Ejaculation of the ears sometimes indicates not about infectious diseases, but about the common cold. Ear pain causes a lot of inconvenience, it appears as a result of a decrease in immunity and is called otitis, although many simply characterize it with a cold in the ear.


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pain in the ears with colds

The pain of the ears is acute, stinging or dull, it is characterized by the degree of disease intensity. In the middle ear cavity there is a liquid that even in a calm state presses on the tympanic membrane, after which the oscillations are felt, but they are not accompanied by pain.

It can be caused by viral colds or re-infection. Sensitive nerve endings respond subtly to increased pressure in the middle ear. After affecting the eardrum, the pain subsides.

Otitis often has the following symptoms:

  • Loss of appetite .When swallowed, the pressure in the middle ear is further increased and the children, especially the infants, refuse to feed.
  • Fever. Temperature changes can cause chills, the body can be heated up to 40 ° C.
  • Irritation. Constant aching pain affects your nerves.
  • Dizziness .Sensations of prostration caused by constant lack of sleep. The latter are observed because of the intensive movement of the liquid in a horizontal position.
  • Allocations .A yellow or brown liquid will go straight out of the auricle, which indicates that the tympanic membrane is broken.
  • Disturbance of hearing .The accumulating liquid interferes with the operation of the eardrum, because of this incoming sounds, bypassing the middle ear system, are immediately transferred to the brain.
  • Coryza .Yellowish and greenish discharge.(but how to treat a chronic runny nose at home, will help to understand this information)

The primary sign of the appearance of otitis is the itching outside the ear, then it starts to make noises. The pain appears much later. Once these symptoms are manifested immediately, you need to take medication. To successfully and quickly get rid of ear colds, you need to contact a specialist.

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It should solve two problems at once: remove pain and eliminate inflammation. Most of the time, the ear is so sore that all the other symptoms are not noticeable in comparison. To ease the pain, you can apply several home methods or go to medical treatment.

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Home compresses

They are used if the patient's temperature does not exceed 38 ° C.

The most common way, which is safe even for young children, is a salt compress. For its preparation, a small amount of salt should be heated in a frying pan. Before doing this, sew a temporary bag made from a natural fabric of small dimensions so that it can completely close the eyelet. Heated salt poured into it, tied and put to your ear, you can directly lie on such a warming compress and sustain the time until the salt cools. Such a remedy is applied every half hour, until the pain subsides.

home compresses for the ear

On the photo- home compresses for the ear

For adults, a compress made using the ancient method using boric alcohol is considered effective.

Its manufacturing technology is as follows:

  • Prepare gauze strip. In it you need to cut a hole for the ear. The cloth is impregnated with heated alcohol.
  • Smear the skin around the ear with vaseline or greasy cream, this will protect the delicate skin from alcohol burns.
  • Apply the dressing so that the ear is completely closed and its opening is open.
  • Lock the bandage by bandaging your head with a bandage.
  • Wait for a while until the compress does not stop warming.

This compress should be done for a week, but before using it, consult an otolaryngologist.

Oil compresses are made from vegetable or camphor oil. It is kept near the ears for 6 hours, and if there is a possibility, then it is possible and more. This tool works more effectively than an alcohol analog, as the heat with it lasts longer.

Folk treatment

Home can help overcome the pain of improvised remedies that need to be buried in the ears:

  • The heated oil of thuja. But how to apply sea buckthorn oil in children's cold is described in great detail in this article.
    hot oil

    On photo - heated oil of thuja

  • Boric alcohol on 3-4 drops in one ear, before use it is heated. Or moisten it with a cotton swab, and then lay it in the ear canal.
    boric alcohol

    On photo-boron alcohol for ear treatment

  • Diluted tincture of calendula, in a ratio of 50:50.
    tincture of calendula

    On the photo-tincture of calendula for ear treatment

Before using these remedies, the ears should be cleaned with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Seven to eight drops of the substance drip into the aisle and lie on their side for 10 minutes. If it hurts not one, but two ear at once, then you need to repeat the procedure on the other side. You can replace peroxide with Vishnevsky's ointment, and then add three drops of boric alcohol or moisten the swab with alcohol and put it in your ear.

Calendula tincture is also used for these purposes, it is diluted in a proportion of 50 to 50. This procedure can be used in conjunction with a compress.

With otitis, the washing of the nasal passage helps. This procedure is carried out with a solution of sea salt. For its preparation you need to take half a cup of water and 0.5 tsp.salt. After the salt is dissolved, instillation is carried out.

flushing of the nasal passage

On the photo flushing of the nasal passage

Easy ways to eliminate ear congestion can be harmless employment: blowing a balloon or blowing air through the cocktail tubes. If they do not help then you need to move on to more serious methods of eliminating the cold of the ear.

Medical treatment of

If improper use of folk remedies and overdose can occur complications to avoid them, it is better to find out the appropriate treatment for a doctor who can prescribe such local drugs:

  • Otypax .With it, otitis of any stage can be cured. The medicine eliminates inflammation and anesthetizes, disinfects the ear canal and kills germs. It should be digested 5 drops three times a day. It can be used even for babies. But how to use and apply drops in the ears with Otipax otitis, is very detailed in this article.

    On photo-otipax for treatment of ears

  • Sofredek .It has two forms of release: ointments and drops. Has a wide range of actions, kills germs and prevents them from multiplying. It has contraindications: herpetic and fungal infections, as well as violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane. They can be treated not more than a week, the drug is buried in the diseased ear by 3 drops at a time. The treatment plan is appointed by the doctor. But what kind of feedback about the ear drops of Sfradex exist, you can read in this article.

    On the photo-sofradex for treating the ears

  • . Отинум. It is used for various external otitis media and influenza complications. It has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It is digested three drops every six hours. The medicine can not be used for more than 10 days. And in this article, you can read and learn more about the instructions of Ootinum.

    On photo-otinum

If the ear after instillation still continues to hurt, then it is worthwhile to pass laboratory tests and find out the exact cause of the disease, otherwise incorrect treatment can lead to irreversible consequences. Among home recipes there are effective methods that help to eliminate discomfort in the ear from the first days, they can be combined with medical treatment.