Inflammation of the middle ear is a pathological process, which in medical practice is called otitis. Most often diagnose it in adults than in children. Contact a doctor immediately, as soon as the first symptoms have been found. This will protect the body from serious complications.


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The clinical picture of middle ear inflammation depends on the shape of the otitis. It can flow in two forms - acute and chronic. For acute forms, the symptoms are pronounced, but chronic can be in remission and exacerbation.

To determine the otitis in adults, it is possible by the following signs: an inflammation of the middle ear

  1. Pain in the ear, which has a shooting character, obstruction and discomfort. The pain is sometimes so pronounced that a person can not normally sleep, rest and eat.
  2. Damage to the tympanic membrane and purulent discharge.
  3. Body temperature rise.

These symptoms were peculiar to acute inflammation. If there is a chronic form, then the patient has the following symptoms:

  • hearing loss;
  • occurrence of pus from the ear;
  • tinnitus;
  • dizziness.

Pain syndrome occurs at the time of exacerbation of the pathological process. Often there is hyperthermia. In most cases, the current of pus does not feel sick, and it does not worry so often.

On video-inflammation of the middle ear in an adult:

Treatment with

drugs The most popular method of treating middle ear inflammation is taking medications. With their help you manage to stop the unpleasant symptoms of the disease. After examination and diagnosis, the ENT will appoint the following medicines to an adult patient:

  1. Antihistamines .With their help, it is possible to alleviate the general health of the patient when otitis has an allergic origin. In addition, such drugs reduce puffiness. Suprastin remains effective( if a dry cough occurs for a long time, then it is worth using Suprastin) , Erius and Cetrin.


  2. Analgesics. With their help you manage to stop the pain syndrome and relieve the inflammation. When otitis, they are prescribed in the form of drops for the ears. Adults should drip 5-8 drops in each ear canal. Do such activities 3-4 times a day. As a preventive measure, you can treat each ear. The Otypaks are considered to be effective( and what is the price of such drops, it is described in this article) and Otix.


  3. Vasodilating preparations .These drugs excellently eliminate swelling and improve the outflow of pus without damaging the tympanic membrane. Effective are considered drugs such as Nazivin ( and here's how to use Nazivin sensitive for children, described in this article) and Naftizin.


To clean the auditory canal, removing pus from it, you must use hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. To do this, you need to take a cotton swab, remove all contamination. Do this carefully so as not to injure the eardrum.

If the otitis is due to a bacterial infection, the doctor will prescribe antibacterial drugs for it. The duration of their admission is 6-9 days. During this time the doctor performs visual observation and prescribes tests in order to understand the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy.

To speed up the recovery process, you can use physiotherapy. This includes:

  • laser therapy, laser therapy for the ears
  • magnetotherapy,
  • UHF,
  • phototherapy,
  • electrophoresis.

When purulent discharge is no longer allocated, the patient needs to check the hearing. If necessary, pneumatic massage and blowing of the affected ear will be required.


If conservative methods used for several weeks fail to produce a positive result, and the patient still experiences pain due to the pus behind the eardrum, then surgery is prescribed.

Under the influence of the local anesthetic in tensed tissues perform a puncture. This will release pus. Then the puncture overgrows and the hearing returns.

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Folk methods

With the help of traditional medicine, it is possible to reduce inflammation and pain syndrome. Effective are considered such recipes:

  1. To cure an acute form of pathology it is possible with the help of dry heat .It is necessary to put a dry towel to the affected ear, and on top put a plastic bottle with hot water. You can use a bag of hot salt or sand. But to do such activities are allowed only if there are no purulent discharge. dry heat for the ears
  2. Pain can be reduced with clay. Put her on matter. Make sure that it is in sufficient quantity. Only so it can absorb all the harmful components. Attach it to the affected ear, and then cover with cotton wool. The duration of the procedure is 2 hours.
  3. Smoking unpleasant symptoms can be with the help of onion juice .Take the head of onions, cutting off the tip. Make a groove at the top, and the idea is to put 10 grams of seeds of cumin. Cut off the hole with a cut on the lid. Set the oven and bake for 30 minutes. Then squeeze the juice and drip it into the affected ear by 3 drops. Such manipulation is best done at night. But how to use onion syrup from cough for children, is described in this article.
  4. Tincture from birch buds possesses an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, this remedy can be safely applied, without worrying that there will be an allergy. Combine raw materials and vodka in a 1:10 ratio. Insist about 2 weeks. In a warm state, drip the remedy on a cotton swab, which is then installed in the ear. In total, you need to do 14 procedures. This method is very effective in treating inflammation of the middle ear. With its help, you can stop pain, inflammation and reduce the secretion of pus. 10% tincture of calendula
  5. For the treatment of acute otitis may involve 10% tincture of calendula or mint .To obtain a solution, take 40 g dry collection, add a glass of vodka. Wait 7 days, then tincture to filter. Drip 3 calories in each ear canal. But what to treat drops of otitis with ear in adults, is described in this article.
  6. To ease the condition of a patient with chronic purulent otitis, you can use the raspberry roots of .Take them and cleanse of the remnants of the earth, wash and dry. Finely chop to get 20 grams of raw materials. Pour 1 liter of boiling water and insist the mixture for 1.5 days. Filter and take a reception of ¾ cup 2 times a day. The total duration of admission is 30 days.

The inflammatory process affecting the middle ear in adults is an unpleasant disease. The main symptom of it is severe pain in the ear. Most often it occurs at night, as a result of which the patient can not fully sleep. Treatment can be prescribed only after a thorough diagnosis, as a result of which you can understand the cause of the pathological process.