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Avocado is the fruit of the evergreen Perseus tree, which grows in South America, Africa and Israel. To date, more than 400 varieties of this fruit are known. But, only a few of them can be eaten. Avocados are called the "alligator" pear. In addition to the pear-shaped form, this fruit can have an oval and spherical shape. To taste, the avocado resembles nuts, greens and butter at the same time.

Contents of

Eat yellow and green flesh of this fruit. It contains many useful substances for the body. But the bone of this fruit is poisonous. It contains substances that get into the body, can affect the work of the digestive system.

Avocados are used in vegetarian and traditional cu

isine. From the pulp of this fruit make salads and sandwiches. Very often avocados are used in a variety of diets. Thanks to its composition, avocados can replace eggs and meat in the diet.

IMPORTANT: In the ripened avocado fruit, there are more nutrients than in the unripe fruit. That's why you need to choose the right avocado in the store before buying. It's very easy to do this. It is necessary to take a fancy fruit and press on it. If the peel is not squeezed, then the avocado is not ripe. But, do not deny yourself the purchase of unripe fruit. For a few days at room temperature, he "comes" to the desired state. And, here are the dark spots and cracks, on the contrary, say that the avocado is overripe and will soon deteriorate.

Avocados are useful: composition and properties of

Avocado is a very useful fruit. It includes a large number of vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to this avocado has healing properties on almost all human organs. Studies have shown that this fruit has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and is recommended for people with high blood pressure.

IMPORTANT: Avocado contains a large amount of fatty acids. Thanks to them, the use of avocados improves memory and creates prevention of atherosclerosis. Useful substances from this fruit will help to normalize the water-salt balance of the body and improve its resistance to stress.

The composition of avocado includes copper and iron. These metals reduce the risk of anemia and improve the number of red bodies in the blood. Also improves the blood composition of riboflavin, which is found in avocado fruits in large quantities. Use this fruit and for the treatment of gastritis and constipation. The avocado pulp is easily absorbed by the body and improves the digestive system.

Eating 70 grams of avocados three times a week reduces the risk of developing cancer cells, and has a significant effect on overall strengthening of the body.

In 100 grams of avocado contains:
• 33% of the daily norm of dietary fiber;
• 27% of the daily norm of vitamin B5;
• 20% of the daily norm of vitamin B9;
• 19.5% of daily potassium;
• 19% of daily copper norm;
• 17% of the daily intake of vitamin K;
• 13% of the daily norm of vitamin B6;
• 11% of the daily intake of vitamin C;
• 9% of the daily norm of vitamin PP;
• 7% of the daily norm of vitamin B2;
• 7% of daily magnesium;
• 7% of the daily norm of manganese;
• 6.5% of the daily phosphorus rate;
• 5% of the daily norm of zinc;
• 4.5% of the daily norm of vitamin B1.

IMPORTANT: Useful substances from avocados are widely used for treatment of the prostate and breast. The potassium content in the avocado is greater than the content of this microelement in bananas. Due to this regular use of this product has a good effect on blood pressure.

How to use avocado for weight loss?

Avocados are widely used in dietetics. There is an effective three-day diet based on this fruit, which activates metabolic processes in the body and helps to lose a few unnecessary kilograms. With such a diet, you can use avocado, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled chicken and greens.

The author of the more "advanced" diet based on this fruit is the Greek culinary Blezas. He believes that the avocado in its composition has all the necessary nutrients. Which when adding protein and fiber not only help to reduce weight, but also cleanse the body of various harmful substances.

The diet of Bletsas based on avocado is divided into three stages. At the first stage, the organism "unloads".It lasts three days. At this stage, there is a decrease in the body of excess fluid, stabilization of blood sugar level and purification of the intestine.

The menu for the first phase of the avocado diet:
• Breakfast: Flesh the halves of an avocado with low-fat cottage cheese( 100 g) and greens. A cup of coffee or tea.
• Lunch: Four proteins, one yolk, one cucumber, a bunch of greens and flesh avocado halves are mixed in a blender. Yolk and protein should be boiled.
• Dinner: Also dish as for breakfast.
• Before going to bed: Boiled beef( 90 g) with half a lemon.

At the first stage of this diet snacks are prohibited.

The second stage is working on reducing excess weight. The diet menu on the avocado of the second stage repeats the menu of the first stage. But, already allowed snacks. In the menu you can add fruit and meat. The duration of the second stage of this diet is 3-4 months.

In the third stage of such a diet, the menu can be expanded by a couple of glasses of wine a week, sweet fruit and even a small amount of baking. The duration of this stage is not limited. As soon as the weight starts to increase, you can return to the menu of the second stage of this interesting diet.

IMPORTANT: The diet for avocados is relatively easy to tolerate. The flesh of this fruit is very nutritious and with its help you can quickly satisfy your hunger. But, use a mono-diet for avocados is not worth it. The use of only this fruit can trigger a metabolic disorder.

Useful recipes with avocado

Avocados are widely used in cooking. This fruit can be used to make home rolls, healthy sandwiches and salads.

Salad with shrimps and avocado

Seafood is perfectly combined with this exotic fruit. To prepare this salad, you need to boil 125 grams of large shrimp and clean them from shells. Shrimp can "pick up" water during cooking. It can be removed by pressing on these crustaceans a tablespoonful.

Then you need to take four fruits of avocado of medium size, cut each of them into two halves and remove the bones and flesh. It must be done so that 4-5 mm of flesh remains on the skin. So then it will be easier to stuff the avocado.

When extracting the pulp should be separated by pieces. They can be mixed with banana slices, boiled chicken fillet and greens.

IMPORTANT: To avoid blackening the avocado, sprinkle with a lemon.

The avocado pulp is mixed with the rest of the ingredients( except shrimp).Then it must be immersed in molds from the rind of the fruit and on each top to place the shrimp.

Sandwich with avocado for a healthy snack

A sandwich with avocado can be used for a healthy breakfast or snack in the middle of the day. Such a sandwich is very easy to prepare. To do this, you need to cut the avocado into two parts, extract the stone and peel it. Then the flesh must be cut into several pieces, sprinkled with a lemon and chopped using a garlic press or a blender.

The resulting mass must be peppered and salt. Add the olive oil. It is advisable to use the first-stage oil. It is more useful.

To make a sandwich really useful, you need to take bread with bran or cooked from whole grains. The resulting "pate" should be smeared on bread, and put a lemon on top.

Avocado oil use in cosmetology

Avocado oil is widely used in cosmetology. It is believed that it contains more polyunsaturated fatty acids than in fish oil. You can use it as a part of ready-made cosmetics, or adding it to your favorite cream, lotion or balm. The optimum dosage is 10 drops of avocado oil per 10 grams of base.
You can add oil of this fruit to shampoo. This will help to strengthen the hair and reduce the problem of split ends. The oil of this fruit will give the hair a healthy shine.

You can also use avocado oil to strengthen the nails. And it can be used in pure form or mixed with apricot or almond oil in proportions of 1: 1.Such a tool can be applied to the nails every day. After applying, you need to massage your fingers until the oil is completely absorbed.

IMPORTANT: Avocado oil is used as a tanning agent, for anti-cellulite massage and as a part of face masks. The uniqueness of this product is that in its fat composition it is close to the fats of human skin. What helps useful substances from this oil is better absorbed by the body.

Avocados: useful tips for

Tip # 1. Avocado is the enemy of cholesterol. That's why people with a high level of this organic compound in the body need to regularly eat the avocado pulp. Daily use of halved avocados leads to a significant decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood within a month.

Tip # 2. Avocados are perfectly combined with poultry, fish and seafood. But, as a result of heat treatment, the fruit loses its useful properties. Therefore, it is better to use the pulp of this fruit in those recipes where it is not subjected to such a process.

Tip # 3. People with a predisposition to oncological diseases must definitely include avocados in their diet. The thing is that in this fruit there is a lot of folic acid, which reduces the number of cancer cells in the blood.

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