The appearance of a baby is considered to be the most joyful moment in the life of every parent. But apart from the joy in their life there is a number of difficulties with which they will meet. One of them will be a constant sneezing sneeze.

In newborn babies such a phenomenon is of a frequent nature and this should not cause surprise, as when sneezing occurs a natural cleansing of its nasal passages. But there are situations when the symptom in question can indicate the presence of some disease. In this case, it is necessary to understand and distinguish all the symptoms that the still unformed organism produces.


  • 1 reasons
    • 1.1 Dry air
    • 1.2 Allergy
    • 1.3 Physiological runny
    • 1.4 Syrinx and her immaturity
    • 1.5 Other irritants
    • 1.6 symptom of the disease
  • 2 Treatment
    • 2.1 Opinion Komarovsky


most important cause ofsneezing in a newborn child remains a protective reaction to incomin

g stimuli. This is not a disease, but if nothing is done, the situation may become worse. So before treatment it is important to understand what can lead to the development of the symptom in question.

Dry air

the newborn often sneezes

If there is a low level of humidity in the room in which the crumbs are located, a number of problems with nasal breathing arise. Especially this situation is exacerbated during the inclusion in the houses of heating.

What to do in this situation? Always maintain a humidity level of at least 50% in the room. For these purposes, it is best to purchase special air humidifiers .If you can not buy them, you can wet the towels and hang them on the batteries. You can also start fish and keep them in the aquarium.


a newborn has an allergy

Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common problems today. A tiny toddler can sneeze due to inhalable dust, wool of pets and pollen of plants. And when the allergy is seasonal, then parents can not do anything particularly. But they can easily eliminate other stimuli.

To do this, actively remove dust in the room by wet cleaning and ventilation. If you do this constantly, the dust will not focus on carpets, soft toys and other favorite places. If the sneezing is noticeably aggravated when contacting a pet, it will have to be sent to relatives or to find other owners.

Physiologic runny nose

a newborn child often sneezes causes

Often the baby sneezes because he has active mucus production in his nasal cavity. All this is explained very simply. When the crumb was in the womb of the mother, he was in a liquid. His lungs were glued and did not absorb air. With the nose of a crumb, he was sucking in an amniotic fluid and releasing it. In this case, the mucous membranes were always in a moistened state.

When a child is born, he begins to make his first breath. There is a spreading of the lungs, and the work of the respiratory system is being improved.

Mucous starting to dry, and inside the nasal cavity formed a small crust. They can irritate the respiratory passages. As a result, the newborn baby sneezes constantly.

Eustachian tube and its immaturity

problem with the ears of the child

Newborn crumbs can be sneezed due to the poor development of the Eustachian passage. This pipe acts as a connecting element between the ears and the nasopharynx. Immediately after the baby was born, this element is short and too wide. With age, the tube becomes longer and thinner.

When sneezing occurs immediately after feeding, the reason for this symptomatology lies precisely in the immaturity of the Eustachian tube. Experiencing this is not worth it, since all the symptoms will disappear in a couple of weeks.

Other irritants

Tobacco smoke can cause irritation to the nasal mucosa. Especially it is popular for those who have a smoking person in the apartment. Even lead to the development of sneezing in crumbs can mom's any perfume.

Symptom of the disease

Very often sneezing can indicate the presence of a cold. In this parents will help such symptoms:

  • sneezing and cough;
  • restless behavior;
  • temperature increase.

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Treatment of

Since various factors can influence a baby's sneezing, it is not always the case that such a condition needs treatment. Very often, you just need to wait a little, so that the small organism adapts itself to the new conditions of life. Themselves parents should watch how many times sneezed their baby. If this is observed more than 5-6 times a day, then it is worth taking certain measures:

  1. In the room where the baby is, there should be a normal humidity level of .If the air is dry, this will cause irritation. It is best to buy a special air humidifier. humidity level in the room
  2. Since the child's respiratory system is sensitive to dust, it is necessary to regularly clean up the house in a wet environment. Also you need to take out of the room things in which the dust is clothed.
  3. Choking can cause sharp smells. So parents should restrict the child from various kinds of perfumery, and the person who smokes in the apartment must either get rid of this addiction or do it not in the house. When the baby often sneezes after feeding, the reason is covered in regurgitation. It is necessary to monitor the position of the crumb during the feeding period.

If you follow these simple recommendations, then the baby will breathe easier, and, consequently, sneezing will also disappear.

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Komarovsky's opinion

Famous children's doctor Komarovsky offers parents a set of simple recommendations that will help to protect a newborn child from constant sneezing. The first thing is to create a full-fledged environment in the children's room. The air must be moist and fresh. To do this, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the room. The air temperature should not be above 18-20 degrees, and the humidity level - not lower than 60%.

Regular cleaning of the room will eliminate the accumulation of dust, which has a detrimental effect on the nasal mucosa. Also, parents should ensure that the mucus in the nasal cavity does not dry out and form crusts. The fact is that they create excellent conditions for the development of viruses and bacteria, so that their cleaning should be regular.

On the video the newborn often sneezes:

According to Komarovsky, all these events will allow the newborn to not so painfully survive the time when a physiological runny nose is observed, and it will also become an excellent prevention of ARVI.

Sneezing at the child can not always indicate the presence of a dangerous ailment. Sometimes it arises as a response reflex to the incoming stimulus. The main task of parents in this case is to neutralize the effect of this stimulus and create comfortable conditions for the normal development of a small organism.