesil, do not use diuretics and drugs that thicken the lymph and reduce its coagulation. This can lead to dehydration and thrombophlebitis. And in this article, you can learn more about Nimesil's instructions for colds.


This ingredient is based on vitamin C and paracetamol. After it is taken, the pain in the muscles and head is removed, the temperature goes down and the weakness goes away.


On the photo - influenza

As in the development of the drug used vasoconstrictive and anti-allergic components, it can help eliminate tearing, make breathing free. The powder is cheap enough. You can buy the drug at a price of 160 rubles.

tablets for colds Kagocel How effective are the Kagocel colds, and in which case it is used, will help understand this article.

It will also be interesting to know whether paracetamol helps with colds and how often it can be used.

And here's how to treat a child at the first sign of a cold, and what tools are most effective, is described in great detail in this article: http: //prolor.ru/g/lechenie/ pervye-priznaki-prostudy-lechenie.html

And here's what to treat a cold for a one-year-old child, and what medicinalmeans the best, will help to understand this article.

What children can

When treating colds in children, a list of effective medications should be prescribed by a doctor. Some medications should be taken in strict dosage, have contraindications and should not be used in tandem. The doctor will prescribe antiviral therapy taking into account the age of the child, his condition and the characteristics of the child's organism.

Antigrippin for children

To take the drug is allowed to babies from 3 years. In its development, safe antiviral components were used, including paracetamol, vitamin C and chlorphenamine. After applying the powder, it is possible to lower the temperature, eliminate pain.


On photo-antigrippin for children

In addition, Antigrippin, developed for children, acts as an antiallergic and restorative. You can buy it at a price of 309 rubles.

FERVEX child

It can be taken by patients from 6 years old. Its composition contains paracetamol, vitamin C and phenyramine. It has the format of a powder, with which a solution is prepared. After the application, the pain and heat pass, while there is a rush of strength and vigor. You can buy medicines at a price of 304 rubles.

ferveks for children

On the photo-finveks children's

Panadol Baby and Infante

You can apply powder to children from 1 year. Its composition contains paracetamol. With the help of Panadol it is possible to eliminate heat, remove pain and stop the inflammatory process. You can buy the drug at a price of 98 rubles.

Panadol Baby and Infant

On the photo- Panadol Baby and Infant

Efferalgan for children

You can apply the powder to children from 1 month. In its development, paracetamol was used. Has analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. The price of the drug is 200 rubles.

efferalgan child

On photo-effergangan child

Daleron With Junior

This drug is allowed to children from 2 years. Has as part of ascorbic and paracetamol. Presented in the form of small granules, which are involved in the creation of a solution. Effectively copes with heat, pain, and also strengthens the immune system. You can buy the drug at a price of 360 rubles.

darroon With Junior

On the photo-distant with the Junior


To apply the remedy for heat, pain and cough relief, it is possible to apply to patients from 6 years of age. The composition contains vitamin C paracetamol. Invented in the format of granules to obtain a solution. You can buy a product at a price of 250 rubles.


On photo-fluviosis

What can be pregnant

Far not all powders are allowed for use by pregnant women such ladies should carefully study the composition so that the main component of paracetamol is present in a low dosage. During the carrying out of the child, it is allowed to use Fervex and Pharmacitron. But you can do this until the 3rd trimester, but then you will have to give up drugs.


In the photo pharmacitron for pregnant women

But how to drink Cycloferon for an adult with colds, and how effective this tool is, is described in great detail in this article.

It will also be interesting to learn how to take Kagocel to an adult with a cold.


  • Veronica, 36 years old: "Not so long ago, suffered from the symptoms of an unpleasant cold. Even had to take a sick leave, because there was fever, a sore throat and a stuffy nose. To cope with these symptoms, Teraflu helped me. I dissolved the sachet in half a cup of water, drank it and after 10 minutes I was able to feel the first relief. I took the drug for 3 days and all the symptoms just disappeared. "
  • Svetlana, 45 years old: "When my grandson had fever, chills, stuffiness of the nose, I let him take Effelgan's baby powder. This drug literally acts instantly. After 15 minutes the baby began to look much better, ate and played a little. Completely get rid of colds we could in 4 days ".
  • Evgenia, 27 years old: "During pregnancy, I managed to get sick with a cold. The nose is laid, tears flow, body aches are the symptoms that I wanted to get rid of. I called my doctor and he allowed me to drink tea made from Fervex powder. Within 10 minutes I began to feel much better, and the result was fixed for 3 hours. "

Cold powder is an effective means by which you can quickly overcome the first manifestations of the common cold. In addition, the effect of certain drugs is aimed at strengthening the body's defenses so that it is easier to resist colds. When choosing a medicine, it is important to consider its composition and possible side effects.