Already for many years, inhalations with potatoes have been in great demand for the treatment of colds and unpleasant symptoms of ARVI.Thanks to such manipulation, it is possible to overcome dry and irritable cough, and also to withdraw phlegm. But to receive a positive effect from inhalation potatoes can only be provided that the actions were performed correctly. Otherwise, you can not only not benefit, but also cause harm to health.


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Potato inhalation should use in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • nasopharyngitis, influenza, colds, asthma;
  • laryngitis, hoarseness, swelling in the throat;
  • potatoes are an excellent antiseptic, so you can disinfect mucus for sinusitis and bronchitis.

How to do

To date, there are several opti

ons for conducting potato inhalation. Potatoes can be cooked in a uniform, without removing the peel, boil the already peeled vegetable or apply potato cleaning.inhalation over a potato at a cough

This procedure is to receive the long-awaited relief only if the patient refuses to smoke, because the blood vessels narrow down under the influence of nicotine, and the treatment does not have a positive effect.

Recipe № 1

It is necessary to select a small vegetable, thoroughly wash it. Then, without removing the peel, lay it on the bottom of the container, add water in such quantity that it only covered the potatoes. Fire should be minimal. Cook until the characteristic aroma of boiled potatoes is formed.potato for inhalation

With this option of preparing potato inhalation there is no need to drain the boiling water. To improve the patient's well-being with a cold, you can do inhalations over boiled potatoes with the addition of oat husk. This kind of manipulation increases immunity, coughs up the cough and sore throat.

Recipe №2

As a rule, when cold, patients breathe over the potatoes already cleaned. For this recipe to take 3-4 tubers of medium size. Boil, then wait for the water to cool. Pour the hot broth into another container. Use it for inhalation, but only by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Recipe # 3

The potato peel can also be used to perform inhalations. To do this, it must be thoroughly washed, add water and boil. In this case, use not necessarily fresh peel, it can be harvested in advance. This kind of medicinal raw materials can be used during epidemics of influenza, colds.

On video inhalation over potatoes with cough:

Peel from potatoes for a long time retains and even enhances its healing properties in prostration. Sprouts also need to be thoroughly washed, dried and applied as needed for therapy.

Inhalation in adults

adults breathe over a potato

For patients of a certain age, their own rules for the use of potato inhalations are typical. If treatment is performed by adults, then the procedure should be done after 1-1.5 hours after eating. And after inhalation it is necessary to give the body a little rest.

For half an hour you just need to lie down, but talk. Take food or drink is not worth it. It is best to use inhalation before going to sleep at night.

The duration of the manipulation is determined by the patient himself, taking into account how he feels himself. But make sure that it does not exceed 15 minutes. In case of good tolerability, it is allowed to perform inhalations 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. The number of manipulations can be increased in the presence of asthma attacks. Steam inhalations using potatoes can cure a cough that occurs due to an attack of bronchial asthma.

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Place the vegetables on the bottom of the container or put in a kettle with a spout. In the spout, install the funnel, inhale the vapors over the potatoes with a dry cough, rhinitis. Strongly bend down while not worth it, and on top of a shelter with a towel. If, thus, is performed by treating the common cold, then inhale the vapor through the nose. In this case, alternately close one nasal passage and breathe through the other.

Potato inhalations in the runny nose will not give a positive effect in the case when the inflammatory process has passed from the catarrhal stage to the purulent stage, and purulent masses have formed in the nasal cavity. Under such conditions, steam procedures will only worsen the patient's condition and increase the risk of complication.

In the treatment of laryngitis, angina, bronchitis and colds, breathing over therapeutic potato vapors can only be done if there is no temperature. In this case, you must use alternate breathing through the mouth and nose. With this procedure, it is possible to warm up the upper airways, moisten them, soften the cough and stop symptoms such as perspiration in the throat, hoarseness of the voice.

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Today, a lot of parents use potato steam treatments for treating a child's cold. But they can not be used in all cases, because there are age restrictions. Not suitable procedure for young children.

It is necessary to adhere to some recommendations:

  1. The temperature of steam for small patients should be 45-50 degrees. children breathe over a potato
  2. The container with potatoes must be wrapped with a towel to prevent the occurrence of burns.
  3. Duration of manipulation is reduced to 3-5 minutes.

Hot steam is a danger to children. And the younger the patient, the higher the probability of getting a burn of the mucous membranes. There is another complication - this is the obstruction of the airways. In children, the clearance between the bronchi is greater than in adults. With the penetration of wet steam into the bronchioles, it expands viscous mucus in a narrow space. This can cause narrowing or complete closure of the lumens in the small bronchi.

Features of carrying out in pregnant women

Potato inhalations are a safe way of therapy, so during pregnancy it can be used. Inhaled couples do not have a negative impact on the child, which can not be said about herbal preparations, which have a number of contraindications. As for the features of performance, the instruction is similar to that for children. the pregnant one breathes over the potatoes

Potato inhalation is an effective method for treating various diseases of the upper respiratory tract. They differ in their safety, so that both children and adults can apply this treatment. But it is important to adhere to all the recommendations, so as not to earn various complications, among which burn mucous.