Dry cough causes a lot of discomfort and, in addition, it still prevents normal sputum output. It is necessary to make efforts to cough from dry to become "productive", after which the process of recovery will begin. Much help in eliminating this symptom can have such a procedure as inhalation. It can be carried out at home, using a special device - a nebulizer.

This device will help create a home environment, close to professional, as in a medical office. To conduct inhalations with a dry cough can be with the use of various solutions and liquids, both medical and domestic. In the article we will consider the features of inhalations with dry cough, and we will find out what is the best way to do these procedures for children, adults, and also women during pregnancy.


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  • 3 children for the treatment of adult
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    • 4.2 Mineral water
    • 4.3 Lasolvan
    • 4.4 Flomax
  • 5 during pregnancy
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  • 6 Tips for working with the nebulizer

A little about the procedure

The advantage of inhalation compared to other methods of treating dry cough is that in this case, The components have the ability to act directly on the mucous membrane of the respiratory organs and their muscles. inhalation with a dry cough nebulizer to children

Thanks to this directional and direct contact, disposal of dry cough occurs much faster. According to the majority of doctors, inhalation is the most effective procedure for the treatment of dry cough and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Inhalations for children

Let us find out what features this procedure has if a dry cough arose in a child.

What drugs are suitable for eliminating dry cough in children by inhalation.

Berodual and Berotek are excellent tools, quite safe and effective. These drugs should be added to the water for a solution of several droplets - depending on the age of the child.



Lazolvan .A remarkable drug that promotes the fastest withdrawal of sputum from the bronchi.



Ambrogen .The product is suitable for children, has an effect similar to Lazolvan. The amount of the drug varies depending on the age of the baby.



Drugs such as Ambroxol ( and here's how Ambroxol cough pill is used, described in this article) and Trenta can also be useful for carrying out children's inhalations. But before using any of the medicines, you must first consult with the treating doctor.



Soda solution is a wonderful alkaline product that can be easily prepared at home.

Mineral water of alkaline reaction( Borjomi type) is a highly effective remedy suitable for eliminating dry cough in children.

Herbal medicinal herbs can also be used as a basis for inhalation. The following plants are suitable for children:

  • chamomile:
  • sage:
  • eucalyptus.

If dry cough is associated with inflammatory processes in the throat, the following preparations for inhalation are suitable:

  • Malawi;


  • Rotocaine;
  • Tonzilgon( but what are the analogues of the means exist at the present time, is described in this article).

For the treatment of adults

Let's find out what is the specificity of inhalation therapy for the elimination of dry cough in adults, formed people.

If you need to enlarge the bronchi, trachea, to facilitate the withdrawal of sputum, use bronchodilators:

  • Berotek;


  • Berodual;
  • Ventolin.

To facilitate the withdrawal of abundant phlegm, inhalation with the following drugs will help:

  • Ambrogen;
  • Lazolvan;
  • Muciltin;
  • Cough remedy for Pertussin.


If you need to get rid of the symptoms of inflammation in the throat, use solutions with such medications as:

  • Cromohexal( and here's how to use the nasal spray Kromogeksal, this article will help you understand);


  • Pulmicort;
  • Propolis;
  • Rotokan.

From a strong dry( barking) cough help:

  • Tussamag;


  • Lidocaine.

For antiseptic treatment of the throat cavity, use drugs:

  • Furacilin( and here's how to gargle with Thuracilin in angina, described in this article);


  • Miramistin;
  • Chlorophyllipt.

If dry cough is caused by a bacterial infection, you can use formulations with antibiotics:

  • Gentamicin;


  • Isoniazid.

To moisturize the mucosa suitable:

  • solution of baking soda;
  • mineral alkaline water;
  • saline solution.

how to do inhalation with soda in a nebulizer But how to do inhalation with soda in a nebulizer, and how this procedure is effective, is described in this article.

For those who want to learn more about how to grow Rotokan for inhalations, it is worthwhile to follow the link.

How to use Mucolvan for inhalations, and how effective this tool is.is described in this article: http: //prolor.ru/g/lechenie/ mukolvan-dlya-ingalyacij-cherez-nebulajzer.html

But how to properly do inhalations with a nebulizer with saline solution will help to understand this article.

Read more about the most popular solutions of

We learn the features of the most commonly used solutions for inhalation.

solution This, in simple terms, dissolved in water salt: cooked or sea. It is advisable to use sea salt for inhalations, as more useful, and containing more trace elements.

saline solution

solution A solution can be used as an independent agent for inhalation. And, besides, you can not do without it when you need to use some drugs or medicinal infusions that do not tolerate boiling with boiling water. In this case, they are diluted with saline solution.

Keep in mind that the storage life of saline is very small - just 24 hours after cooking.

Mineral water

For inhalations it is necessary to use water with a minimum content of minerals, and having an acidic and alkaline reaction. Excellent types of mineral water:

  • Borjomi:
    mineral water Borjomi

    Mineral water Borjomi

  • Old Russa;
  • Yessentuki.

It is necessary to pre-release the gas bubbles from the bottle: you can leave the container open at night, or mix the water thoroughly with a spoon before using. Inhalations with mineral water can be done up to three times a day.


This medicine perfectly eliminates dry cough, clears the respiratory tract, removes phlegm, and resists the formation of mucus in the lungs. In addition, the use of Lazolvan enhances the effectiveness of other medications that are taken simultaneously with it.

Caution: In order to use Lazolvan, it is necessary to have sodium tolerance, since the preparation contains this trace element in a fair amount.

Lasagnan for inhalations in its pure form is not used, but premixed it in equal proportion with saline solution or with another neutral liquid with alkaline reaction. Adult person per day shows the inhalation of 8 ml of the drug, and the children - 4 ml.

In a day, not more than two inhalations with Lazolvan are allowed. After 5 days of procedures, if you do not observe positive dynamics, it is recommended to stop the course, and again to go to the doctor to prescribe another treatment.


This is a bronchodilator. That is, it expands the bronchi and trachea, thereby facilitating the withdrawal of phlegm. It is shown, including in asthma and bronchitis. Berodual can be bought in the form of a liquid solution or spray. For inhalations, the first option is more suitable. It is also not used in its pure form, but diluted with saline solution.


Berodual for inhalation

The proportion in which the drug is diluted should be prescribed by the doctor after examination and diagnosis. But in a dose for one inhalation, Beroodual's volume should not exceed 4 ml.

In pregnancy,

Everyone understands that many of the medicines that are commonly used by ordinary people are contraindicated in pregnant women. We learn what modern medicine says about the possibility of using inhalations for dry cough in pregnant women.

In general, this method in pregnancy is not contraindicated. It is important only to choose the right solution for safe solution, and discuss this method of treatment with a doctor. Inhalation compared with many other methods and means of treatment are relatively harmless, with the correct application of harm to the baby will not cause.

Which solutions are suitable

When pregnant, the infusions and infusions of medicinal herbs, but not all of them, are ideal as a basis for inhalation. The following are recommended:

  • altey;


  • linden flowers;
  • thyme;
  • plantain.

Women "in position" can do inhalations and with mineral water. Suitable water with a slightly alkaline reaction, especially recommended Borjomi. Before pouring water into the nebulizer tank, you need to hold the bottle open for a while, so that excess gas escapes from the water.

Pregnant inhalation and with the use of essential oils. In this case, several drops of oil are dripping into the water, and then the procedure is carried out. The following oils are suitable:

  • eucalyptus;
    Eucalyptus oil

    Eucalyptus oil

  • lavender;
  • fir;
  • myrtle;
  • lime, etc.

These oils have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, they are excellent for the production of sputum from the bronchi. And their smell will not cause rejection, even with severe toxemia.

Not recommended

When should I not use inhalation with a nebulizer:

  • If there is a high temperature.
  • With severe dyspnea, shortness of breath.
  • If purulent sputum is separated from the throat. In this case, there is an inflammatory infection, so any warming is unacceptable.
  • With emphysema.
  • If there are any cardiovascular diseases.
  • With frequent nasal bleeding. This fact speaks of the weakness of the vessels, so intensive heating in this case is dangerous.
  • For the treatment of infants, inhalation should be used with extreme caution, and only after prior agreement with the pediatrician.

Tips for working with a nebulizer

The procedure is best done when after meals take about half an hour. Take food after inhalation is also recommended not earlier than in half an hour.

The frequency of procedures should not exceed once in four hours, and the maximum time course of inhalations is ten days.

After each procedure, always rinse the nebulizer, and it is desirable to disinfect it. This measure will help prevent bacteria from multiplying in the device itself. Wash your face after the procedure to remove the sediment of medications.

On video inhalation through a nebulizer with a dry cough:

After the procedure, it is not recommended to talk for half an hour. And on the street immediately after inhalation can not go out.

Before using any solution for inhalation, it must first be heated. Breathe in the procedure should be slow. In case of dizziness, it is recommended to stop the inhalation for a few minutes, and then continue again.

If you are inhaling a child, even at school age, it is better to stay near the procedure during the procedure to rule out the possibility of a burn. The duration of a child's inhalation procedure should not exceed 3 minutes.

When an incessant cough occurs, the procedure must be completed ahead of schedule. Perhaps, this drug has an allergy.

Do not use drugs for inhalations without the knowledge of the doctor. This is especially true for children's therapy and during pregnancy. Some medicines may have serious contraindications for vulnerable populations.

We examined the features of inhalation in dry cough. This remedy perfectly copes with this symptom, and helps to quickly turn dry cough into a damp, productive. Therefore, the use of a nebulizer is recommended for dry cough, however, all solutions and medicines that you will use must first be approved by a doctor.