How to find out the blood PH, where to pass the analysis, how to measure at home with the device, the test strip? Normal level of acidity, PH of healthy man's blood and acidity of blood in cancer: comparison

Every person should know their PH blood. Acidification of blood leads to the appearance of disease and poor health. Strong alkalization - flabby skin, dry and brittle hair, nails.

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  • Level of PH of healthy man's blood:
  • norm Blood pH level with acidosis
  • PH level of blood in alkalosis
  • Blood cancer PH level in cancer: comparison
  • How to measure PH blood at home by the device, test with strips?
  • Where to take the blood test for PH?
  • What determines the PH of the blood?
  • How to reduce acidity and raise PH of blood?
  • How to increase acidity and reduce blood PH?
  • How does calcium affect the PH of the blood?
  • How to maintain a constantly normal blood PH level?
  • Which products acidify the blood: table
  • Which products leach blood: table
  • Video: Acidic Alkaline Balance - pH balance( KChR): alkalization of the body, acidification - Basics of Health

Its level of acid-base balance is present in every liquid, includingin human blood. If there is

a breakdown in the functioning of the body or a malfunctioning of a particular system or organ, the blood PH is analyzed.

  • The term PH of blood is the level of hydrogen content in the body and the total acidity. If the balance of alkalis is observed, then all systems and organs function normally.
  • The acid-base balance is in a normal state if the liver, lungs and kidneys function well and smoothly. These are real "compensators", which remove harmful substances from the body.
  • Therefore, each person should monitor the blood PH level to prevent the development of serious diseases.

Blood PH level of a healthy person:

norm PH level of a healthy person's blood:

norm The level of an alkaline blood indicator is the basis for doctors to prescribe medication if they have large deviations from the norm. Thanks to these indicators, you can monitor the condition of the body, and if there are failures in the work of organs or systems, this analysis should be done.

The normal PH level of a healthy person's blood is at least 7.35 and not more than 7.45.All indicators that differ from the norm to a smaller or larger side are deviations incompatible with life and require urgent medical attention.

Blood PH level for acidosis

Blood PH level for acidosis

If the acidity in the body is normal, then the pH values ​​will be 7.4 units. With a significant reduction in this indicator, the diagnosis is "acidosis".The blood PH level with acidosis is 7.0 or less.

Acidosis in mild form does not manifest itself. But, if the indices fall to critical limits, which can be fixed only in the laboratory, then the person feels such symptoms:

  • lack of oxygen;
  • a sense of shock in the primary stage of many diseases - diabetes and others;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting or urge to it;
  • breathing problems.

The organism is acidified for such basic reasons:

  • nervous tension;
  • obesity;
  • on the background of cardiovascular diseases;
  • when consuming sweet and meat foods in large quantities.

When identifying the severe form of acidosis, it is necessary to establish the causes of this disease. Be sure to consult a doctor who correctly prescribes treatment, diet and tells about all the consequences, if you do not control the blood PH level.

Blood PH level for alkalosis

Blood PH level for alkalosis

Alkalosis, unlike acidosis, manifests itself immediately as soon as blood PH values ​​become higher than 7.45.When there is a strong alkalization of the body, the skin becomes flabby and dry. A man gets the ugly appearance of a "dried-up wooden bitch".

The blood PH level in alkalosis is normalized if the causes that caused this deviation are eliminated. The process of treatment can begin with the performance of respiratory gymnastics. This will help to saturate the blood with compounds of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the correct proportion. For more information on acidification and alkalization of the organism, see this article.

Important: Do not self-medicate! This can be dangerous. Never put even approximate diagnoses to yourself and your loved ones.

Blood cancer PH level: comparison

Blood cancer PH level in cancer:

comparison The blood PH level in a person fluctuates throughout life. But there are critical indicators when there may be chronic diseases and even cancer. It is bad for the human body when the body is highly acidified, that is, PH values ​​below 7.45 units, and when sharp alkalinization occurs. If the indicator is at a level below 6.0 units, then you need to sound an alarm.

The level of PH of the blood in cancer is below 6.0.With such indicators, a person has a bad complexion, pale lips, no blush, hair and nails are broken. You can say that a person has a sick appearance.

Remember: The diagnosis should be made only by a doctor! Do not do anything yourself. If you have doubts about your health, take a survey and take the necessary tests. You just can sound the alarm in time if you feel unwell or other symptoms that interfere with normal life.

Only doctors should compare the PH values ​​of a blood in a cancer. He can correctly appoint treatment and take emergency measures, which will be a salvation for health.

How to measure PH blood at home by the device, test strips?

How to measure PH blood at home with a device, test strips?

Of course, with any problems with health, you should go to the clinic - to see a doctor. But often it happens that we do not have time to go to the hospital - do not worry. You can measure PH blood at home with a device or test strips.

A special device is sold at a pharmacy or at any medical equipment store. It is inexpensive, but very useful for measuring PH blood at home. If you did not find such a device, use test strips. They are sold in each pharmacy and are worth a penny. If in the pharmacy you did not find any strips or tester, you can order everything you need via the Internet.

How to measure PH blood at home test strips - tips:

  • Pierce the right hand finger with a scarifier, which is also sold in pharmacies.
  • Squeeze some blood into a small container. It's good if you have a lab test tube.
  • Put a test strip into this blood, hold it for a few seconds, remove it from the test tube, and evaluate the result.
  • The scale for determining the alkaline reaction in the body is on the package with strips. Compare the color and find out the result.

When measuring PH indicators with the instrument, it is faster, easier and more convenient. You do not need to pierce your finger, the device will do everything yourself: puncture, fence and give out the result.

Where is the blood PH test done?

Where to take the blood test for PH?

Laboratory tests are much more accurate than those obtained at home. If you decide to take an analysis on PH blood in a special laboratory, you can contact the polyclinic at the place of residence or in any private clinic. The analysis will be ready on the day of blood sampling. The doctor can offer you to take the test at routine examination or preventive procedures if there are deviations in health.

What determines the PH of the blood?

What determines the PH of the blood?

If the PH level becomes too low - less than 7.35( acidic) or too high - more than 7.45-8( alkaline), then the cells of our body begin to poison themselves with toxic emissions and die. Appear slags and toxins in large quantities. In this case, many people start to remove these harmful substances from the body. But you just need to normalize the PH blood, urine and saliva. What determines the PH of the blood?

This indicator depends on the following factors:

  • Nutrition - you need to learn the basics of proper nutrition. In our body, the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates must be observed.
  • Stress-resistance - a constant nervous tension leads to acidification of the body. Learn to be calm and not be nervous over trifles.
  • Obesity - when the body is acidified, it begins to accumulate fat. If you make alkalization, then you will immediately begin to lose weight, which means that you will feel better, skin and hair.

Acid-base balance in the body depends on maintaining the right proportions between the intercellular and intracellular waters in tissues. If the acid-base balance of liquids is not kept constantly, it will be impossible to save life and the normal functioning of all organs and systems.

What does the PH depend on?

How to reduce acidity and raise PH of blood?

How to reduce acidity and raise PH blood?

Acid-base balance is our indicator of health. The more "sour" a person, the faster he begins to grow old and get sick more. For normal functioning of all organs and systems, the PH level in the body should be alkaline at least 7.35 units. How to reduce acidity and raise PH blood? A few tips:

  • Eliminate meat products from the diet. You can fish, but in small quantities.
  • It is important to make your nutrition right. Make the right ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Use steamed and steam dishes, exclude all fried. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Stop being nervous. Reconsider your attitude to life - exclude stressful situations.
  • Practice separate meals. This will help the body quickly reduce acidity and normalize digestion. Products that are consumed individually will be better digested.

You can use special drops that are sold in the pharmacy to alkalize the water. Alkaline water will help reduce acidity, the kidneys, stomach and intestines will work well. If your body is strongly acidified, go for a raw diet.

But remember! Doing experiments yourself is dangerous! Before switching to an alkaline diet or drinking alkaline water, consult a doctor.

How to increase acidity and reduce PH of blood?

How to increase acidity and reduce blood PH?

Bad for the body, when the alkaline balance of blood is highly elevated and has high rates. How to increase acidity and reduce blood PH?Tips:

  • Eat acid-containing foods - cereals, legumes, protein foods( meat, eggs).
  • Eat foods rich in dietary fiber.
  • Three times a day you can take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with honey.
  • Vitamin C lowers the PH level.
  • Do breathing exercises with deep breaths.
  • If there are no medical contraindications, you can use dietary supplements - food enzymes and others.
  • Carry out correction of vitamin status in the body by taking multivitamin complexes.

It is also necessary to prevent and adequately treat the urogenital system to increase acidity.

How does calcium affect the PH of the blood?

How does calcium affect the PH of the blood?

Calcium is an alkaline substance. How does calcium affect the PH of the blood? Our body is an intelligent "system".To prevent critical acid-base balance, with severe acidification, he begins to take calcium and magnesium from our bones and teeth.

When acidifying the body it will be useful to drink a calcium course. But this substance is well absorbed, if it is taken together with magnesium and vitamin D3.The pharmacy sells special vitamin complexes with calcium. Magnesium is abundant in fresh herbs and green vegetables.

How to maintain a constantly normal blood PH level?

How to maintain a constantly normal blood PH level?

If the acidity is normal, it is recommended that you regularly take tests and check the PH level. How to maintain a constant normal blood PH level? Tips & Warnings:

  • Take the norm for eating properly. Eat at least 5 servings( 1 serving - 100 grams) of fresh vegetables and fruits. There are food products, especially enriched with vitamins, minerals and promoting the balance of nutrients.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle and go in for sports. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol - all this strongly and quickly acidifies the body.
  • Use mineral water without gases, freshly squeezed juices, phyto dues.
  • Eliminate from the diet fat, high-calorie, smoked food, coffee, tea.

Harmful compounds that accumulate during the acidification of the body do not leave the body, but are deposited on the walls of the vessels. To get rid of the effects of acidification, it is necessary to carry out long-term cleaning activities. Therefore, it is better to keep your blood PH in the normal state, as well as urine and saliva.

What foods acidify the blood: table

Plan your diet and lifestyle in such a way that you are not disturbed by problems with the level of alkali in the blood. A competent diet will help to maintain health and youth for life. So, what foods acidify the blood? Table:

Which foods acidify blood: table

If your blood is heavily acidified, change your eating habits. Right food has been in fashion for several years, but there are still many people in the world who do not know what the term means.

Which products leach blood: table

If you have health problems, take a blood test at the PH level. Acidified blood should be alkalinized, otherwise failures in the work of organs and systems will lead to the most unpleasant consequences. What products alkalize blood? Table:

Which products leach blood: table

For more information on foods that alkalinize and acidify blood, see this article on our website. It is important to remember that in a neutral biological environment, our body has an amazing ability to self-heal. Therefore, strive to maintain your acid-base balance in the norm, so as not to get sick and stay young for a long time.

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