In this important and very critical period of life, it is more important than ever to maintain good health and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. What if the insidious cold had fallen in wait just now? How to overcome a cough during pregnancy, what medicines and folk methods are guaranteed to help and not harm a child? You will find answers to all these important questions in our article.


  • 1 Causes and Dangers of the Disease
  • 2 How to treat: go to the pharmacy
    • 2.1 Dry cough syrups for pregnant women
    • 2.2 Treat productive cough
  • 3 Comorbid symptomatology
    • 3.1 Allergic cough
    • 3.2 Childbirth smoking
    • 3.3 Folk remedies

Causes and Dangers of the Disease

what can you do from a cough during pregnancy

First of all, coughing is not a disease, it's just a symptom caused by a number of reasons. The first thing that comes to mind is colds, after all, this unpleasant condition often arises. Depending on the type, distinguish dry( unproductive)

and wet( productive) cough. Preparations for each species will be separate, aimed at diluting sputum, or on a safe and rapid excretion.

A separate category - an allergic cough, usual medications here will be powerless, it is necessary to eliminate the acting allergen and to remove the manifestations of this substance. Depending on the severity of the reactions, you can take antihistamines( antiallergic) drugs in the form of tablets, syrups, drops or even injections.

Cough can also be caused by special conditions: dry air in the room, dustiness or gas contamination can lead to periodic coughing. If these circumstances change for more suitable, this unpleasant and dangerous symptom will pass by itself.

The video tells that you can take from a cough during pregnancy:

The peculiarity of any disease or symptom in pregnant women will be the inability to take most medications. The big risk to health and even a life of the kid forces the woman to use national methods of treatment that also it is not always safe.

In time not cured cough, in turn, can well lead to threatening conditions and exacerbation of the disease. A real threat during a harsh dry cough is increased tone of the uterus and involuntary contraction of the abdominal muscles. All this in a complex can provoke miscarriage and premature birth, especially if there is a medical indication and threat of abortion. To avoid this and to recover as soon as possible will help specially selected preparations for coughing.

Than to treat: we go to the pharmacy

what you can drink from a cough during pregnancy

Drug medications in most cases either categorically deny the possibility of using "in an interesting position", or they warn that studies on the safety of the application have not been conducted and the data are unknown. Thus, the manufacturer will insure itself against possible consequences or simply not sure about the harmlessness of the main active substance.

On the other hand, if there is a problem, it is necessary to solve it, so there is still a special category of drugs designed to fight diseases in pregnant women as well. Usually therapists prescribe baby syrups on herbs or homeopathy. The general rule is that if the drug can be used by a child at birth, it is safe for pregnant women. You should not prescribe medicines yourself, depending on the severity of the condition, even a variant with antibiotics and a day hospital is available, so a simple syrup here will be powerless and will only aggravate the disease, taking away precious time. Dry cough syrup for pregnant women

  • Stolid( read about the application of Stodal from cough during pregnancy);A stool from a cough during pregnancy
  • Stoptussin Fito;Stoptussin Phyto from a cough during pregnancy
  • Propane cough syrup;Propane for pregnant women
  • Bronchicum;Bronchicum is pregnant
  • SINEKOD.Sinekod

The maximum danger threatens the baby in the early stages of pregnancy, and already in the second and third trimester the child will be reliably protected by the placenta and most of the substances already do not reach him. But this does not mean that you can use absolutely all means, just the range of medications allowed will increase significantly.

We treat a productive cough

Wet cough is not less harmful than dry, despite the fact that it does not cause strong spasms and tone of the uterus, the accumulated sputum can aggravate the course of the disease and provoke a repeated infection of the body.

Quickly and effectively with wet cough will help such medications:

  • Syrup of licorice root( read how to take the root licorice syrup to adults);Syrup of licorice root
  • Bromhexine;
  • Propane;
  • Gedelix;
  • Herbion;
  • Dry cough medicine( here you can see the instruction on the use of children's dry medicine for coughing).Dry cough medicine

If cold cough has been added and sore throat, it is best to supplement the treatment with rinses. You can use pharmacy herbs, soda or sea salt. A good effect is the fresh juice of beets and carrots, which for rinses are bisected with warm water.

Therapy of Comorbid Symptoms

What can I drink with from drugs during pregnancy? Medications in other dosage forms( hot teas, solutions and sachets) can also be used during pregnancy, the main thing is to choose the right composition.

Examples of other medicines:

  • Coldrex Knight;Coldrex Knight for pregnant women
  • Libexin;
  • Muciltin;
  • Libexin;
  • Breast collection( the link describes how to take breastfeeding from a cough during pregnancy).Breastfeeding for pregnant women

With any manifestations of cold cough, inhalation is good. To choose a safe composition and the duration of the procedure will help the doctor, but the purchase of a good inhaler is useful in the future - for the prevention of respiratory diseases in the child.

On the video - more information on what can be done when coughing during pregnancy:

Allergic cough

Allergic cough also can not be ignored, a special treatment will be the elimination of the very reason for a possible allergy. It should not be forgotten that at this stage of life the body reacts very sensitively to any external stimuli and such a reaction can appear even in the most innocuous thing. It is very important to regularly ventilate the premises and conduct periodic wet cleaning.

Visit nature more frequently and away from the gassed streets. The positive moment of such walks is not limited to medical indications and lack of fresh air. This is a kind of training for the upcoming motherhood: beforehand choosing suitable places, you will not subsequently have problems walking with the child. Here you can read about the treatment of allergic cough in adults by folk remedies.

Smoking in bearing a child

An important factor affecting the appearance of cough in pregnant women will also be a very addictive habit - smoking. Unfortunately, many future mothers see absolutely nothing wrong with this pastime. There is an opinion that one should not quit sharply, ostensibly it will cause more harm to the child, rather than further smoking. It will be difficult to agree with this, especially after all the studies on the harm of this occupation. There are many simple and safe methods of quitting smoking, which can be applied in the pregnant state. The earlier and faster you quit smoking, the more chances are that it will not cause irreparable harm to your future child.

On the video - about smoking during pregnancy:

Folk remedies

Official medicine has long borrowed some "grandmother's" prescriptions for the treatment of certain diseases, in particular, various types of cough for colds. Proof of this are natural syrups and supplements, as well as the fact that many doctors prescribe some methods of home medicine in complex treatment with medications.

The secrets of folk medicine are particularly relevant in the "pregnant state", when many drugstores are contraindicated. It should be understood that you can not use even the most proven methods without first consulting a specialist. Pregnancy is not the time for experiments, because you are responsible for the health and life of another person. Reasonable approach and timely treatment to the doctor - these are the main trumps of treating all ailments. If there are no contraindications and threat of pregnancy, the therapist himself will prescribe to you relatively safe and natural remedies, sometimes even without pharmacy analogues.

On video - how to cure a cough during pregnancy:

Good methods of cough treatment folk remedies:

  1. Milk with soda or mineral water .For a glass of milk not more than 0.5 teaspoon of soda, drink warm overnight. Good for dry cough. If you use alkaline mineral water, the required proportions are 1: 1.Milk with oil and soda from cough also helps. Radish with honey. Radish with honey from cough during pregnancy is the most popular home remedy, especially for children's treatment. For this purpose, a deep groove is cut in the root crop, which must be filled with honey. After the syrup appears more liquid consistency, the agent can be consumed. Do not use this method for any manifestations of allergy to components. Radish with honey from a pregnant cough
  2. Milk with figs .Half a liter of milk boil with 3-4 fresh or dried fruits. Ready mixture to boil until thick and slightly brown. Take half a glass three times a day. Here is described in detail how to take figs with milk from a cough during pregnancy. Milk with figs from a pregnant cough
  3. Cabbage leaf spread with honey and apply as a compress to the chest, throat or back. The desired improvement is usually noticeable after three procedures.

Any thermal procedures: mustard, cans and steaming legs are prohibited during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that thermal effects increase blood supply and can provoke bleeding and the threat of early miscarriage and premature birth. Do not take additional medications containing vitamin C in large quantities.

Pregnancy is a wonderful waiting time that is sometimes marred by unplanned diseases and problems. With honor to get out of this test and give your child the necessary health and strength will help simple recommendations. They are known to everyone since childhood, but very few people used them all the time.

Full nutrition and rest, active pastime in the open air and rejection of bad habits( in food including) - that will help to strengthen health and prepare for the main exam in your life - motherhood. Here you can read whether you can warm your throat during pregnancy.