Diseases of the respiratory system are considered to be among the most popular. And this applies to both children and adults. Most often, the therapist is treated during the cold season, when pathogens become more active and rapidly attack the human body, whose immune system is weakened in autumn and spring due to a lack of vitamins. Today the pharmacy has many effective drugs that successfully fight with a cough. Among them, it is worth noting the inhaled Fluimucil.


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If you follow the instructions for use, then Fluimutsil IT can be used in the following diseases: fluimycil antibiotic

  • bronchitis;
  • bacterial consequences of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, whooping cough;
  • sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • otitis media;
  • laryngotracheitis;
  • cystic fibrosis;
  • inflammation, abscess, emphysema;
  • prophylaxis of consequences of the transf
    erred illnesses.

How to dilute

The preparation Fluimucil IT is designed for inhalation use. A 10% solution is used for this purpose. It can also be used for injections. In the treatment of cough by inhalation, the dosage of the drug is the same for both children and adults. It is 300 mg. The preparation is contained in such a volume in one ampoule of 10% solution.

The preparation does not need to be dissolved in water or salt solutions, it is sold ready for use. The number of inhalations for coughing should be 1-2 per day. But the duration of therapy depends on the severity of the pathological process. For the treatment of respiratory diseases by inhalation, 10% solution of Fluimucil is used. The duration of one manipulation is 15-20 minutes.

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The average course of the drug will be from 5-10 days. If there is a severe chronic pathological process taking place in the bronchopulmonary system, the use of Fluimutsila IT can last up to 6 months.

Video - fluimucil antibiotic for inhalations:

This drug can be used for nebulizer therapy. But only release it in a powder format. To prepare a solution for inhalation, you need to take two ampoules - a powder and a solvent, and then connect them.

You can inject the solvent into the ampoule with powder using a syringe. After shaking thoroughly and use the solution for use. The dosage of Fluimucil for adults will be 250 mg 1-2 times a day. But the children dosage will be 125 mg per procedure. There should be 1-2 per day. The duration of therapy should not be longer than 10 days.

How to use

Inhalation with Fluimutsil can be performed with a conventional inhaler, but you can get the maximum effect with a nebulizer. But it should be borne in mind that not all devices can be used to spray antibiotics. If you use ultrasonic and membrane nebulizers, then it is not advisable to use them for inhalations with the antibiotic in question. But the compressor priors perfectly spray the solution, without violating the molecular composition. fluimucil antibiotic for inhalations

Also this type of inhaler has a mode by which it is possible to set the size of the sprayed particles, which is extremely important. If the particle size is less than 10 microns, then they are not able to fully influence the problem and stop viruses in the nasal cavity. To do this, you need to set the correct mode before performing inhalations.

It is also necessary to make sure that the patient's temperature does not exceed 37 degrees. If this condition is not met, then the procedure is prohibited. Before the beginning of inhalation it is necessary to perform sanation of the nasal passages and lead to normal breathing. For these purposes, vasoconstrictor drops are used. In addition, it is necessary to properly dilute the solution for inhalation to a child and an adult.

Children under 2 years of age need to use the solution with extreme caution to children. This is due to the age-related features of the kidneys. As for pregnant women, they can use a solution for inhalation, but only if the benefit for the future mother exceeds the risk for the child.

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You can buy Fluimutsil IT in a pharmacy. The cost of it is 850 rubles.


  • Victoria, 43 years: "This drug is considered very effective in treating cough. The point is that a year ago, I was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. The doctor appointed me to carry out inhalations with Fluimutsilom IT 2 times a day for 6 days. Everything was done exactly with the appointment and on the second day my condition began to improve. Cough began to go to wet, breathing improved, my sleep normalized. And a week later, the disease was gone. "
  • Antonina, 35 years old: "Fluimutsil IT is a very necessary drug in the home medicine cabinet. Although before its use, after all, it is necessary to consult a doctor, and we have him in the family - this is my mother. I use the drug for inhalation both to myself and the baby. He perfectly copes with a cough, transforming it into productive, diluting sputum and leading to its speedy evacuation. In addition, the inhalation method of use allows you to manipulate even the most troubled child. I turn on the cartoon kid, and he inhales the healing couples within 10 minutes. Very convenient and practical. "
  • Sergey, 32 years old: "Fluimucil IT was assigned to me by a doctor in case of a cough that occurred with a cold. In the beginning I was treated by domestic methods, then a dry cough began to appear with greater intensity. When I could not sleep at night, I decided to see a doctor. It is good that the cough has not yet passed into a chronic form. Inhalation was done 2 times a day, according to the prescribed dosage. After 3 days my condition began to improve, my sleep, appetite normalized. And after 7 days I even was able to go to work. "

Fluimutsil IT is an effective antibacterial drug that can be used in the treatment of various respiratory diseases. It can be used by both children and adults, but only after they consult with a doctor. In most cases, relief comes in a few days. If after performing the procedure the patient feels dizzy, nauseous and other changes, then stop inhalation and go to the doctor.