Inhalers of a new generation, whose operation principle is based on the use of ultrasonic waves, have now become extremely widespread. With its help, a pesky cough or bronchitis pass much faster, and complex treatment of pneumonia takes less time. What are the types of ultrasonic inhalers and how to choose the device for the treatment of a child? You can learn all this from the information of our article.


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Principle of operation

This complex device is based on the special action of ultrasonic waves that split the solution into minute particles. Ascending the tube, this vapor enters the human lung system. The smaller the fraction of particles, the deeper the drug will enter the bronchi and lungs. Nebulizers - nebulizers are designed for complex treatmen

t of bronchi and lungs and can significantly alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

On the photo - ultrasonic inhaler:

ultrasound inhaler for baby

It is a mistake to think that an ultrasound type nebulizer will help with any manifestations of acute respiratory viral infection, but with inflammatory processes of the bronchi and lungs it is guaranteed to facilitate the patient's condition and create all the necessary prerequisites for a speedy recovery.

Nebulizer inhalations are prescribed:

  • Treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases;
  • Elimination of all kinds of dry painful cough;
  • Dilution and excretion of sputum in the lungs and bronchi;
  • Activation of blood circulation;
  • Treatment of certain nervous and endocrine diseases.

The use of a nebulizer for children of the first year of life is very effective, whereas steam and compression can only do harm. Due to the fact that the medicine comes in the form of fine water vapor, no discomfort or unpleasant sensations are created by inhalation.

On video ultrasound inhaler for a child:

Advantages of

The advantages of nebulizers are:

  • High efficiency;
  • Compact size, possibility of use on the road;
  • Practically noiseless operation;
  • Ability to use the device for children from birth.

Baby nebulizers are made in colorful and bright design, which may interest the child in such a procedure and make it more pleasant. There are these devices and a number of cons for using, which you must certainly analyze before buying.

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How the compression inhaler looks like, you can see on the photo here: http: // kompressionnyj-ingalyator-dlya-detej.html

Disadvantages of

Disadvantages of nebulizer:

  • Not all medicines retain their properties under such exposure;
  • Need to purchase replaceable bowls;
  • Fairly significant value;

When buying an inhaler, you should consider the volume of the solution bowl, the average duration of the procedure will be at least 15 minutes. Interrupting the session for additional filling of the bowl is unacceptable and may reduce the effectiveness of the procedure, so the required volume must correspond to the total time. Technical characteristics and warranty obligations of the manufacturer must be specified at the point of sale of the equipment. Do not forget to ask for a certificate and full information about the manufacturer.

On video - ultrasonic inhaler nebulizer:

Solutions for the nebulizer


What medicines can be used in the ultrasonic inhaler:

  1. For softening of dry cough: medications such as Salbutamol, Berotek, Atroen and Berodual. Salbutamol
  2. Inhalation with Rotocan is anti-inflammatory. Rotokana
  3. Bacterial bronchitis will help cure the use of Furacilin, Gentamycin and Fluimucil. Furacilin
  4. Sputum excretion with moist cough is facilitated by procedures with Lazolvan and Fluimucil. How to properly wash the nose with furatsilinom child, indicated in the article.
  5. You can use inhalation with interferon to increase immunity in often ill children and adults.

Traditional medicine can also be used in a modern ultrasonic inhaler. The main condition - the solution should not contain solid particles, so before using it must be carefully filtered.


  1. Mineral water .As a preventive measure and simply to maintain immunity, inhalation with saline and mineral water is well helped. There are practically no contraindications to this method. mineral water for inhalation
  2. Decoctions of herbs : sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, mint, ledum from cough, how to use it is indicated here and many others. Such fees are always useful in a variety of diseases. decoction of chamomile for inhalation
  3. Not all nebulizer devices have access to the use of oil mixtures, for example, with essential oils. If your unit is equipped with this function, you can safely use these treatment solutions.

Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions, as each model can have its own nuances. Do not use liquids containing solid particles as a solution, this can clog filters and cause the unit to malfunction. To avoid undesirable consequences, do not experiment with solutions and create drug combinations to your taste. Strictly adhere to the necessary dosage and proportions.

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How do omron inhalers for children and adults look like: http: // ingalyator-omron-dlya-detej.html

In the video - instruction for use of the ultrasonic inhaler instruction manual:

Estimated cost

The prices for ultrasonic inhalers will vary widelyrange. The main factors on which the cost will depend is the firm-manufacturer and model of the device. There can be no fundamental difference between models from different brands, it's all about design, additional functions and the volume of solution cups.

Some models are great for use on the road: they are equipped with an optional power source - batteries or battery. This will also affect the cost of the device, but to choose this option or not, will depend only on you.

Cost of main models of ultrasonic nebulizers

Part no. Model: Type: Price:
1. Frei( Gamma) Compact. Two nozzles for adults and children. From $ 37
2. Beurer IH 30. Compact size, the possibility of an alternative power source( battery), a road option. From $ 57.
3. Beurer IH 40. Starting at $ 101.
4. Beurer IH 50. From $ 139.
5. Little doctor LD 250 U. Two nozzles and the possibility of simultaneous use by two people. From 6476 $.
6. Vulcan - 1. Suitable for spraying virtually all medications, including oil solutions. From 152 $.

Ultrasonic nebulizer type nebulizer is an excellent choice for home purchase. This miracle - the device will greatly enhance the beneficial effects of medications and help to perform the procedure of inhalation at home.

On the photo - ultrasonic inhalator with heating:

ultrasonic inhaler with heating

Portable and almost noiseless models are ideal for treating children, and additional equipment with special attachments and accessories - a simultaneous session for two patients. Using inhalations with a nebulizer will help to cure complex lung diseases faster and with less risks, even at home. Such equipment does not cancel drug therapy, but it significantly improves its effectiveness and speed of recovery.


  • Eugene, 24: "My son is from the category of often ill children, so buying a nebulizer was a matter of time and money. Our pediatrician has long advised to buy it for home use, since we go to the polyclinic more often than in the kindergarten. With the advent of a comfortable and compact device, our life has become a little easier. Preventive procedures with mineral water helped strengthen the bronchi, and additional effects during treatment - faster recover. I strongly advise all mothers who have the same problems. The nebulizer will not replace absolutely all medicines, but many unpleasant moments and painful conditions will help cure. "
  • Alexey, 28 years old: "Two months ago I had to lie down with my son to the hospital. The situation was difficult, our mother lay in another ward, and the child was immediately put into pulmonology with pneumonia immediately after the hospital. At first they did not even let him in, but then they finally allowed us. Great help in the treatment had a nebulizer, which in our hospital turned out to be some cool brand( sponsor 's gift).As such, the child had no cough, but he made strange whistling sounds and often breathed irregularly. After three sessions, the breathing leveled slightly and we were transferred to a separate box. The treatment lasted for a month and a half and after discharge we bought this device without any unnecessary conversations( of course, not the same as in the hospital, but not the cheapest one).Now we carry out restorative therapy with saline and medicine courses. It is difficult to predict something for the future, but once the inhaler has helped us, it will hope for his help further. "
  • Svetlana, 36 years old: "We have been using the nebulizer for about five years already and have already" hooked "all of them on them. The first model was brought to me by a friend from Germany, in our city at that time it was unreal to buy such things. At first, inhalations were made solely from saline and soda solutions. Essential oils help with a cold, and the daughter very much loves a session with mineral water. Often I did preventive sessions, after I went to the kindergarten, colds became more frequent. I will not say that a nebulizer is a panacea for all illnesses, but it will quickly remove the main symptoms and it will be able to help you recover faster. "
  • Alexandra, 31 years old: "My children often do inhalations with a nebulizer. It helps with the first signs of acute respiratory infections and bronchitis. Previously, traditionally warmed the throat and bronchi over a pot of water( or potatoes), after the appearance of a more modern device decided on an expensive purchase. The costs paid off quickly, it is enough to mention that we avoided the hospital with the youngest daughter twice because of this miracle device. "