Furacilin Avexia effervescent - instruction on the use of tablets and solution, analogs, testimonials. How to build a tablet of furacilin for gargling, eyewash, ears, wounds, mouth, teeth, inhalation for adults and children?

The article will tell you about how to use furatsilin for the treatment of infectious diseases.


  • Furacilin: what helps?
  • Furacilin Avexima - instruction for the use of solution and tablets for adults and children
  • How to plant a fatacilin tablet for gargling adults and children and how many times a day to rinse?
  • Is it possible to wipe the eyes of a newborn, a baby, with conjunctivitis furacilin, how to plant and how much to wipe?
  • How to plant a tablet of furacilin for washing the nose to adults and children and how much to wash?
  • Is it possible to wash the furacilin nose in the rhinitis and gargle during pregnancy and lactation?
  • Can furatsilin wash ears for adults and children for treatment?
  • How to dilute furacilin for wound washing?
  • How to dilute furacilin for mouthwash with flux, tooth removal, stomatitis?
  • How do I do inhalation with furacilin?
  • How to dilute furacilin to syringe on discharge, thrush, to wash with itching?
  • Can I pour furatsilin with boiling water?
  • Is it possible to drink tablets of furatsilina with cystitis?
  • Furacil analogues: what other medicines are there?
  • Furacilin: reviews
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Furacilin: from what helps?

Furacilin is a popular and affordable drug. The effect of this medication is very effective on the human body, killing several types of harmful microorganisms. The solution of the furacilin tablet has a powerful antiseptic property and it not only reduces, completely eliminating inflammation, but adversely affecting bacteria by the type of antibiotic.

IMPORTANT: The secret of furacilin is that it contains a "special" and effective substance - nitrofural. It is nitrofural - a substance of active antimicrobial action. It has a destructive effect on the molecules of bacteria and pathogenic organisms, completely changing their vital functions.

What helps furatsilin:

  • Promotes the prompt healing of skin lesions and wounds.
  • Eliminates purulent and usual inflammatory processes on mucous membranes.
  • Reduces burns, improves healing
  • Relieves swelling and inflammation of the nasal sinuses
  • Treats inflammatory and purulent processes in the mouth
  • Reduces inflammation in the ear, eliminates boils
  • Helps with skin grafts to heal wounds
  • Helps to cope and eliminate excessive sweating of the feet
  • Reduces inflammationand sore throat
  • Helps to fight thrush by suppressing the fungus
Furacilin 20 mg tablet

Furacilin Avexima - instructions for the use of the solution andtablets for adults and children

Furacilin is available in several forms:

  • Tablets - are available in 20 mg. Necessary for the preparation of solutions and extracts used externally. The dosage of 100 mg tablets is required for oral administration.
  • Aqueous solution - is used for rinsing and rinsing of wounds, nose, throat, mouth.
  • Alcohol solution - is necessary for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the ears.
  • Ointment furatsilinovaya - is necessary for the treatment of skin lesions: burns, wounds, injuries.

IMPORTANT: In some cases, furacilin can provoke an allergic reaction and therefore it should be used carefully and after a doctor's recommendation. This applies only to internal use, while the external one allows a minimum penetration of the active substance into the skin tissues and absorption. Ingestion can provoke a lack of appetite and intestinal disorders, the external - dermatitis.

How to make a solution of Furacelin Avexim:

  • Prepare a clean and sterile glassware
  • Tablet in 20 mg rasskolchete spoon
  • Powder pour into a clean glassware
  • Pour powder with distilled water of warm temperature
  • Mix thoroughly and let stand for an hour
  • After an hour you can apply the solution
  • Cover the vessel with saucer or clean lid
  • Solutioncan be used within a day, after which it should be re-cooked.
Furacilin avexime

How to dilute the furacilin tablet for gargling for adults and children and how many times a day to rinse?

Rinse throat with a solution of furacilin in the presence of a cold, sore throat or inflammatory disease - a common practice. This rinse is available, easy to use, completely harmless and useful. Rinse not only has an antiseptic effect( removes puffiness, removes redness and pain), but also flushes, killing all pathogenic bacteria.

IMPORTANT: This rinse should be done several times a day. The frequency of rinsing depends only on how big your problem is and how much the disease is. The more often you caress the throat - the faster it will become healthy and you will recover. Kick your throat once in one or two hours, as well as after every meal.

How to make a gargle for the throat:

  • You will need 0.5 glass jar, clean and disinfected.
  • Tablet 20 mg of furacilin remember with a spoon in a powder, pour into a jar.
  • Pour warm distilled or boiled water
  • Dissolve the powder and add a drop of iodine( help to get rid of inflammation faster).
  • If desired, you can also add 1 tsp.sea ​​salt - it will remove the redness.
  • Rinsed rinse should be used for one day.
Furacilin: rinse

Is it possible to wipe the eyes of a newborn, infants, with conjunctivitis furacilin, how to plant and how much to wipe?

Conjunctivitis is a common problem of infants whose tear duct is not yet sufficiently formed and is vulnerable to infections. It is possible and even necessary to wash eyes with furacilin solution for newborns, but it should be done correctly:

  • Disinfect the glass
  • Pour warm distilled water into it
  • Pill to 20 mg of furacilin powder
  • Pour the powder into water, dissolve
  • Let it infuse for half an hour
  • With the help ofWadded disc moistened in solution, do rinsing of the eyes every time it becomes sour.
  • Cover the resulting solution with a lid or saucer so that dust and other substances do not get into it during the day.

IMPORTANT: The solution is effective in that it can effectively eliminate the pathogenic bacterium with the mucous membrane and prevent its spread, allowing the child to recover. However, to treat conjunctivitis with only one solution is not enough, it is important to consult a doctor about taking additional medications.

Furatsilinovy ​​solution with eye drops in

children How to plant a tablet of furacilin for washing the nose of adults and children and how much to wash?

Flushing the nose with a solution of furacilin will help to get rid of infection, eliminate pathogenic bacteria, remove swelling and swelling of nasal sinuses, improve the mucus's permeability in the nose. To wash the nose with a solution of furacilin it is possible for children and adults:

  • In a clean 0.5 liter can, dissolve the powder from one tablet of 20 mg of furacilin with water
  • Add 1 tsp.sea ​​salt without a slide and carefully mix the solution, allowing it to infuse for 10-15 minutes.
  • The resulting solution should be rinsed with a special device "cuckoo".

Is it possible to wash the furacilin nose in the rhinitis and gargle during pregnancy and lactation?

Furacilin is prescribed very often for colds and infectious diseases, both for external and internal use. However, during pregnancy, you should be careful about any drug, so as not to harm the fetus in any way.

IMPORTANT: Fortunately, using furacilin externally - you can, but still pay attention to what you are feeling and whether there is an allergic reaction. Internally, you should not take furacil.

How to use furatsilin during pregnancy:

  • For the preparation of the rinse of the throat
  • For the preparation of the rinse of the nose
  • For alcohol tincture to treat the otitis
  • For the preparation of alcohol rubbing
  • You can also use the furatsilinovuyu ointment

outwardly Can furatsilin wash the ears of adults and children for treatment?

You can buy furatsilinovy ​​alcohol in the pharmacy. It is an effective remedy for fighting otitis and inflammatory diseases of the external as well as inner ear. Dripping in his ears is completely safe, both during the treatment period and for the prevention.

The remedy will also help you kill the pathogenic bacteria in the body:

  • "Kill" Staphylococcus aureus
  • Eliminate streptococcus
  • Bowel intestinal
  • Salmonella

IMPORTANT: Do not prescribe yourself furatsilinovy ​​alcohol yourself, whether you can help this tool - only the doctor will decide. External use of furicilin alcohol will also be able to effectively disinfect any area of ​​the skin.

Otitis is a disease that is often called "swine fever".It occurs when the person's ear gets an infection( in most cases, with water).Bacteria begin to develop in the tissues of the auricle and in otitis can not only ruinously affect the eardrum, ripping it, but also worsen the hearing.

IMPORTANT: You can use furatsilinovy ​​alcohol only in the event that the tympanic membrane is not broken.

Alcoholic Furacilin

How to dilute furacilin for wound washing?

The most important requirement when preparing furatsilinovogo solution to rinse the wound - to observe the maximum sterility. You should use only sterile dishes and purified water( distilled).Powder of one tablet of furacilin should be poured with warmed or boiled water and give the solution to infuse for at least half an hour.

IMPORTANT: The wound should be washed beforehand with running water and soap twice and then rinsed with furatsilinom.

How to dilute furacilin for mouthwash with flux, tooth removal, stomatitis?

Rinse your mouth in case of dental problems often prescribed with a tablet of furacilin. Such a solution will remove the putrefactive bacteria accumulated between the teeth, contribute to the healing of the wound( if you have removed the tooth), or to soften the inflammation of the gum and nerve.

It's very easy to prepare a solution. For this, as usual, use clean water and utensils. Dissolve one 20 mg tablet in 200 ml of water and a cool solution( preferably not hot or not warm) rinse your mouth. You can just type the solution into your mouth and hold it for half a minute, then spit it out. The prepared solution should be used within a day.

How do I do inhalation with furacilin?

In some cases, in the presence of severe respiratory infections, you can use very effective inhalation with furatsilinom. To do this, it is desirable to have a special flask for inhalation. In the bowl pour boiling water and dissolve in it the powder from one tablet of furacilin in 20 mg.

IMPORTANT: Breathe couples of furacilin several times a day for 10-15 minutes. The cooled solution can be heated for a new inhalation. The prepared solution should be used only one day.

Furacilin Solution

How to dissolve furacilin to syringe on discharge, thrush, to wash while itching?

Why is syringing effective:

  • Eliminates unpleasant symptoms of the disease
  • Calms the burning and itching in the vagina and labia.
  • Does not dry mucous
  • Does not irritate the mucous
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Cleans the curdled discharge

IMPORTANT: Baths and washings with a solution of furacilin can be done to both normal women and women in the position, but it is best to seek medical advice. Furacilin syringing is one of the most effective procedures for treating a disease in adolescence.

How to cook:

  • Throw the tablet into powder
  • Dissolve the powder in half a glass of water
  • The water should not be hot, only warm
  • Disinfect the syringe
  • Insert the solution into the syringe
  • Insert a 5 cm syringe into the vagina
  • Do rinse
  • Pour the solution, You can not use

any more. Is it possible to fill the furatsilin with boiling water?

Fill the furacilin powder( the tablet is very poorly soluble) with hot or warm water. Boiling water to dissolve the powder can only be if you intend to do inhalation. In cases of solutions for rinsing, this is not useful, and will worsen the property of the substance, reducing its effectiveness by half.

Is it possible to drink tablets of furatsilina with cystitis?

Furacilin is one of the main drugs prescribed for cystitis( inflammation of the urogenital canal).This tool will help to effectively kill pathogens, not only antiseptic( to remove inflammation), but also to remove unpleasant pain.

IMPORTANT: The systematic use of furacilin( usually three times a day) will help to cure the cystitis. If urine drainage is difficult, flushing, douching and baths with furacilin are also indicated.

Furacil analogues: what other medicines are there?

If a person develops intolerance, sensitivity and a strong allergic reaction to furacilin, you can try taking analogs of this drug:

  • Furacilin-LekT
  • Lifusol
  • Kombutec-2


reviews Antonina: "The doctor pulled out a wise tooth and the first dayforbade anything to rinse it in the first day. And then, the next day, I recommended using a solution of one tablet of furacilin on a glass of water. As they began to caress, so did the wound. "

Roman: "I have recently earned a flux for myself. The cheek was swollen and a "nut effect behind the cheek" appeared on one side. Read on the Internet about rinsing furatsilinom. Fortunately, there were days off and by Monday the tumor was gone, then went to the doctor. "

Catherine : "And I always caress my throat with furatsilinom. How a little sheet or sick - so immediately. Better than the means I have not yet discovered. Of course, I add complex treatment: pills and candies, but the more I caress, the sooner I will recover - I know for sure! ".

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