What is Microclass Microlax: instructions for use and reviews

Very often in many people there is a phenomenon such as constipation, a violation can occur regardless of their age, gender, etc.

In this case, in order not to injure the anal passage, a person needs to take certain laxatives. The ideal option in this case will be the microclism of Mikrolaks.

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Features of drug

Microlax belongs to the category of combined medicinalmeans that have a laxative effect on the human body. The preparation is made in the form of a small enema, which provides a high level of comfort during its introduction.

The production of the medicinal product is carried out on the basis of natural components, which ensures a high level of safety during its application.

Microlax can be used to treat constipation not only in adult patients, but also in newborn infants.

The preparation is available as a colorless opalescent viscous liquid. The laxative remedy should be taken only after consultation with the doctor.


Microlax belongs to the category of combined preparations. At the time of taking the medicine, there is a local laxative effect, which is ensured by the combined action of the constituent components.

A medicinal preparation consists of:

  1. Sodium citrate is called acid salt. This substance is included in the group of sodium salts of citric acid. With the help of sodium citrate, solid feces are split into primary components. Out of these substances are displaced the remains of water. Then the substances are transformed into a powdered state. Substances are not absorbed back into the intestinal wall.
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate also refers to sodium salts. With the help of this constituent, the calla mass after the peptizator is diluted. This substance is characterized by the presence of osmotic activity. With its help, an additional liquid enters the large intestine. This leads to an increase in the content, the output of which leads to their output to the outside. With the help of this component, peristalsis is stimulated by the method of weak irritated action.
  3. Water, sorbic acid and glycerol are drug auxiliaries. Sorbic acid is a natural preservative. Glycerin is an emulsifier, with which all components are bound together.

When the use of

is prescribed The drug is prescribed for adults and children if they have constipation. If the patient is assigned endoscopic and radiologic examination of the gastrointestinal tract, then he must first take the drug.

If the patient is scheduled to undergo a planned surgical procedure, Mikrolaks is preselected.

Microlax is a safe preparation, as it is produced mainly from natural components. In general, it has no contraindications.

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But, if the patient has an individual intolerance to a certain component, then the drug should not be used.

Despite the fact that a person can purchase a medicine in a pharmacy without a prescription, its use without consulting a doctor is strictly prohibited.

Features of the application

Special investigations were carried out before the release of the drug. In accordance with the results of these tests, it turned out that the drug is very effective in the treatment of constipation.

The risk of side effects during taking Mikrolax is minimized.

Drug treatment does not require compliance with a specific regimen or calculate dosage. Installation of microclysters can be carried out for a long period. After the working capacity of the intestine is adjusted, the use of the drug ceases.

Before using the medicine from the box, it is necessary to get a set of microclysters. In order to cleanse the intestines of an adult, 5 milliliters of the drug should be used.

This amount of drug is contained in one microclimate. Before using the drug, the tube with it is held in the palms for a few minutes.

This allows the medicine to be heated to room temperature. This procedure is most often performed when storing enemas in the refrigerator. The introduction of the drug, especially to young children, is carried out only when it reaches the most comfortable temperature.

After the medicine has been heated, it is necessary to disconnect the tip of the pipette. It is done by hands, an easy turn. To disconnect the tip, you do not need to use cutting tools.

When opening the vial, it must always be kept in an upright position. If the microclysters are located horizontally during the opening of the vial, the drug will flow out.

After disconnecting the tip of the pipette, the edge must be treated with a small amount of the preparation. To do this, you need to press a little on the edge of the pipette and the drug will come out in a small amount and self-lubricate the tip of the enema.

Thanks to this manipulation, the administration of the drug will be as comfortable and painless as possible.

Next, the patient needs to squat. The enema tip is inserted into the anus. You need to insert it completely.

This will ensure a high effect of the drug. When using enema for the treatment of children, whose age is less than three years, the pipette is administered only up to half. The tip has a special index, which indicates the depth of its penetration into the anus.

After the pipette is injected, a medicine is injected into the rectum. To do this, it is necessary to squeeze the bottle very tightly and tightly.

After pressing the enema, the pipette is taken from the anus. Then you need to click on the enema and get the pipette from the anus.

Adults and children, whose age is more than three years, is administered one microclyster. In this case, the tip should be inserted into the anus for the entire length. If the drug is used for newborns and children less than three years old, the tip is injected to half.

Mikrolaks is a universal drug against constipation, which is characterized by ease of use.

Features of the use of pregnant

Drug can be taken not only by adult patients and children, but also by pregnant female representatives.

Most often, appointments are made during the preparation of a woman for ultrasound examination of the pelvis.

For single and chronic constipation, female agents are also given a prescription of the drug.

If a woman excretes feces involuntarily, she may also be assigned a Microlax enema. The drug is also used at the stage of preparation for childbirth.

You can use the drug during pregnancy without applying any security measures.

Intended for newborn babies

Newborn children often have problems with a stool. Many parents are familiar with them.

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After birth, the baby's body begins to independently not only take food, but also digest it. During the adaptation of the intestine, constipation may occur in newborn infants. After the meconium comes out of the child, the feces are formed on the basis of the food taken.

Constipation in infants can occur as a result of poor absorption of milk, lack of water, peculiarities of the structure of the intestine, incomplete sucking of the breast. In this case, the effective method of controlling constipation is Mikrolaks. Its reception can be carried out constantly.

Before using the drug, parents should definitely consult a pediatrician.

Special instructions

If the symptoms persist for a sufficiently long time, the patient should stop taking the medication and seek medical help.

After expiration of the drug, it is strictly forbidden to throw it out into the street or pour it into sewage. The preparation in this case must be discarded in a container.

Opinion of the medical community

Microlax, judging by the reviews, is a highly effective drug that is capable of combating constipation qualitatively. Doctors very often prescribe to their patients this drug.

I am very pleased with the effect of the drug Mikrolaks on the human body. That's why I recommend it to apply absolutely to all of your patients.

Andrei Ivanovich, physician-therapist

I try to help my parents in any difficult situation that arises with their child. That's why with constipation in infants, I recommend that they take Microlax. This highly effective means is able to provide the baby with the most simple emptying and a healthy sleep.

Irina Aleksandrovna, pediatrician

The word to patients

Many patients also used to treat constipation drug and were satisfied with its effect.

I have been using Mikrolaks for a long time and I recommend it to all my friends and acquaintances in case of problems with constipation. After all, this is really an effective drug that helps for 5 minutes.


We often used Mikrolaks to treat constipation in our baby, and it very well helped him to empty the intestines. If necessary, it is used by adults in our family.

Julia and Sasha

The price of the preparation

One package of the drug on average costs 200-300 rubles. If problems with the chair are rare, then this is an acceptable cost for many users of .

Every mediine resident of our country can buy a medicine.

With chronic constipation, many people are looking for quality analogues of the drug.

The most commonly used method is Mukofalk, suspensions of Dufalac, Naturolac, glycerin suppositories, Transulose.

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